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Chris788's RMQ stormtrooper


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Hi guys, 

Just recently received my 2 big brown boxes with a fresh pulled set of RMQ concept armor! Going to attempt to keep the build thread updated, and will upload some photos shortly. I have already started to rough trim the parts, and I really love how well Kev's kits go together. 

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Nothing better than BBB's, haven't seen one of this being built for a while, looking forward to the progress


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Alrighty then! Here are a few pictures I have so far. 

This first one is most of the parts straight out of the box. It took about a week, but I have most of the parts rough trimmed as a start. 

38882261884_3396f4bf36_c.jpg20171231_221140 by Chris Stewart, on Flickr



39561426902_b963e2d39d_c.jpg20180107_140614 by Chris Stewart, on Flickr


rough assembly of the upper half. 


More to follow soon. Will keep this thread as updated as possible.  

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Bit of a small update. Kit sat untouched for a while as I re-located across the state and got a new job etc...

Excuses aside, I got most of the parts bogged, just need to tidy them up a bit. I have started to strap the kit, used Velcro dots to attach the front neck ring/ yoke, but I think I will replace the Velcro at the front with magnets to hold them together and get rid of the gap in the front there (see picture.)















Here are some of the parts that I have bogged, still need to tidy them up a bit. 




Strapped the chest to the back with webbing, keeps them together so it doesn't have to rely on the yoke/ neck ring to hold them together. strapped the ab and kidney together (strapped it in a similar way to a classic TK) but alas, my overindulgence in beer and doughnuts has seen my belly to be a little rounder than it should be, so this will look a bit better when I shed a bit of weight. (lighting here was poor, so excuse the terrible photo)








Grey undersuit is getting made, along with the gloves. Belt boxes have been made, but need to size up the actual belt (as it is a multiple part plastic one)


TD and helmet have not really been touched yet. will throw up some more detailed shots of all the parts as I make them. 

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Well guys, slow progress is better than no progress... 


This thing sat stale for a while, a long while. Honestly forgot where I was up to with it, but am now back up to speed. spent the weekend making up all the strapping, made a harness to hold the legs up (with some adjustability) 


Things left to do,

Source boots

Source grey undersuit

Paint grey detail in ab plate, shoulder bells, under arm connection, and back of bucket

Glue TD together, glue belt boxes on

Put visor in bucket and pad out

Put Snaps on butt plate and split rivet on COD plate


I think that's about it. Attached some photos, although photos were taken before I made the strapping, so the strapping in the pictures looks untidy


Please let me know what you think!


49052756166_479f0d8b03_c.jpg75446669_957369907952284_4334260534451896320_n by Chris Stewart, on Flickr


49052244933_163ca0f187_c.jpg74620990_401854760481039_8386902223673622528_n by Chris Stewart, on Flickr


49052970672_c1ee390fdc_c.jpg74422247_527086371457431_5124552542893637632_n by Chris Stewart, on Flickr


49052245008_9985ab63b5_c.jpg73495034_463625087580964_5257003420132311040_n by Chris Stewart, on Flickr

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