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    Mountain biking, playing my guitar and mandolin and now, building my first ABY stormtrooper armor as I've seen it said "this isn't a sprint but a marathon...and likely in my case a double marathon.

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  1. Great job on the vocoder! How did you keep the lines so straight and distinctive? Just careful hand-drawing or a stencil of some type?
  2. yeah, thanks Glen. I saw that too but wanted to wait to see if was as obvious to others as it was to me. I'll get'em matched up.
  3. Oh yeah, my goal is to have my armor complete by May 4, 2022. Yeah, a year off but with home projects and beer brewing, I hope I can meet that deadline.
  4. Here are some pic's of setting up the standoffs that will hold the lenses in place. I liked the way that Paul used the standoffs but he he used sugru and I used JB Weld, mostly because I thought I was a bit more familiar with that type of epoxy. Looking at Paul's build, it looks like sugru might be the better way to go as it looks like I'll be adding at least two more coats to build up to be strong enough. Tomorrow I'll add the second coat...more photos to come.
  5. Newbie question, I searched Amazon for Humbrol #85 and an "acrylic" #85 came up....is this correct? Is acrylic paint the paint to use? I didn't see any references to acrylic listed so I wanted to make sure - thanks! https://www.amazon.com/Humbrol-Acrylic-Dropper-Bottle-DB0085/dp/B08DJDNGXQ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=humbrol+%2385+paint&qid=1620499744&sr=8-1
  6. Cool, thanks Dan! That's great advice. I'll be working on the lenses next, setting up the standoffs then spray the inside with plasitdip.
  7. I had planned to fix the eyes then work on installing the stand-offs for the lenses but thought I'd post the photos first to see what you guys think (Glen & Dan). I ended up taking more material from the left eye outside corner than I wanted. The other aspect I became aware of was to make sure the inside and outside corners were even on top and bottom so that the lenses would sit flush and without gaps.
  8. Good stuff, Glen...I love it! Thanks!
  9. Since I first started building my ANH Stunt bucket (and probably long before) I always wondered as to the official design and technical features of the helmet. I found this image online and wanted to post here and see what the real experts have to say about it.
  10. Hey Glen, or anyone...I'm looking for a diagram or an illustration of a ANH storm trooper helmet, pointing out what all the parts are, do you know where I can find that? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. gmrhodes13


      Info posted on your build thread ;) 

  11. Hey Dan, that's a huge help, thanks so much. I'm always open to any tips and advice. I'm putting together my materials for lenses and frown mesh now. I'll be basing it on Paul's idea (or Paul's use of another troopers idea) of using standoffs and JB welding putty. I'm planning on using "Plastidip" for the black coating on the inside of the lid. I'm always open to any advice so keep'em coming.
  12. Hey Paul, that's perfect, and yes, I get it that it's way more than needed but not bad for just $12. I'm ordering today. (PS: my build is going a bit slow as well, just plugging along, fitting in where I can).
  13. hey Paul, I like the idea of using those standoffs and so that is what I'm planning to do. I couldn't find the standoffs at Lowe's, Home Depot or even a local hardware store specializing in unusual screws, bolts and other attachment means. I found them on Amazon but when I went to add the M3 screws, I saw two different thread configurations for M3, .035 and .50. The thread configuration on the standoff page just listed M3 as the their thread configuration. So, short question made very long, where or what type of business did you find your standoffs and screws?
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