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  1. Looks great! I'm curious how the paint will hold up in flexible areas like the belt.
  2. I also know he's hard at work with a run of Revo Vader voice changers as well. It's been quite a while since the last run there.
  3. Welcome! I'm in McKinney as well. As others have mentioned, be sure to join the Star Garrison's Imperial Academy on Facebook. That's a good resource for all costumes and armor parties in the Garrison.
  4. I didn't wear one at first. Then I saw this picture from one of my first troops. ----------- I always wear one now. It just one of the details that bring it all together.
  5. Keep a couple of loose parts to make ABS paste. You'll eventually need some once you start trooping.
  6. The plane where I spent the most time getting my private rating.
  7. This is fantastic! The first picture was the one I used to explain to my wife what the 501st was all about. I joined shortly after. So glad to see her doing well.
  8. Info for the Wisconsin Garrison is at: http://www.501st.com/members/displayUnits.php#garrisons.
  9. I'l third the Meguiar's. Novus works really well too. Oddly enough, you can usually find it at the Container Store.
  10. The Stanley/Husky tote works great! Sometimes I have to use my wife's car and it won't fit the tote. For those times, an big rolling suitcase works well. Just keep the helmet out in a separate bag and all the armor pieces nest together pretty well. A couple of towels for protection and you're off!
  11. Those pads work great! They stick well with velcro and are easy to move around. It's also easy to adjust not just the height, but the forward/backward fit of the helmet.
  12. Trooping is awesome. Don't let the stories bring you down. For me, the bigger the better. It seems like the smaller kids parties are usually the more contentious, like the TK is substituting for a clown with balloons. Always have a handler and there's strength in numbers!
  13. I'm 6'3" and I'll echo the sentiment for Troopermaster.
  14. I had a troop where there were three attempted TD thefts between me and my TK buddy. Our astute handler caught them each time. At the same troop, I leaned over to say hello to a child and they poked me in the eye. Her finger went right through the lens. Didn't hurt but gave me a pretty good scare.
  15. I"m 6'3" and use Troopermaster. With most armor, you'll be able to trim it to your body size. For taller folks, it's a game of balancing out the gaps wherever black is showing. You will have bigger gaps in the knees and elbows but it really isn't any big deal.
  16. I thought the same thing: http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_magmatrooper
  17. To drink, it's usually easier to take the bucket off. I've had some success with a drinking tube from a camelbak. I cut it off about 18" long. You can fish the tube up and bite on to the valve and stick the open end into a bottle of water. Make sure to blow the tube empty before pulling it out or you'll get wet. There's really no room for the full system. Still, if you're getting thirsty that's good reminder to take a break and de-bucket.
  18. I had the same problem at first. A fan is the best solution. A balaclava helps me too, even though you think it would make it worse. As others have said, experience helps. Wear it around the house, a lot. Start with 10 minutes and add ten until you're comfortable for an hour. Finally, get familiar with getting it on and off. I've got a big head so it took time to perfect the quarter turn and twist method. The first few times trying to get it off as claustrophobia set in scared me some.
  19. The North Texas squad had a great event at the Frontiers of Flight Museum on Halloween. We raised over $400 for the Museum.
  20. Donated! Happy to give back to this awesome community. 29H39900041854617
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