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    Mountain biking, playing my guitar and mandolin and now, building my first ABY stormtrooper armor as I've seen it said "this isn't a sprint but a marathon...and likely in my case a double marathon.

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  1. oh yeah, thanks for taking a look and spending the time on a Sat & Sun to help me out.
  2. oh yeah, I've been looking at them and found another good one on You Tube. Funny story...I got to looking at the 4 ears I got from ATA and almost panicked that they were all the same. But once I took a better look, it was clear which was which.
  3. here you and thanks! I'm pretty much done with the eyes unless anyone see's anything that needs work. The teeth still need cleaning up. Ears are next then dissassemble to work the lenses, voco pieces. I'm heading out to Michaels on Wed to p/u the paint.
  4. I used Paul's idea to use screws to hold it together so I can work on the ears. Once I've got the ears done, I'll go back and finish the faceplate, reattach it and start on the inside. Big thanks to all who have helped and keep it coming. Let me know your thoughts on my bucket. Keep in mind I still have to clean up the teeth. I'm thinking the eyes are done unless something pops out to you.
  5. Based on this photo, I've still got some room to trim on the faceplate section. That should help!
  6. I was suspecting maybe the sideways donning was going to be the answer, as you stated. The issue is that if I move the faceplate forward, it loses congruency with the tube and creates a gap that appears at the top of the tube because it is no longer in line with the tube/rounded part of the helmet, as you see here: I'll try putting it on sideways and see what happens.
  7. I've run into a problem that I can't seem to resolve. When I get the faceplate matched to the helmet, the opening isn't big enough to go over my head. It doesn't look like there's much left to trim so I'm at a loss. Anyone run into this before? I thought I was following the trim lines here but it doesn't look good.
  8. Thanks, Glen! Very helpful. That tutorial video is great!
  9. The eyes are done, unless someone sees something that needs improvement. The left eye, upper outside corner got away from me a bit. I recovered the best I could and am hesitant to file any more material as it looks like its getting pretty close. I don't know, that left eye is giving me a hard time. Thoughts?
  10. Here I have two lines and not really sure which line will be the best. I definitely don't want to cut it too short. Any thoughts here?
  11. A look at the top of the eyes. Apparently the pencil I'm using isn't showing well. Any recommendations on a better way to mark?
  12. So, this is the start of my ATA Works armor build. Thank you for reading this thread and even bigger thanks for any tips and advice you can throw my way. Today is great day to start the build as it's forecast to rain all day so indoors is the place to be. Below are the two pieces of my bucket and I've marked along the most prominent cut lines I could see. My plan is to follow the lines VERY conservatively, leaving enough so I can file or shape it back to where its supposed to be. I've poured over You Tube and these forums on the different techniques for cutting. I have to say the teeth a
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