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The Best Sterling Templates EVER!


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I just found the greatest set of Stirling SMG scratch build templates I've ever seen. They are leagues ahead of the BBC ones and produce an exact 1:1 scale replica. Best of all they don't just rely on you to print the sheets out correctly, they include all the measurements taken from a real Sterling right down to the length and diameter of the cocking handle, as you can see in these preview shots:






These things are so detailed, they also include the full interior parts and you can actually build a functioning Airsoft gun from them if you are so inclined.


I purchased them from an Airsoft replica site, but since $8 (while cheap) is a bit of a rip to have a PDF file emailed to you, what's a fella to do except post them up here for all my TK brothers to download for free.


Attached here:



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these are not correct!


we've already discussed these plans.


they were created for an AIRSOFT replica.


I purchased these plans long ago... and if you look there are errors.


especially the folding stock, and the end cap.

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Maybe the plans are a bit off, but maybe we should be thankful for his willingness to share instead of keeping it a secret?


I for one appriciate it.

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Lucas, first of all thanks for sharing these, I really appreciate what you've done and I will download them later on. Don't worry about them not being perfect, I have seen most of the templates out there and NONE are perfect but you could take the best from each and make your own.

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i remember speaking with the creator of these plans when i purchased them a few years back, The plans set uses the original Receiver Template for the Sterling SMG (but not the British made version) i think it is from the Philippine or Indian made sterling if i recall.. also note that not all British sterling's were exactly the same.. many parts were hand made so design variations were common in those days ;) these plans are put together very nicely IMO and can be used to make a nice (even functional air-soft) E-11.. so if you want to make a replica British sterling the receiver might be off a little, but if you want to make a cool laser blaster form a galaxy far far away, these plans are fine :P

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Ok ok, so maybe I employed some hyperbole in my topic title...


But let's do this - "that cocking handle is way off - it should be (insert correct measurements)"


Bearing in mind Mason is right, there are 12 variants of the Stirling, let's lock down the best measurements we can. Using an aggregate of net researched specs from Wikipedia etc, these specs hold up pretty well. So let's correct the parts that are wrong, I'll re draw the vector files and re-upload the finals.


Get those specs flowing people!

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I don't have a real sterling, but the cocking handle flares out where it meets the bolt - That larger hole at the back of the cocking channel is so you can pull the handle out (when the bolt is pulled fully back) to disassemble it.


I think I've got a pic that might help - I'll see if I can dig it out.




You can see the handle at top left and the recessed hole it sits in in the bolt.


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I have a real Sterling (ANH & ESB) and a MGC Sterling (ROTJ) so I could give you exact measurements from the real things If you want? Just let me know what parts you need measurements of.......:)


That would be great Mark :D


I guess it's hard to know what I know I need measurements of if I don't know which parts of these blueprints are wrong... I'll knok up a diagram and get back to you - stay tuned :)

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OK guys I've done some more measuring to lock this down.


Since I live in Australia my chances of ever getting my hands on a real Stirling are pretty much zero, so the best I could do was take some measurements from a random assortment of resin parts I have lying around that were cast from a real Stirling. (They're not Doopy Doo's parts, as they include the proper hex bolts in the muzzle and so on, but TBH I'm not sure who cast them). Comparing these measurements to the above plans, the plans actually do come off fairly well.


The primary error I found was that the end cap was off by a few mm. Should be about 51mm High. 25mm deep is correct and it should be 40mm for the width of the Stock catch. Given however these were made to create your own end cap from pipe parts this alteration is understandable.



I don't have the whole folding stock in cast parts, just the front section with the holes, but from my measurements here the plans also seem correct. I can't speak for the "arms" as I have no reference but maybe you could check this Mark?


The Muzzle parts are accurate to the casting except base piece which has been modified to fit INSIDE the tube, so it is longer and and has a smaller diameter by 3mm.


The dimensions on the plans for the Mag housing are correct except in width. At the point where the magazine enters the housing the width should be 40mm not 42mm, but this is a tiny difference and could be down to make and model.


The handle appears to be absolutely accurate.


The Rear sight template is off a touch and should be 17mm wide (between the semi circles) not 14.6 but the rest is good.


Front sight is slightly off but mainly to accomodate the screwdriver tip which makes sense.


Can't speak to the trigger and trigger guard but a 13mm wide copper strip I had certainly fits as a trigger guard into the handle, which is the width given by the template. The template says 29mm tall for the trigger, but I don't have a trigger to measure - Maybe you could check this too Mark?


So it would certainly seem that these plans are pretty spot on, to what measurements I have been able to get, admittedly from castings not real parts. So the only parts I can't confirm or correct are the sizes and relative positions of the barrel elements, cocking channel etc, and of cours the big one - the folding stock.


Would you be able to confirm or correct these measurements Mark?



There are also two bits I haven't been able to find dimensions for on any plans I've yet seen.


The first is the dimensions of the crescent shaped blowback shields on the barrel. It would be cool to get dimensions like so;



The other is the little tab near the end cap that helps clip the folding stock in position when extended. I've never seen accurate measurements for this yet:



And while you're at it Mark perhaps you could get correct measurements for the cocking handle so we can fix that on the plans.


If anyone knows of any other mistakes I've made, or on the plans (remember I was measuring from castings not real parts) then let me know - but be specific with corrections so we can finally create a fully measured, accurate blueprint by making the appropriate adjustments to the plans. We'll never get the intricacies of the parts added by Lucasfilm down for a certainty, but we can surely get the base Stirling dimensions knocked on the head relatively easily...

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Lucas, it isn't impossible to get a stirling in Australia, it is just very illegal.

I've not yet looked at the plans, but I've just done some measurements in comparison to what you have posted above.

Mag housing is close enough to 43mm from front to back.

The rear sight is 11mm between the semi circles, and about 16mm outside measurement.

Trigger guard is about 11mm wide.

The trigger sticks out about 29mm, but it is all sorts of curvey, so it is hard to tell where you measure from, and to.

The shieldy things are about 49mm around, but again, you have to do some creative tape measure bending to go around the curve of the barrel.

The cocking handle is 63mm from tip to tip.

I have never owned, touched, nor pulled apart a sterling.

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I can help out, as I have sterling parts, but I get out from work in about 4 hours, so later tonight I'll post some pics and/or measurements

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Awesome! Damn you people who don't live in countries regulate every tiny aspect of the people's lives... You think I jest - Australian parliament is currently passing a bill to require a license to own toy guns. Yep. TOY guns. It's even better than the law that says you can't sell Red Bull in bars after midnight...


Anyway - enough of the Penn & Teller rant - thanks so much I look forward to your post :)

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the cocking handle is 62.3mm from tip to tipThe outer diameter of the thickest part is 9.4mm and that's 29.8 long and it tapers 5.8mm to a end that is 4.9mm in diameter.

"The ring is12.4 in diameter and 3mm thick.

The thinner end is 29.8mm long and 6.4mm in diameter rounded top. It has a flat either side at the base above the ring.

the curve starts at from 4.7mm up from the ring.


It's hard to explain in words and I'm felgercarb at photoshop but here goes....



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i moved this topic to the templates and blueprints section.. this is just a great thread!! im sure if folks work together we can make up the best E-11 plans in the galaxy :) also if you wanted to make a functional bolt the keyway design as seen on the blueprints above is a practical/simple way to achieve this.. without a machine shop that is :P

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This is fantastic :D


Mark and Christian - you are champions. I will start blueprinting the parts that we have now got official measurements for and upload when I get them done. We're still waiting on correct folding stock dimensions - can anyone help here?

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