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  1. Do they continually ask for shipping address confirmation as it takes so many years there’s a good chance you moved house??
  2. I’m not exactly sure which step got Anovos to refund but I : - emailled 3 times a week - cc’d all emails to Joe and Dana - cc’d emails to LFL licencing - contact Disney vendor services - complained to Partial.ly - threatened legal action - registered complaint with BBB - filed complaint with the Attourney General in California, they have a consumer rights webform to do this. It all took about 4/5 weeks and they refunded through Partial.ly as I paid by the installment plan. I am now three credit card numbers on since the order but with the same bank and it arrived safely. At NO point did I advise of my 501st membership and would ask others to follow that, its irrelevant and we shouldn’t bring the Legion into this. Just keep on at Anovos and then never make that mistake again!! As for my FOTK kit, I ordered and saw it arrive with a week and I’m slowly working through it, but it’s not an easy build. Sorry but I’m not in a position to disclose what kit it is, I got 7 kits and hopefully my team will all be done in the near future.
  3. I’ve finally closed the Anovos chapter of my life. I had 2 FOTK standard kits on order. I cancelled one early this year and got refunded, hoping the second would come through. Both ordered in August 2016, the second refund has taken me 4 weeks but it finally happened today - NEVER EVER AGAIN will I give these thieves and liars another cent. I hope you all get money/product down the line, somehow. I know the full story of why/how they got to this point with the FOTK kits, yet stood by them. It was my bad call. Anyway, I now have a first class ABS kit, ordered and delivered within a week that I’ll work on and bid this dark part of my costuming a grim fairwell...
  4. 41 - 28 Jul 2018 Jazz Fest, Toronto 42 - 5 Sep 2018 Make a Wish Presentation, Toronto 43 - 17 Oct 2018 Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto 44 - 6 Apr 2019 Toy Con, Mississauga 45 - 8 May 2019 Dreams Flight, Toronto 46 - 8 May 2019 Thatcher Wish Reveal, Toronto 47 - 9 Jul 2019 Weird Al Concert, Toronto 48 - 23 Aug 2019 Fan Expo Canada, Toronto 49 - 24 Aug 2019 Fan Expo Canada, Toronto
  5. 31 - 4 Sep 2016 Fan Expo Canada, Toronto 32 - 19 Dec 2016 Rogue One Showing, Toronto 33 - 19 Dec 2016 Rogue One Showing, Vaughan 34 - 17 Mar 2017 Comicon, Toronto 35 - 19 Mar 2017 Comicon, Toronto 36 - 3 May 2017 Dreams Flight, Toronto 37 - 1 Jun 2017 William Boiche PS, Burlington 38 - 2 May 2018 Dreams Flight, Toronto 39 - 15 May 2018 Solo Movie Promo, Toronto 40 - 16 May 2018 Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto
  6. 21 - 7 May 2016 Megans Walk, Toronto 22 - 7 May 2016 Comic Book Day, Barrie 23 - 7 May 2016 Roller Derby, Barrie 24 - 4 June 2016 NFCC, Niagara Falls 25 - 4 June 2016 Bygrave Wedding, Niagara Falls 26 - 5 June 2016 NFCC, Niagara Falls 27 - 29 July 2016 Ronald Mc Donald House, Toronto 28 - 2 Sep 2016 Fan Expo Canada, Toronto 29 - 3 Sep 2016 Fan Expo Canada, Toronto 30 - 3 Sep 2016 Lone Star Diner, Toronto
  7. 11 - 27 Nov 2015 Library, Barrie 12 - 16 Jan 2016 Library, Pickering 13 - 21 Feb 2016 Winterfest, Vaughan 14 - 19 Mar 2016 Comicon, Toronto 15 - 30 Mar 2016 CTV, Toronto 16 - 27 Apr 2016 CP24, Toronto 17 - 27 Apr 2016 One Man Show, Toronto 18 - 30 Apr 2016 One Man Show, Toronto 19 - 30 Apr 2016 MSO, Mississauga 20 - 4 May 2016 Star Wars Day, Toronto
  8. 1 - 4 Aug 2015 Ronald McDonald House, Toronto 2 - 21 Aug 2015 CNE Parade, Toronto 3 - 5 Sep 2015 Fan Expo Canada, Toronto 4 - 5 Sep 2015 Lone Star Diner, Toronto 5 - 6 Sep 2015 Fan Expo Canada, Toronto 6 - 9 Oct 2015 Alexander Muir PS, Newmarket 7 - 21 Oct 2015 Fashion Week, Toronto 8 - 27 Oct 2015 Poplar Road PS, Scarborough 9 - 28 Oct 2015 Chapters, Barrie 10 - 19 Nov 2015 Make A Wish Xmas Party, Vaughan
  9. Hello there, where abouts are you?<br> AP here too, awesome kit, enjoy the journey. We are here to help!
  10. Where are you in Ontario?<br> PM me and ill get you in touch with us all.
  11. Last weeks troop at a school, Q&A in classes, two TKs and Vader. Kid puts his hand up and asks Vader "are you made of cheese?".... "Err, no".<br> "Ok" says the kid, points at TK 1, "are YOU made of cheese?", "no". Kid points at TK2.... "Are YOU made of cheese?".<br> I look at the teacher. "Theyve been studying cheese in class" she said !!!
  12. Sit tight. When Anovos eventually start shipping (whenever THAT is), Id bet there will be a few ditching theirs before starting so watch the For Sales and jump on one!
  13. Welcome from chilly Barrie ON.<br> I saw you on facebook already, but always here to help if I can.
  14. WOW. Game changer!! Great Work, sets the bar for others to again play catch up.
  15. Bravo!!!! Wonder if you could hit Centurion at #200 too....?!
  16. I have 2", once taught its no longer 2".... Job done
  17. Imperial Boots? I have their TK and yes, you need a size bigger than usual - no different to a bunch of brand names i could mention.<br> Theyre busy! They cant respond immediately - happens when youre in demand and pretty much the only supplier of an in demand product.<br> I want their TIE boots but theyre not taking orders - what do I do??? Wait or shop elsewhere, but that is more expensive and a pain... Open a beer, chill out and enjoy the rest of my day. Simples
  18. I was a complete noob, zero craft knowledge or experience. I got my big brown box in April and by July I was Centurion. Needs time and calmness and willingness to read all the amazing info in here. Idve been done much sooner but for a month overseas and family life in the way!<br> Can you use scissors, knife, measure and glue? If so and you can read this - you CAN do it!<br> Jump on in
  19. I have no desire to snuggle with Danny, hes too hairy! Im glad they found him a designation he can spell as EIB had too many letters! Congrats you lovely furry man
  20. I like you. You are warm.<br><br> Beers on you? Oh ok go on then!
  21. Looks solid. The TD Clips ususlly need to be moved out to touch the end caps. Good luck
  22. Looks good but ageee on the sides needing looking at. The straps will both bring the gap down and line up the top and bottom edges. Its a quick and easy fix and will also bring Centurion closer should you be looking at this later on.<br> Good Luck
  23. Great stuff. Exciting to be a Canadian Trailblazer!
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