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Thanks for the link Q. The snaps I'm dealing with are the "S" snaps on the Ab.

I did try the fixes listed in the link for the other style of snap and they still didn't work.

I retried several loose snaps and now they seem like they won't hold the weight of the belt. They do pop on but are easy to remove.

I then tried and removed about 4 snaps from the belt, and all of them fail to hold the belt on. Maybe I need better quality ones? I just bought a multipack off ebay, maybe even same ones list in ukswraths builds.


I don't really want to, but I may have to resort to Velcro on Ab and attached to belt to hold it up.



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OK, future Troopers, many of you have asked about how to set snaps for your armor connections, so I thought I'd whip up a little tutorial. Please note that the example that I am making is based o

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I’m cheeps I use a philips head screwdriver, slight tap with a hammer to open up the post, then finish with tool included with snaps, job done  

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On 8/6/2019 at 6:00 PM, gmrhodes13 said:

I normally tap a Philips head screwdriver on the post, this helps spread the post out then finish with the snap tool 



Timely repost Q, thanks. Started trying to do my snaps and butchered three of them before quitting for the night. This couldn’t be more helpful. Thanks!!

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