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The Best Sterling Templates EVER!


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OK Troopers! We have some more progress to post on the templates under development.


These are templates and blue prints for the front sight and the selector switch. Obviously they won't appear on the same page in th efinal but we're previewing, checking and correcting here.




I've made up templates for both 38mm and 40mm OD pipe as per Mason's suggestion, but the measured blueprints are only for the accurate Sterling. I think it wise to continue in this way. There are also two variations on the selector switch abse - the easy to make (say using dowel) and the accurate 'domed' top version. This will allow people the ultimate combination of information and choice. This too I will continue if any other bits look like there would be an 'accurate' way and an 'easy' way for building.


Remember - those who can be sure to correct a measurement with an accurate number if I'm off anywhere.


And for those wondering where are the templates for all the bits measured and photographed so far in the thread - as always there on their way!

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OK Further updates, further information requests.


I spent forever trying to get the blowback shield curves right with a template that will both curve in the crescent shape while also wrapping around the diameter of the pipe. After many hours and some very patient and valuable help from my wife (she drafts patterns for a living) I do believe I've finally succeeded. I'll post the results tomorrow, as I'm posting this from bed and I'm half asleep, but a few questions have arisen meanwhile.


Looking at this image again:




The total length of the bolt appears to be 140mm. However using your 123mm x 7mm measurements for the side strips Mark, I cannot for the life of me get the strips to run the length of the bolt (as they do in the pic) at ANY angle. Am I reading Christians photo wrong?


Actually I'll leave the other questions til tomorrow... They really require drawings....


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OK Team - so this is the issue I'm having I was talking about last night. I am looking at the tube template (the whole reason we started this malarchy in the first place) and I need to clarify some measurements. These measurements have been covered in this thread by Sonnenschein here:




However there is something off about these measurements and they don't add up.


Here is a quick demo of the measurements I'm talking about, I've made each one a different color so they're easier to differentiate.



According to the afore mentioned post the measurements are as follows:


A - The distance between the end of cocking slot and the end cap: 8.75mm

B - The length of the cocking slot: 163mm

C - The distance to the furthest point of the ejector port back to end cap: 183mm

D- The distance from the closest point of the ejector port back to end cap: 171mm

E- I've added this one in hopes I can check the template accuracy just using the total length between furthest dots and letting the computer do the rest.


The distance between the end of the cocking slot and the end cap, and the length of the cocking slot seem to add up just fine. It's C and D that are causig me problems. They push the ejector port way too far forward, so that the closest point at the ejector port back is still a good centimetre or more away from the cocking slot, not just underneath it like it should be.


So in short could we check or correct these distance? It wouldn't take long at all to do the tube templates if I had this. (Info on exact grip placement might come in handy too....)


Sheesh - I never thought I'd use the phrase "cocking slot" so many times in one go....

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you have to include the end cap lug!




also can we please suggest that a trigger group interior be created? for the addition of a micro switch?

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Yes indeed Vern - Mark included both measurements and they've been taken in to account.


So... the moment we've all been waiting for - the first draft of the adjusted 38.1mm receiver tube template.


These are the changes I've made based on measurements supplied by Mark, other topics here on FISD and net research:



Correctly and evenly spaced vent holes

Corrected rear sight size for placement guide

Corrected stock clip size and placement

Corrected Cocking Slot Length

Corrected Ejector Port Length

Corrected Ejector Port Placement

Corrected Folding Stock Rear Mount placement and size

Corrected Mag housing placement guide size and placement

Corrected Front sight size and placement


This is a preview jpg of the result:




In the interest of better work I've also attached the PDF file at the bottom of this post so people can download it and double check stuff. I've saved it as a PDF so it's readable by all and maintains it's proper scale, but I've saved with "Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities" intact, effectively making it an 'open source' file that anyone can edit or correct if needed. If you do edit it though be sure to post it back here for all our benefit and detail your changes!


Next up I will post the version for a 40mm tube after adjustments.




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Lucas, I don't have a real Sterling receiver, but from what I've read the first vent hole (near the sight) on the top and the one on the bottom (where the folding stock goes in) are 1/2" instead of 7/16", Mark could you verify?

Also, there is no place for the grip, I will post some pics oh the assembly for you to use.

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Karin - I will indeed make A4 templates in both sizes. We all use A4 except for our US brethren who will need US Letter.


Christian - Good spot. As to the grip I was hesitant to place it with no measurements. I know it butts up against the rear stock mount but some proper measurements would be great!

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Ok here there are, I'll try to post the measurements as much as I can, Mark if you see something not quite right, feel free to correct me:


first picture: basically the length of the grip assembly is 118 mm



second picture: the area in the ruler measures 23 mm, the length for the curvature or arch is somewhere between 24-25 mm (definitely not 24, but not quite 25)



third pic: the other side length is the same as first pic



fourth pic: ok this is the actual part that is welded on the receiver is about 90 mm at the base of this picture x 85 mm at the top x 5 mm



fifth pic: The part at the front (where the ruler reads around 11-12 cm) is about 10mm with a 3mm diameter indentation at about 4 mm from the front



final pic: the length is supposed to be around 98mm, but the angle makes is look as if it should be longer

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