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  1. Great to see you found your way here
  2. No worries Jonas, start with the weathering and we’ll take it from there. That will probably ”hide it” enough for ComicCon and then we can look into the other options. Let’s try the ”easy-out” first
  3. What glue did you use? I’ll be blunt honest and say it doesn’t look all that good. First step would be to reglue the cowl on that side if e6000 were used, second step would be to use creative weathering to try and make it less obvious. With that said, you will get the best looking helmet if you redo it. If a total makeover is necessary than do it on a rainy day with nothing else to do
  4. Yep I would also add some black to bring the brown down a bit. Also, what happend to the helmet?
  5. I would be tempted to take a vet rag or paper and try to dab out the brushstrokes a little to make it look more natural. Around the rim of the helmet is just fine though as that was how they did for the movie
  6. The diagram above is incorrect, this is what is should look like.
  7. I’ve been going over the pieces and I would say the plastic is fine, as a plastic kit goes it’s not flimsy per say. A good quality kit all in all.
  8. At long last…this will be a day long remembered….
  9. Welcome again Jonatan, I also sent you some pointers for the higher levels (your GML speaking)
  10. Strange they don’t sort that out as they have been good on their Word with everything else…fingers crossed for you! Also - just got my tracking!!!!
  11. Just a little update: 501st approved (missing in pic are Hero, Stunt and ESB TKs. Reel Icons approved: mash-ups
  12. waiting for years and when it finally arrives…just more hazzle….
  13. It’s been delayed…. New estimate is july/Aug with shipping in waves….sounds all to familiar and a bit omnius….
  14. It seem like you have trimmed to much I’m afraid, here’s how it should be. If you have some plastic you can remake it with a bit of work.
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