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  1. So I’m at the end of the helmet build road (I think). This has been a lot more difficult than anticipated but enjoyed the challenge. I certainly don’t think this is perfect (but then again where they in the film?) and there are a 101 things I’d change if/when I do this again but I’m pretty pleased with the end result considering I’ve never done anything like this before. FYI, I’ve ordered a spare set of decals as I’m not happy with the left tear. Because of the contours it kept creasing. After multiple attempts the decal started to get more creased so I’ll be replacing that. I welcome your feedback…be gentle [emoji846]
  2. Tell me about (difficult to remove). There isn’t a problem but thought I’d ask in case there was a way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is an effective way of reducing or clearing the old glue on my shins before I add the new straps? I’ve tried sanding it down but that didn’t really have an effect. I then thought I’d try and lightly dremel at a low speed but sensed that may for south so stopped so any other ideas would be great. Thanks, Tim
  4. Hi folks, Just picking up this thread again as I’m just in the middle of redoing my shin strapping due to wear and tear from trooping. When I redid them last time, I always found them a little tighter than the original fit that RS did for me. I wouldn’t consider myself as overweight but I’ve always had quite chunky legs. So, to ensure a more comfortable fit, am I right in assuming that if I glue up to the yellow line instead of the red line that will give the elastic more flex to stretch over to the hooks. Probably a silly question but from my experience doing this so far, what works on paper doesn’t always achieve the right results in practice. Thanks all, Tim
  5. Hi all, Helmet nearly complete(?) with just a little more painting to do. Whilst I wait for that to dry, can anyone point me in the right direction for any threads that covers the complete list of materials needed for strapping, poppers, hooks (and their sizes). Many thanks.
  6. RS provided my decals which they said was printed from an actual helmet. I was given 2 sets and in each set there was one side with more even spacing between the lines and the other side not so much. I chose to use the decals from each set with the more even spacing as I didn’t think it mattered which side they went on. Is this not the case?
  7. Just checking the position of the tube stripes before I stick them on properly. I can only fit 12 stripes on but I understand this is passable The placement shown is a pencil width from the side of the cheek as per the CRL but let me know if there are any adjustments I need to make.
  8. My decals were provided by RS (for their own helmet) so hopefully mine will be ok. I do need to cut them out myself though so my next question is whether there black outlines need to be a certain thickness?
  9. I’m struggling find anything in regards to the stick in on decals for ESB stunt helmet. Is anyone aware of any threads around this?
  10. Brill. Thanks, Dan. Do you have a YouTube playlist for your RS content? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi all, Helmet is nearly finished (finally). Please could someone point me in the right direction of tutorials covering sticking on the decals and painting the frown and mouth. Thanks, Tim
  12. Hi Glen, Thanks for reshaping this. I did follow this tutorial and found it really useful. Forgive the angle and taped up ears, it gives the impression that the gaps are bigger than what they are but when held in place securely it does sit much more nicely. Just as an additional question, is it common to have more space on one cheek than the other, therefore allowing less/more blue stripes?
  13. Hi folks, So new set of ears done and feel this is looking much better. Below are some pictures to give you an idea and if you look closely you should just be able to make-out where I’ve pencilled in where I’ll drill the screw holes. Obviously, the ears are just taped on so some of the gaps won’t be as big when the screws tighten everything up. I would also like some additional advice before I screw these on. Should I anticipate any ‘shifting’ from the position I’ve marked/trimmed them to? I’m conscious this may cause ears to not sit in the position and angle I intend. Thanks all, Tim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks, fellas. Yes, Andrew, absolutely aiming for Centurion
  15. Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I last posted so thought I’d provide an update. I had issues with the ears and needed order a new set. I’m getting these along with my full armour kit which is why there is a delay while they work through these orders. I’m hoping to have both by the end of the month so 2022 will be all about completing this build. Keep with me people
  16. Hi all, I need to make an adjustment to the elastic strapping that connects the back and chest armour (see image). Looking at the image, you can see the back armour is dropping down my shoulder a little so I going to shorten the elastic that connects them. The elastic also has a tendency to slip off the edge of the flap completely (no matter how much I tighten) possibly because the back/chest pieces are a little too far apart. Just in case I make a mistake, I want to order some new elastic (it won’t hurt to have some spare) so wanted to check I get the right kind. I was looking at the below but please correct me if this is the wrong kind. The Bead Shop - Wide White Elastic Band | 38mm 6 metres | Stretch Webbing https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BCJWY81/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_a_HWBNYNDT90WN46WS9MHT Thanks, Tim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hi Dan, That’s looking like a really nice build. I’ve ended up ordering a new set of ears because I feel I can do a lot better with the build. Luckily not been charged so I get another shot to get it the way I want. Because I got my helmet from RS it made sense to me to follow their tutorial but I’m assuming this doesn’t really matter? Thanks, Tim
  18. Helpful as always, Glenn. I don’t think I’m far off. One of the reasons it’s taken me this long is the fact I’m doing it bit by bit. It’s hard to tell on the reference images I’ve been looking at and on your photos but am I correct in saying that the edge of the bottom part of the ear is likely to sit at a slight angle and not necessarily ‘flush’ with edge of the face/back plate?
  19. Hi all, I’m currently near complete with the left ear. Before I sand anything down further, I wanted to check positioning and fitting. I’ve taped the ears in position to give you all the best idea. Couple of areas I wanted to check with you all… 1. Because of the ‘ridge’ created by the face/back plate overlap, the top of the ear rocks a little. Should I expect this? 2. The front of the bottom part of the ear doesn’t fully ‘sit’ under the cheek. Again, is this normal and likely to rectify when screwed in place? Thanks everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Hi everyone, First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends here of FISD. If there is one thing I’m thankful for is discovering this wonderful community of people The other thing I’m thankful for is Black Friday as I’ve managed to bag my build kit from RS at a really good discounted rate. So, once I get the helmet completed (just need to get passed the dreaded ears) then I’m ready to go with the next phase. Enjoy your day all.
  21. Hi all, I have ANH hero armour and have been considering building Luke’s ammo belt complete with accessories (I am short for a stormtrooper so may as well embrace this while trooping). So a couple of questions: Does this affect my 501st approval and EIB status. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where I can source materials. Thanks, Tim
  22. Ok, so I think this is looking better. The placement of the screws feels more in line with where the originals were and although I haven’t started the ears yet, they seem to fit more naturally into position than before at a quick glance. Without wanting to get too far ahead of myself, when I have done an initial placement of the ears, it doesn’t appear there will be enough space for the blue track lines. Is this something that tends to work itself out? As I say, it definitely feels like the face/back plate are in the correct position now so I’m assuming this is down to when the ears are correctly trimmed and in position? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Thanks folks and I appreciate the useful responses I’ve never crafted anything before so it’s really beneficial to have such patient and helpful people to answer my many questions (and there will be many more haha). Hopefully those following my thread will find answers to questions that will help them with their own builds.
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