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  1. Very sad news....great guy always happy to help. R.i.p Daniel. Bucket off.
  2. Hoi Pascal, Welkom, en hopelijk tot gauw bij Dutch Garrison!
  3. Nice! Very curious abouth the result!
  4. It is RS, but probably a kit put together by the seller or someone else. There's a gap between the faceplate and brow, and the ears aren't as tight as RS would do themselves. The tubestripes of a ESB helmet are decals which can maybe repositioned. It's hard to tell if the mesh in the mictips are really missing, but that would be odd... The helmet would need some work but at the right price and if you have the skills, you can end up with a nice helmet. I think the best comparrison is with RS itself: https://www.rspropmasters.com/store/stormtrooper/stormtrooper-helmets/stormtrooper-stunt-helmet-empire-strikes-back/
  5. Hoi Kenneth, Goed om je hier te zien! Als je vragen heb dan horen wij dat graag! Succes with your build. Groeten van een landgenoot!
  6. Well done Dennis! Glad to help you out. That's what we are here for!
  7. Hi Dennis, A future Garrison brother here of Dutch Garrison! At first my condolences with the loss of your father. Sad to hear he will never got to see you in full Stormtrooper armor. But we can help you out here to make him proud! I have a RS Propmasters PVC commission myself for 2 years now, but never had an issue with it after wearing it several times. I'm not sure what glue they use, but I would advice you to get in contact with the costumer service of RS and let them know abouth your problem. They are very kind and 'I'm quite sure they are going to help you out with this one. I know you want to repair it yourself, but the armor commission didn't come cheap....and trooping is mostly on hold so enough time for repair. The material behind the teeth most troopers use is called mesh. I use screenmesh (raam hor in Dutch) in all my helmets. I can send you some if you want. The elastic in the shins in my RS do not have really have a function. The shins closes like a clamshell around my lower legs but it's screen acurate and a must for higher levels of aproval here on FISD. I hope to welcome you soon in our Garrison!
  8. I had to look twice to see that , but you're right! Looked like shade to me.
  9. The teeth aren't painted yet, so painting them black makes it a ESB helmet!
  10. The decal of the tear also looks like it's ESB or ROTJ (color and stripes). Can it be you bought a set of ESB or ROTJ decals instead of ANH?
  11. Awesome Job Laura! Congratulations! One more Expert Infantry for our Garrison.
  12. Awesome armor! Enjoy (as much as I enjoy my RS commission )!
  13. I have a RS commissioned TK ANH stunt armor set. I was asked to give them a lot of body/limb measurements before they started building it. It fitted like a glove right out of the box for me. A few minor adjustments were needed for EIB (level 2) status, like shorten the straps of the shoulder bells. No need to cut into armor pieces itself. For basic aproval the armor usually is good to go right out of the box. It's almost May The fourth. .... they might have some nice discounts....
  14. ANH stunt TK ANH Tie pilot ESB Snowtrooper OT awesomeness!
  15. Thank you Joseph! I wish you all the best!
  16. Is moving the canvas belt to get the middle button more centered a must to achieve level 3? To move the snaps either on the belt or on the armor is a tricky job (leaves ugly gaps). Because my armor was a commission I have contacted RS to ask them if they have an idea how to get the belt more centred without having to move the snaps, but haven't heard from them yet. I noticed multiple approved Centurions with RS armor having their belt the same way as my armor has. It almost seems that RS delivers its commisssions this way as a standard. So I was wondering if this really is getting level 3 in the way or not (before I start messing up my armor)? Thanks!
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