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  1. Lack of communication is my main gripe. I've barely started working on my armor so I'm not in a real hurry for the blaster but an ETA would be appreciated. Not to mention good business practice.
  2. I ordered March 10th. Still waiting. No response to my emails.
  3. I haven't finished all of it but I love the subtitle "Indoor Trooper".
  4. That's a hard decision, Caleb. I hope your wife can find something that allows remote work. Unfortunately, being a newby to the world of white armor I can't help with the question of what is more desirable a completed or uncompleted set. I would suspect (aka guess) a completed helmet would be of value and leave the rest untouched. At the very least I can give this question a bump.
  5. I believe they have a few different email addresses. I used troopersupplies@hotmail.com early last year and they responded within a day or two. Their FB page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/840018932822639/
  6. My AM kit, purchased early last year, looks similar to your 2020 kit. Definitely not as crisp as your 2016 kit.
  7. That is truly awesome. Is yours 5ft as well?
  8. Lol. Wear a full helmet! That is cool though!
  9. I purchased March 10th and I'm still waiting. I've emailed them twice but I've not received a response. I'm going on faith that it will eventually arrive. At least I'm not waiting for Anovos...
  10. Snap Plates. Based on @A.J. Hamler 's snap plate jig and inspired by @ukswrath's thoughts on improvement I came up with this. I just elongated AJ's jig and added saw kerfs for cutting with a hot knife. I put part of the snaps in (after burning the holes) just to hold the strapping in place while cutting. Works pretty well. Thanks guys! P.S. How the heck does anyone get buy with just the little hand held snap setter?!?! This thing required a bit of leverage/weight to set as it is. I can't image relying on hand strength. P.P.S. And yes I put in more time thinking about it and making it than I would have making the plates without it. It was a fun process.
  11. I placed an order on March 10th and have not received my kit. I emailed their sales account 3 days ago asking for an ETA but I've not received a response. While I'm in no rush it would be nice to know I can expect it. Oh, well.
  12. 10 years? Holy cow. Glad you're back at it. I hope mine doesn't take that long!
  13. I already have Jospeh's stunt hand guards and hardware but a set of hero hand guards may be put to use at some time. Since I've been watching Clone Wars for the first time I'll get as best as I can to Fives - 555. My stalled Build Thread
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