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  1. Yes, buy more beer. You can never have to much!
  2. Thanks! The head count for the parade at the beginning of the event was 42 between the two garrisons and the Rebel Legion. I'm not sure if any showed up late, so it could be more.
  3. Thanks!. That was a copy/paste from the CG's public facing website so I assumed that's the way they roll. I edited them out regardless, just in case.
  4. EVENT: Santa Goes to Space - Santa Claus Visits Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum’s Space Day 2018 LOCATION: Ashland, NE DATE: December 1st, 2018 TIME: 8 AM to 2 PM LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Indoors Central Garrison Attendees: TK-00750 John as First Order Stormtrooper BH-05107 Jason as Greedo TS-05579 Jesse Snowtrooper TI-07924 Tricia TIE Pilot TK-09029 Tim Stormtrooper TK-10435 Mark as Stormtrooper TI-12230 Stephen as TIE Pilot: ANH DZ-12247 Jennifer as Jawa TI-12289 Edin as TIE Pilot NC-13927 Mike as Non-costumed handler TX-15293 Neal as Imperial Army Officer TI-15875 Merritt as TIE Pilot: 181st TI-17111 James as TIE Pilot NO-18620 Reid as Non-501st Armor CC-19262 Christopher as Clone Commander (TCW) (Phase 2 NO-20502 Audra as Non-501st Armor NC-21210 Adam as Non-costumed handler TR-21883 Katrina as Royal Guard TX-31072 Mike as Imperial Death Trooper TK-32592 Matthew as Stormtrooper TK-42415 Stephen as Stormtrooper TI-42710 Kyle as TIE Pilot SL-44707 Mark as Darth Maul BH-47074 Colin as Boba Fett DZ-58078 Adam as Gamorrean Guard SL-62301 Christopher as Darth Vader TI-64700 Jeremy as TIE Pilot ID-65000 Robert as Imperial Officer NO-68486 Lindsey as Non-501st Armor NO-70188 Afton as Non-501st Armor TK-80080 Jessica as Stormtrooper DS-95141 Jeff as Kylo Ren 70th Explorers Garrison Attendees: Pending... WRANGLERS: Mike Adam Ray (Armed with a Canon) CHARITY: N/A INJURIES: None that I'm aware of HAPPY PEOPLE: Almost everyone. (Especially me. I had a blast just taking photos.) UNHAPPY PEOPLE: A few toddlers were scared of Greedo
  5. 105 Can you hold on to it until I obtain 501st status?
  6. Ditto. From home, work, and on Verizon.
  7. To bad you can't make the ab plate buttons functional to control the amp.
  8. FWIW. Last night I was unable to log on, but tonight it's working. Thanks to all involved. I know how much of a pain migrations are.
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