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  1. Must be that new ”eggshell-color” they are talking about Kidding aside, good luck and let the sanding begin
  2. That was a harsh call for basic in my opinion, as a GML myself I would never demand those for basic approval.
  3. Just got an email saying that they will fulfil my order so I guess we will see.
  4. Looking great there Ardeshir I think you forgot the back photo though Say whaaaaaat...? You lucky dog! Wish I had a set of those And If I may offer a suggestion on an already great looking set of KB armor it would be to try and reduce the size of the thighs, they appear a bit big when viewed from the sides, almost as they go past the posterior plate. Other than that you look just like a toy
  5. Well...truth be told I don’t expect much at this point, I just hope like the rest that’s been waiting for a kit.
  6. And...just like that...all hope is lost but there’s still some hope...in stock disclamer, the FO are supposedly in production
  7. I would agree with the latter and to topp it off, the belt isn’t that visible anyway - Troop on
  8. Hey Jacob My Kb kit also had the 2 pieces and If you wan’t you can see what I did here: disclaimer that KB might have updated the molds but maybe you will find something usefull
  9. Looking good Trooper At Garrison level you only get approved (basic) and the higher levels (EIB and Centurion) are done here at the Detachment. Apart from already beeing mentioned for L3 I would guess your belt need to come up a tad but you’ll never know, I would have requested it during my time as a D.O anyway, here’s a reference: (I was a picky one so you can just wait to see what the current ones say at your EIB) Regarding the shoulder bells, here's a look at how an original bell looks side by side with a not so accurate one. The original (left) is trimmed with a curve hence beeing more suited for closing eventual gaps to the chestplate, not sure If you have enough left to trim yours but it might help others And finally, prepping the armor for approval pictures are what many do and that’s fine but....I strongly recommend everyone to film yourself when moving around to see how the armor holds up. Atleast I want to be sure that when I’m moving around and then stoppning for a picture my armor still look like it should
  10. If I were to guess I believe it’s a clear TK kit from WTF (Walt’s Trooper Factory).
  11. You did? Hue...never noticed that. (I’m sooo funny)
  12. Sorry to butt in yet again, If you secure the screws the helmet will sit firmly on your head with zero give...and most importantly using the standard hard hat liner will give you much more ventilation during troops - ok I’m done with my nagging As you were Trooper
  13. RS do sell them seperatly but currently out of stock, building it yourself always has a great feel to it but...If you like a finished product I can recommend Imperial Warfighters and their rubber E-11, You can find them on FB
  14. Do yours have padding on the forehead part? I know some Anovos helmets are missing it, I have it in mine. And yes I have trooped for hours, mayby you haven’t secured it in place enough? Try tightening the screws and see If it helps, mine stays put just fine. Hope you find a way that works for you
  15. Hey, just wondering If there’s a particular reason for the upgrade? I find the hard hat liner working very well
  16. Nice work so far Just wanted to say that you don’t have to worry to much about gaps as it helps airflow and thus reduce the risk of the lenses fogging up
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