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  1. It’s a plastic plumming tube 50-68mm in diameter. The larger size is considered more accurate and you find it in hardware stores
  2. I dremmel from the inside and then use a utility knife to finish it off. Another way is to drill some holes and use files. Or, a combination of the above
  3. Yes this was updated as the reference images indicate that both styles could have been used.
  4. Well there’s no such thing as to many photos
  5. Oh, it would help if you include the photos in the thread rather than linking them
  6. Happy BBB-dayThe extra ears are for those "oops-moments" As for the decals, don´t know if that should have been included, probably not as they weren´t. I recommend painting yourself for the great feeling you would get of painting your own helmet or you can get templets or decals at Trooperbay.com.
  7. Hi There has always been a 501st only sales section. For non-501st you can go here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/41-imperial-commissary-px/
  8. Hi Keith They are fine as is, perhaps some minor sanding to even it out
  9. TK-Troop #6 #7 and #8 took place at Nordsken (Skellefteå) on 30/5-1/6 -19 Lost track on which photos that corresponded to each day so decided to include all here It was an awesome event and we drove 963 miles to get there, the event paid travel expenditures and provided hotel with breakfast - felt like a celebrity It was also the first Troop with my son as an approved TK-youngling My son to the left.
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