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  1. At the suggestion of one 501st member my co-worker (and future garrison mate!) tried Quick Spit Anti-Fog spray on his Greedo lenses and said it is amazing. That being said does the fan provide any cooling relief for ones head?
  2. Here's what I see from my laptop.
  3. Should Joseph's Return Edge thread be added to this?
  4. On FISD? Say it ain't so! These are the friendliest forums I've ever seen.
  5. Satchets. Justjoseph63 has a tutorial in his magnets thread.
  6. Cricket had a solution in this thread and I know there was a similar discussion not to long ago regarding undersuit bleeding.
  7. LBB day Going on suggestions regarding Imperial Boot's sizing, I ordered a size larger than may dress shoe size. Actually I think if I would have ordered my size it would have fit perfectly, but with the extra room I now have I can add inserts and thermal socks for winter trooping.
  8. I've been to a few events as a handler and photographer and my thought of each one is "Needs more stormtroopers"
  9. Gotcha. Or I could go Hero as well but another canvas belt would be needed. Food for thought. And now that you mention it I remember reading a thread on someone making the cheesegraters. I suppose I could keep the sandy parts for the day the kit gets really banged up.
  10. Woot, woot!!! BBB day!! Finally after a year of lurking and learning on the FISD. That's the good thing. The downside is we are currently remodeling a kitchen in an old house we recently bought. So...that comes first - Stormtrooper comes after. Anywho, on with the good stuff! I gave TK-5107 a ride home from work so we took a preliminary look at the contents. TK-Kitty approves I'm terrible at following instructions It's amazing how well packed the kit is Later, at the house in need of immense TLC. The kit includes mesh, stickers and green lenses. Not sure how the stickers for the teeth work... Helmet cushion, S-trim, brow, hovi tips, hovi tip screens, and hardware You don't really appreciate the amount of parts and the enormity of the project until you un-box everything by hand... (and appreciate the cost). Oh, and my god are those thighs huge! I have a lot to trim off. But, better to trim than shim if possible. Hand guards by @justjoseph63 in there as well. (Purchased separately) Anticipation...It's making me wait. Would it be safe to assume that with all of the ESB extras include, if I bought another helmet I could have an ESB kit in addition to AHN? Not quite sure what the two bottom ab plates are. Guess I have more research to do. Holster already procured by Darman: Boots orderd from Imperial Boots. Soft goods still need to be purchased. Various other supplies still need to be gathered. Giddy and ready to join the Empire, Ray --Ninja edit: Aiming for L3. Please critique accordingly.
  11. EVENT: Star Wars Night with the Omaha Storm Chasers 2019 LOCATION: Papillion, NE DATE: May 3, 2018 TIME: 6PM to 8PM LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Outdoors, Sunny in the upper 60 degrees TROOPERS: TS-05579 Jesse - Snowtrooper ST-17111 James - Shoretrooper SL-31072 Mike - Darth Maul DZ-58078 Adam - Gamorrean Guard TI-42054 Josh - Tie Pilot TK-11807 Scott - Stormtrooper DZ-39909 Rebecca - Jawa SL-09160 Rob - Darth Vader ID-01375 Jason - Director Krennic TK-76327 Ben - Stormtrooper TD-13927 Mike - Magma Trooper TK-80080 Jessica - Stormtrooper TI-07924 Tricia - Tie Pilot BH-05107 Jason - Greedo NON-501st: Steven as Han Solo Rachel as Rebel Pilot WRANGLERS: Ray (myself) GA: N/A REPORT: This year they had a two day event - Friday night and Saturday. I was only able to attend Friday nights troop. I was also unable to bring my DSLR due to it being packed away for a move. So, I had to rely on my phone's camera. The pictures came out better than expected but the lack of a decent zoom was irritating. CHARITY: N/A INJURIES: None that I'm aware of. ARMS/ARMOR REPAIR: Malfunctioning dual-bladed lightsaber. HAPPY PEOPLE: Almost everyone. UNHAPPY PEOPLE: A few toddlers were scared of Greedo. Even bounty hunters stoop to endorsements. I sense another Sith Lord in the making.
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