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  1. Just remember thin plastic is better, its more flexible and can take the same beating as thicker.
  2. I see lots of differences to the ANH tie, Whole new jumpsuit material rogue one styled chest and back and a TK BACK PLATE INSTEAD OF TIE.
  3. Probably a touch pad on there hands with a few buttons that can be played on command. but randomly shuffles, highly doubt a helper has a remote lol.
  4. Looks Like a AP kit with ATA bits. Probably not his own sculpt but maybe given permission to use the sculpts since he's UK
  5. One thing is for sure these won't be in the white armor detatchment. I'll check back in this thread once the armor pieces are actually sculpted since its really early stages, goodluck!
  6. You live in the UK, so instead of US based armors I suggest RS propmasters or Troopermaster. RSpropmasters.com and trooper master is a member that can be contacted here on this site. They are the best armors available too!
  7. AM with efx helmet, NOT anovos. Avovos and AM are completely different.
  8. Did no one notice the rivets installed wrong for the holster? or do rivets placement for holster not apply to EIB? Anyways, the rivets or chicago screws should be near the bottom rather than towards the top.
  9. only suggestion from me would be to cut the eyes open a bit more.
  10. I don't know of any garrisons with that rule. Does UK do that? Too hot for one.
  11. I personally would troop unannounced all the time. At places like walmart, best buy, hastings. Of course with a fellow friend/trooper. Never alone. If you do decide to do this never, ever bring the blaster with you. Leave it at home. I would always get happy responses from the public and people would love taking pictures. It just really depends where you live and where you wanna troop at.
  12. Well they sure as hell didn't pick out the best shins. The thing that makes me think ANOVOS came from RS is the shins. Anovos has 4 outer shins like RS does. And they suck to wear cause they just don't go together I had to replace mine.
  13. I can take pics of the shoulder straps, but those are the only RS parts I own.
  14. These pictures are no help, heres actual side by side of my RS chest and back next to Anovos chest and back. I can post more these were on my computer. RS left, ANOVOS Right RS on the right, ANOVOS on the left RS AP ANOVOS
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