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  1. I placed an order on March 10th and have not received my kit. I emailed their sales account 3 days ago asking for an ETA but I've not received a response. While I'm in no rush it would be nice to know I can expect it. Oh, well.
  2. 10 years? Holy cow. Glad you're back at it. I hope mine doesn't take that long!
  3. I already have Jospeh's stunt hand guards and hardware but a set of hero hand guards may be put to use at some time. Since I've been watching Clone Wars for the first time I'll get as best as I can to Fives - 555. My stalled Build Thread
  4. First person shooters. I died a lot. I'm not sure why I added ski at the end, but it sounded good at the time and, so far, is unique.
  5. Thanks Glen. I'll try assembly and then see if it will need the heat treatment. The hole, if I drill one, would be covered by the trap sticker. The brow trim is tall enough to cover the hole, but, judging by other bucket photos, I don't think the trim should be placed that far back in the trap. I may be trimming the brow line/ear section which would eliminate a portion of the crack and shift back the corner where the crack originated - releasing the pressure on it.
  6. Helmet Questions The bucket is slightly misshapen. Possibly due to being removed from the BBB and re-packed a few times. I tried to apply pressure over a few days in hopes to put it back into shape but discovered two things. 1) Doing so did not affect the shape of the bucket. 2) I caused my bucket to crack... So I have a few questions. Would assembling the helmet as is bring it into shape? Should I hot water bath it to get it into shape? Regarding the crack, from what I've read I should drill a small hole at the end of the crack to prevent it from growing, correct? I presume I should then repair the crack with ABS paste and then put a backer ABS strip behind it to reinforce it. Does that sound right?
  7. TD Final Finishes Painting the screws and contemplating working on the ab buttons next. Finished product. Well, mostly finished. The screws got a bit scuffed up during assembly. I'll touch those up the next time I have the black paint out.
  8. TD Trimming time! I've found that I really like the curved lexan scissors. Trimming 3mm off of the end caps. Final results at 20mm After trimming 5mm from the tube and 2mm from the side of the control panel.
  9. Oh yeah! A.J. has a fantastic build thread! Actually it was his that I was referring to with the relief hole and the shaving of the tube to get the end caps on. I think his caps are a bit smaller than mine. Other than some minor sanding he didn't make any significant changes to his TD. No changes to his TD were required in EIB and Centurion requests either. As for FB. That's too far down the dark path for me!
  10. Dana, you're quick! Whoops. I borked my measurements. Fixed. Yeah, the CRL says 7 1/2". The BillHag diagram says the same at 190mm. The gallery reference shows closer to 8", though. So I wasn't sure if anywhere in there is "good enough" but I'll probably shave about 5 mm off the tube. The end caps will definitely need to adjusted. Here's what it looks like with Tony/ukswrath clips as is. Here's what I'm planning on doing (not including cutting 5mm off of the tube). I've moved the clips over and I'll shave the end caps to the spot where the clips are. Making the end caps 3/4" (20mm). The angle of the photo doesn't show the ruler placement very well. On that note the CRL says the clips should be approximately 1" (25mm) wide. The clips I have are 1 1/4" (31.6mm). Considering the source of the clips I'd assume they are good for centurion approval. If the difference in those measurements are okay them maybe the existing length of the tube is okay as well?
  11. Thermal Detonator - The Kit Straight out of the box the tube is 7 9/16" (192 mm) long. The end cuts were square and clean. Unless I need to shorten it I'll leave it as is. The control panel pad is 4 7/8" (124 mm) wide on one edge and slightly wider on the other. The edges will need minor sanding to straighten them up. The curve fits the tube well. There's a 2mm gap on one side (as I press the other side flush). I presume E6000 and clamps will keep it flush to tube. The end caps are 2 25/32" (70.6mm) by 1 1/6" (26.9mm). The edges are clean and square. The fit over the tube is snug but not tight. I didn't have any difficulty putting them on. Other folk have had to shave a bit off of the tube to get the caps started. Also others have had to drill a relief hole in the tube to allow air out when putting the caps on. I didn't have to do either. Assembled the TD is 7 11/16" wide (195 mm). Edit: fixed measurement snafu
  12. I haven't added any extensions and it's only happened with photobucket. Maybe it's the porgs again.
  13. Sachets In preparation of actually starting my build I made some sachets for the gluing processes. Made from cotton broadcloth, zip ties and 3/4 x 1/8 inch (19.05 x 3.17 mm) neodymium rare earth disc magnets (N52). The cloth I used is better than t-shirt material but seems a bit thin compared to examples of sachets I've seen. If they wear out soon I'll double up the cloth next time. I bought a yard of each color so I've plenty left over. A nice feature of these magnets is they have a red dot on each to help determine polarity. Sources: The broadcloth was purchased from Joann's Fabric. Magnets from Total Element (Less expensive ones can be purchased from Amazon.) References: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/44619-magnets-101/
  14. Did photobucket change their policies again? I'm seeing a lot of image unavailable messages. What's worse is when some have included a link directly to the the photobucket image it briefly goes to photobucket then redirects to so luckysomething.xyz site.
  15. At the suggestion of one 501st member my co-worker (and future garrison mate!) tried Quick Spit Anti-Fog spray on his Greedo lenses and said it is amazing. That being said does the fan provide any cooling relief for ones head?
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