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    Mountain biking, playing my guitar and mandolin and now, building my first ABY stormtrooper armor as I've seen it said "this isn't a sprint but a marathon...and likely in my case a double marathon.

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  1. Thanks, Glen! Slowing going but progress is progress.
  2. I was able to get my bucket together with lenses in and hovi tips. I was also able to get some padding in but I'm not sure I'm going to leave them this way, add to them or switch to a different system. Below are photos of the final version for today. Next session is working on the ears and I'm thinking I may end up having to use the second pair. I'm going to start looking for fans and microphone/speaker systems so any tips or leads would be greatly appreciated. I'm open to any tips or critiques. I can say I got really good at drilling out rivets....until I got it where I wanted it. Thoughts?
  3. ok, thanks! I figured it was probably operator error.
  4. Hey Glen, I've made some posts of some new work I've done on my bucket but they are being listed in the "New Posts" listing...anything you can see that I'm doing wrong?
  5. anyone know why my posts aren't showing up in the "New Post" listings? What I'm doing wrong?
  6. These are the final products after four coats. I' I'll let it dry for 24 hours, maybe more just to be sure then take the tape and plastic off. By the way, I used standard painting/masking tape and garbage bags. I read suggestions to use double thickness plastic just to be sure so I did. I'll post the photos of what it looks like once the protection is removed without any corrections on spillage so we can all see what happens.
  7. I just made patterns as I've seen other troopers do to cut the lenses and frown screen. For the screen, I built a deck and screened in a section and used a tight weave screen called "no-see-ums" screen. I made three pieces and will attach them with the welding paste I used on the lense attachments. Not sure what that brown spot is on the right lense. Looks like one of my guitar picks got in there somehow. I'm painting now with Plastidip, presently on the second coat of 4. So far, the first coat looks pretty good. the sand in there was recommended to help with anti-slip and improved adherence. It was to go on after the first coat while it is still wet.
  8. I've been a bit busy with home projects now that the weather permits so my armor progress has been slow. Today I cut the lenses, frown screen and painted the inside. Below are some pre-paint shots of how my lense holding shaped up.
  9. Thanks, Caleb. That's all really good information.
  10. good stuff, Dan! I'll go that route too, just to stay closer to the original. Thanks again, especially for taking the time to do the videos.
  11. hey Dan, I've seen your video's around and this video is great...just what I needed. Thanks so much for sharing. I just bought a couple of sets of brushes and I'll have to make sure I have one of those filbert brushes. One more question, on the "induction filters" (not sure if that's the correct term) I've seen them completely black or with the white rim like you have. Is that a personal preference or is it ANH design?
  12. Below is a photo of Cali_Nole's (Paul) paint job on vocoder...what are some of the technique's everyone is using to keep the lines clean and uniform?
  13. I opened up the right side but seems I took a bit more from the top than is on the left. I'll fix that on on the next armor day.
  14. Great job on the vocoder! How did you keep the lines so straight and distinctive? Just careful hand-drawing or a stencil of some type?
  15. Is that a chin strap I see?
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