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  1. All that beautiful TM armor, just waiting to be trimmed. I'll be watching this build thread very closely. Next time I have a few free hours you can come by and we'll continue the work.
  2. In addition to what my comrades have noted, the back plate overlaps the kidney quite a bit. Looking at the closeups of your shoulders I can see that you will be able to shorten up the strapping between the chest and back which will bring the back armor up higher. It also looks like there's a bit of a gap between the end caps on the TD and the clips. Kinda hard to tell with the posted pics. Good luck!
  3. This is exactly what I plan on doing, too. Plus, there's a costume contest at work and at a friend's Halloween party on Saturday.
  4. Yeah, those will work. I like having a 2-piece under suit, but I don't think it matters much. If I have to use the latrine I have to take off pretty much all the armor, anyway, and unzipping and removing the upper half of a one piece won't add much to the PITA aspect of the process.
  5. Hi Hank. Overall it looks like a good build. I did notice the same things Brad noticed, the forearms being low, the chest popping up, and the shoulder bells that need to be rotated forward. I also noticed the pin-stripe outline on the ears is a bit thick. It should be a very thin black border, like you have on the traps. You might want to get some grey paint and touch up a bit. On the left side of the helmet, it looks like there is a slice in it, running horizontally below the trap. Is that something you can close up? The button-plate on your TD looks high, too. It should be more on the back of the TD than on the top. And the screwheads should be black. Also, the right side of your kidney/ab connection looks off. The top of your kidney armor doesn't line up with the top of the ab armor. It lines up on the left, just not on the right. Best of luck, to you!
  6. Looks like a really nice build, good job. One thing I notice is that in the pic that shows the close up of your holster attachment, I see that the rivets on the ab/kidney connection don't line up. The rivet on the kidney is almost in the center of two rivets on the ab. It might be the way you're standing, but for Centurion you'd need to submit a pic of that side in detail. Good luck!
  7. Why don't you use the hand guards Paul includes in the kit with your nomex gloves? That's what I did. Just glue on an elastic strap that goes across the palm (some also put one that goes across the wrist) and you've got your suit. I have my latex hand guards permanently glued to my rubber gloves.
  8. troopermaster, maker of some really fantastic armor. Welcome to the board, BTW! You might want to head over to the introductions section and start a thread, let everyone know who you are. Lots of great people on this board, really helpful.
  9. Steve, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. I wouldn't have my badges without your guidance and help with my armor. You've also shown what it means by saying "troopers helping troopers." You've earned this retirement, but don't think you won't be hearing from me just as often!
  10. Excellent work! That is one fine-looking set of armor. Get some latex hand guards and I see Centurion in your future!
  11. I was also going to mention the lose-fitting under suit, it should be tighter. The other thing I noticed is the different between the left and right traps above the eyes. The left side follows the mold quite well, but the right side seems to angle too much on the back edge. Lastly, the blue ab buttons look a little too grey. Might just be the camera, though. Best of luck to you!!
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