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TK-42174 Requesting Stunt ANH Centurion Status (AP)[178]


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Respectfully requesting your consideration.


Phil Hogg



Canadian Garrison


Mandatory Information


Armour = AP

Helmet = AP

Blaster = DD




Height = 5/9ft

Weight = 155lbs

Boots = Imperial Boots

Canvas Belt = TKittell

Hand Plates = Trooperbay

Electronics = Echo fan kit

Neck Seal = Darman

Holster = Darman


EIB thread = http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32386-tk42174-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-ap487/


Build Thread = http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30821-fidgells-terrified-about-his-anh-ap-build/
















Side Detail






AB Buttons




Flexible Hand Plates




Shoulder Bridges






Back/Chest Strapping




Knee Pack




Sniper Plate






Drop Box Rear










AB snap




Wrist of Forearms




The Notch!














Helmet Details
















Neck Seal
















(Pictures thanks to my VERY understanding and long suffering wife x)


Thank you for your consideration. This is never the finish line, in what seems a lifetime of tinkering. Everyones support is very much appreciated in this ride, and Im lucky to have met so many amazing and generous people. My first troop is on Tuesday at Ronald McDonald house in Toronto....and Im like a kid at Christmas!

Much love and respect to all.




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Looks great!! I think you should make your biceps a little tighter, hopefully you used e6000 so you can take them apart, looks like your arms are swimming in them a little. :P I needed too aswell.

Should be an easy pass. 

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Overall, a good looking set of armor, Phil.


Things that I noticed (caveat: I'm a newer Centurion so I'm working on training my eye to help out other TKs):


The biceps. The tops look like they tilt in towards your body and the bottoms out; give them an angled-look where they should be more snug against your arm and upright.


Also, your TD looks a little wide; but that might just be that you're a skinny TK. ;)


Your sniper plate appears to be tilted when looking at it from the front.


Lastly, the 45deg angles on the plastic belt look a bit large; they extend into the fabric part a bit more than they should.


Your helmet and strapping look great. Really nice work, here, Phil. Good luck!

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I wonder if the biceps shifted a little since my strapping adjustments after EIB.

I replaced and tightened every single strap on the torso and arms to bring in the sides, back and shoulders. Doing this left the biceps a bit high so i lowered them, and i think now the elastic under the shoulder bells is too tight and making the biceps off vertical.

As for the size of the biceps I had sized them so tight when flexed. If I made them smaller I wonder if I may have problems when/if lifting anything as even my weedy muscles would have nowhere to go?!

Its funny how a small adjustment can lead to knock on effects...

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Do the biceps wobble when you are standing with your arms down?  It looks like they could tilt outward some- I agree the strapping should fix it.  Also under the belt where it overlaps, you might need to add more velcro.  You can see tape or something not covered.  One bottom rivet is a bit off on the kid/ab connection, but it will be covered.  

Good luck, I see another Cent. added to the ranks! 

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Thanks Tusken. The biceps dont move about when im walking etc with my arms down. I am going to loosen the elastic a little to give the tops room.

I have velcro stuck on the belt end but it doesnt stick too well, needs sewing on like the rest is. Adhesive velcro is no use on fabric :(

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First troop complete. Soccer game at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto. This is why Im here, this was so worth the build, honoured to be part of an amazing day!



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Hey there, Phil!!!

Congrats on breaking in your armor on your troop!! I know the feeling and I am sure your excitement was no less. Congrats on getting out there!! And thank you for your application for Centurion!

CRL and Centurion Application Requirements:

All required photos have been submitted. Your armor contains all necessary elements to earn the Centurion badge! Congratulations and incredible job!!


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

In this section we will make final observations on your armor and I will summarize those and discuss as needed. And suggestions for change at this point are ones you can make at a later time.

Your biceps seem to be a popular topic. I can see why. What I believe is happening here is the elastic on your shoulder bells is tight around your bicep but not touching your bicep ARMOR. This is pulling your shoulder bell in and angling your bicep up. I also believe that if there is room for your bicep to be angled up like that, there is room to reduce it in size to fit your armor better. Just something to consider later on.

As for the angle on your sniper plate,......that is called AP armor. The fact you wrestled that into position is an accomplishment unto itself. 


Congratulations, young man!! Now you can go show off your official Centurion Armor!! 

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