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  1. Good progress mate. Correct me if I am wrong, are your decals brown? On the photos they look so brownish.
  2. Good to see another CFO ROTJ in the making. You are on the right track mate.
  3. I measure it tomorrow and send you the dimensions. It was a box from a DeWalt Combo my dad bought, but he did not need the box https://www.fronttool.de/akku-werkzeug/kombopack-dck287m2/a-932561267/?ReferrerID=7.00&gclid=CjwKEAjw1_KwBRDEz_WvncL4jGwSJAAEym0dHYXK1JW5H12kIh4N1T-_3TtmE18UchMBgrOGpyPuERoCqAjw_wcB
  4. Thx a lot mate. I was a pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you on a future troop again.
  5. Great newsletter and I am a very small part of it, perfect reading for my lunch break. BTW: My TK ID is wrong in the newsletter
  6. Hi, I made this box today Cheers Chris
  7. Christoph Karn TK 31713 requesting Centurion Certificate A4. thx
  8. Yeah great news after one week no access to the FISD. Thx guys for your support to make that happened. @Steve: Thx of your work. One question I am the first ROTJ Centurion for the German Garrison?
  9. Yeahhh Stu, great job Next stop EIB BTW: Take a picture together with R2D2
  10. Thx Stu. Good luck with your application, but I am sure it should be no problem. Hope to see your EIB request in a few days
  11. White soles yes, needed for centurion. But overlapping construction method and the "no return edges" are requirements for EIB
  12. Hi mate, great job. Good luck with the application One point, I know your forearms have not return edges but you need a photo for your application
  13. Hi steve, good decision to start with a CfO suit. Good luck with the build mate. Cheers Chris
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