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  1. Strange they don’t sort that out as they have been good on their Word with everything else…fingers crossed for you! Also - just got my tracking!!!!
  2. Just a little update: 501st approved (missing in pic are Hero, Stunt and ESB TKs. Reel Icons approved: mash-ups
  3. waiting for years and when it finally arrives…just more hazzle….
  4. It’s been delayed…. New estimate is july/Aug with shipping in waves….sounds all to familiar and a bit omnius….
  5. It seem like you have trimmed to much I’m afraid, here’s how it should be. If you have some plastic you can remake it with a bit of work.
  6. That’s to bad Mine had just a few ”lines” only visible in certain light…but they are clearly rushed as the leather portion is angled incorrect. I’ll remove it and reposition it, not a big deal even though 199US should mean one wouldn’t have to…..I’m just happy to receive something after all those years so perhaps a bit more content than I should. Better than nothing anyway.
  7. Ehmn….not if done correctly, I use it on all my TKs
  8. If screen lineage is your thing the best option is RS propmasters. https://www.rspropmasters.com/store/stormtrooper/stormtrooper-helmets/stormtrooper-hero-helmet-a-new-hope-first-edition/
  9. I received 3 neckseals a few weeks back and 2 pauldrons are on their way via DHL and the FOTK is later this month so it’s starting to look really good
  10. I’ll guess you got some lodgers now (me!!)
  11. The original armor is also oval and despite the fact that one would think that it should be round your limbs are more or less an oval shape, making for that organic look and feel that the ANH suits almost felt as they had grown onto the body. To test this, just extend your arm, palm up and look at the shape and you’ll find that it’s more oval than round
  12. Perhaps you are putting to much force on the blade, going very light at first would be my advise. Think of it as scoring the plastic rather than cutting it. A couple of gentle passes and a few with a bit more pressure is uasually all it takes, atleast on 1,5mm and then you wiggle it back ’n forth and OH SNAP!!
  13. Actually that is just the light playing tricks, that’s a photo of an original bicep and those have no ridges at all.
  14. Yes those are inner pieces. Hopefully Nick hasn’t glued them yet or used E-6000. As for coverstrips: the rule of thumb is to cover as much of that flat area as possible, preferably all of it. Sizes: In general. Arms 15mm. Thighs, front and back 20mm. Shins, front 20mm. Back of shins 25. These can vary depending on the Troopers need of more room but one should avoid bigger than 20 on the arms and 25 on the legs.
  15. Short answer: No, not if you wish to get Approved
  16. And that is also a requriment in the CRL Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. A total of 8 cut outs in the teeth area of the frown are present.
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