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  1. Nice! Looks better constructed than the goldstar.
  2. Looks amazing! Did Marc happen to mention when the kit may be available to the public?
  3. Hi C.J., Welcome to the fun! -Ray P.S. You have me wanting to read the Riftwar books again.
  4. Looks like the gallery for holsters still has the old diagram.
  5. I hope so! Even if I don't have my kit ready my camera is! Honestly it is fun to even just hang out and take pictures.
  6. Hi Joe, I'm from Bellevue and I'm in the very slow process of assembling an AM kit. If you'd like to take a look at it before you decide on what kit to get, let me know. I've only cut the biceps and forearms to fit so far. The rest has only some return edge removed. -Ray
  7. It will be interesting to see if he'd sell a kit that's compatible with Tino's completion kit. I can't wait till this is available for the public!
  8. Caleb has a review of the Hellhounds blaster
  9. It's been almost a year since I placed my order and I've not yet received it. I hope they are still around!
  10. Forearms - Trimming The right forearm has a definite flat spot on both sides of the top piece as seen in the top photo. My thought is to measure down 8mm from there and make my cut. (red arrows on the bottom photo). The bottom piece of the forearm would then be trimmed to fit. The left arm's top piece would be trimmed to the same measurements as the right and then the bottom piece would be trimmed to fit as well. Does this sound like a good plan?
  11. Forearms - Removing the Return Edges The forearms had a tighter radius than the biceps so I had to make some relieve cuts before using the curved lexan scissors. Files made quick work of the rest. I still need to square off the wrists but that can wait for later.
  12. Forearms Untrimmed Out of the box the left forearm has a uniform length of of 26 cm / 10-1/4" and a circumference of 33.3 cm / 13-3/16" near the elbow and then 29 cm / 11-3/8" at the wrist. The right forearm has a mobility cut already in it. The long side is 27.5 cm / 10-3/4" and the short side is 25.5 cm / 10". Circumference is 41.5 cm / 16-3/8" near the elbow and 35 cm / 13-3/4" at the wrist. Shots of both.
  13. Biceps - Final Trim and Inner Cover Strips Added Our eternal (it seems) kitchen remodel is done. Well, complete enough to pass final inspections. So I'm going to try to focus on finishing my kit before we move on to the next project. I decided to move forward with the biceps. I trimmed and glued the inner cover strips for the right bicep. Trying it on and moving my arm around in multiple directions I believe it may be just a little too tight. Because of that, for the left bicep pieces, I made the 'final' cuts leaving about 1-2m more material than the right so it's now about 4-8mm wider in circumference. This seems better. It shifts up and down really nice. If the right arm gives me fits down the road I can always expand the joints without an issue. I still need to level off the bottom of the biceps but I will wait until after final fittings for that and to add the outer cover strips.
  14. It took me a while to find them too. It is in that drop down list labeled "Die Set for Ring Snaps 24 Ligne/15mm (5/8")" or "Die Set for Spring Snaps 24 Ligne/15mm (5/8")" depending on which type of snaps you have.
  15. A couple of other troopers recommended this snap setting tool. Worked great for me. Granted purchasing extra dies for snaps and grommets may get pricey. If you are looking at high volume snap plates, I made this jig that worked pretty well. You may need to scroll up a bit to the actual post. For some reason the link doesn't seem to go directly to it. At least in my browser.
  16. To tighten up the top portion of the right bicep I pivoted pieces together leaving the bottom edges with no overlap. I think i have a good fit now but I'll wait until i have the torso pieces on before doing the final cuts. I'll trim down the left bicep so it's a bit larger than the right so it will be easier to tape together. Right now its really unwieldy with all of that extra ABS. I added blue tape to mark the center of the inner pieces to help on alignment. This is both sides of the right. And the ends of the right.
  17. Awesome! I'll see what I can do tonight. Thank you!
  18. Out of retirement already? Seriously, I've enjoyed your posts and builds. And you make a badass FOTK! Unfortunately, my belly and legs are not so sleek. Thank you for the additional pictures. I had some saved but they didn't have the same perspective as yours. The AM bicep definitely has more curve on the inner part and more v shaped than cylinder shaped as the screen worn biceps. I'll get the forearms out start rough sizing them for comparison. Thank you very much!!
  19. No gun show going on here! So more uniform in size will work for me. Thank you!
  20. Biceps - Fitting Now for interesting part - the fitting. To keep the bottom edge at the same plane I stood them up on the table and slid them together so the bottom portion was close to my massive 12.5" bicep size. The problem is that the openening at the top is far more pronounced. With my arm by my side the top part sticks way out. At the moment the bottom portion has room for me to fit two fingers in. Should that be tighened up a bit? I believe one finger is the common recommendation. Regarding the top portion I'm guessing I should squeeze that in significantly. Similar to how I have the left bicep taped up like this. The problem with that is then the bottom edge will no longer be flat. The bottom sections will slope downwards towards the seems. Unfortunately this picture doesn't show that very well. On the plus side, since I've pretty much removed the return edge trimming the bottom wouldn't be to big an issue. Thoughts?
  21. Biceps - Trimming So far using the lexan scissors to cut the majority of the return edge off and then using the half round file fine tune things have worked well. I can hog off a lot of material fairly quickly. To avoid making groves when using the file I used a diagonal motion, sliding my hand right or left as i pushed the file forward. The needle files, particularly a flat one, was used near the ridge bumps just as a precaution. Sorry for the bad lighting. I was working in a small spot in the dungeon/basement.
  22. Biceps Untrimmed I have been working on my kit very slowly but haven't posted any updates. Back in August I decided to heed the words of many members and start with my biceps. The helmet can wait until last! While I've seen photos of untrimmed parts I've not see any sizes. So as I go I'll try to post the photos and sizes. The AM biceps, as shipped, measure just over 52 cm or 21.5". Left bicep is definitely more oval than the other. Both outside pieces are really more square.
  23. I bought a tummy control belt not the body shaper undergarment. It seems to help some. Granted my kit is still in pieces so I really can't say if there's a difference with armor on. I like to refer to it as my Girdle of Storm Trooper Strength. (D&D reference).
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