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The Best Sterling Templates EVER!


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OK - updated receiver tube template.


I've corrected the 1/2 inch holes at the front that Christian cogently pointed out and placed the grip assembly using his measurements.


I would still like some confirmations however before I go and lock down these plans onto printable A4's as well.

With these dimensions I get a full receiver length INCLUDING the lug but EXCLUDING any part of the muzzle (even the sort of domed base of the muzzle) of 456.643 mm. Does this measure up Mark? Also I'm basing my stock mount, and therefor my trigger, on measurements taken from Sterling diagrams that I scaled to measurements I already know, so I may be a bit off. Can we confirm the lug to rear stock mount measurement?


Again here's a preview image for those who just want a quick look with the full PDF attached below:





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Well guys, in the spirit of updating as I go here is the new template for the muzzle.


I was quite surprised actually at how wrong the existing muzzle templates were. At first glance they seem to measure up, but closer inspection reveals otherwise. Mostly they were only off by a few mm - but hey this IS the best stirling templates ever project so we best correct it!


The biggest thing is that no templates available include the dip here



to accommodate the hex bolt that appears on a real stirling muzzle.


So without further ado here are the accurate muzzle templates:



And here's a question for everybody:

If I take the muzzle dimensions and scale them up for a 40mm OD pipe I can do two things.


If I scale the muzzle base up and leave the rest of the dimensions accurate it will look like this:



If I scale the whole kit and caboodle to keep the dimensions relative, it will look like this:



Which would 40mm pipe builders prefer?


Back with more soon... and don't forget to chime in if you know something I don't!

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OK time for more questions as I go!


Mark or Christian - we've clocked the diameter of the inner bolt at 33mm and the OD of the pipe at 38.1mm. Assuming the 'strips' on the side of the inner bolt are about 1mm thick does this mean the tube h a wall thickness of about 1.5mm?

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In the parts I do have ( the front sight and the end cap lug) the thickness appears to be closer to 2mm, the "strips" in the barrel don't measure a full 1mm. Lucas I also noticed something, the template is missing this detail:



This picture comes from Samj in this thread http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=15712&view=findpost&p=190213

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Thanks so much Christian! That's a pretty crucial detail - I can't believe I missed it. I've added it to the tmplates, but I'm going to hold off on posting another change until Mark checks the other measurements - then I can go ahead and post confirmed accurate templates for 38mm and 40mm.


Meanwhile can you help me out? I'm building the folding stock templates using your great pics and the other two threads with images of the stock.


Would you call this measurement across the stock 15mm?:



That's my eyeballed guess but I'd rather get a more accurate idea...

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@ Karin - Glad you're liking it! Thanks for the kind words and the 40mm A4 tube templates will be up soon

@ Mark - no apology needed sir. We all saw what you've been up to in your b'day thread - and I've heard rumblings of an ewok uprising so your work does the empire a much needed service ;)


OK folks so here it is - the big kahuna - the folding stock template. Complete as one peice the way it was supposed to be:



Now this one is the most tenuous of all as far the Lucas measuring system goes - I will definitely need double checking on this one. This is especially important since if we can lock it down right we should be able to make a template for a functional folding stock :D


Which reminds me - can we post the OD of the tube inside the stock? Christians fantastic photos should do the rest, provided we can confirm or correct the measurements as listed here.


Once this is done we will have a full exterior Sterling SMG template (I've done the rear sight I just haven't posted it, and I've almost finished the mag and mag housing). Then I can get to work on the insides...


Here's the full scale PDF of the stock for those who want a closer examination or to do any edits (still an editable PDF)



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Today's Update: The grip assembly - extra special thanks to MArk and Christian for this one.


I've had to make some very small steps away from uber accuracy for this one. NONE OF THESE STEPS RELATE TO MEASUREMENTS OR SCALE. The things I've had to alter or improvise all have to do with the inner workings of the trigger/ grip assembly. I've created two kinds of inner grip. One that is solid and non functional, set to fit the non functional trigger template made earlier. The other is a hollow assembly, created for use with the accurate Sterling trigger template, however it does not include any parts related to a working trigger mechanism or genuine Sterling gears and mechanisms. The structure will allow for springs, electronics etc if the builder so desires, but no assembly instructions or measurements have been provided. I did this because firearms laws vary widely from locale to locale and there are many places in the world where making this part function is the first step to a firearms possession charge. The parts will look 100% accurate from the outside, even as a static prop, but anything more "accurate" will have to be the responsibility of the builder. We've all seen the Sterling Owners Manual PDF and you can refer to that if you want to risk building a working trigger.


Anyway - legal disclaimers aside - here are the blueprints and templates:







I've yet to add the plastic grip, because I'm having a hard time getting a handle (no pun intended) on how exactly to make a template for it being that it's so rounded and really needs sculpting. I will do something as close to accurate as I can but I'd probably recommend buying the outer grip and using it with these custom made parts. they are easily available and shouldn't cause import problems if purchased on their own. This site has them for sale for example:



Boy - we're really getting there now!

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On 9/10/2011 at 6:03 PM, ZeroRoom said:



Its about 13.5 mm


On 9/11/2011 at 2:58 AM, ZeroRoom said:

Which reminds me - can we post the OD of the tube inside the stock? Christians fantastic photos should do the rest, provided we can confirm or correct the measurements as listed here.



The tube diameter is somewhere between 12.5 mm and 13 mm


On 9/11/2011 at 4:12 AM, ZeroRoom said:

Sorry - one more thing... Is the stock catch that attaches to the tube spring loaded or just a slide?


It is spring loaded

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Lucas, I've been out this weekend working on my future house (getting married in 2 months), I'll measure the folding stock tomorrow


That's great Christian, thanks. Can you also double check the measurements on the template I uploaded for me? Particularly the parts around the 9 holes in the stock front - that was where I had to do most of my guess work. Meanwhile I'll apply those measurements.


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding by the way! As someone who has done it himself I can highly recommend it :D


Great work!

Can you post a list of all the measurements you are missing. Or pm it to me just so I don't have to read through all the posts. I'm just being lazy! :lol:


No worries Mark - looks like Christians got the folding stock covered but I've still a few question marks on the tube template before it gets locked down. Will PM you the relevant bits.


Thanks again both of you! This is really coming out great.

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So here's a question for the team:


Most templates have the rear sight as one piece and instruct you to bend it. However I have been doing some revision of the measurements for the rear sight, and for a variety of reasons mainly to do with the 2.5mm width of the substrate I don't believe this is actually possible to do and maintain accurate dimensions. The outer curve of the bend is simply too extreme. Witha gap width of 11mm at the base and a height of 15mm on the inside the rear sight has a total inner measurement of 41mm. However with a base width of 16mm and a an outside height of about 18mm the total outer measurement comes in at 52mm. This means 5mm in each curve which is a: very rounded and b: impossible to flat template out without ending up with an inner height that is too tall unless you cut a v groove into the substrate.


Bearing in mind I can only examine photographs, it appears from my extensive research that the real Sterling rear sight was in fact two half circles not one bent shape. Can anyone confirm this?


It's either that or a template with a large v groove which would not be easy for most folks to cut...

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OK guys, after much help and hard work from Mark at CFO here is the final tube template for an accurate 38.1mm Sterling tube. Every detail has been checked and it also includes the optional end cap lug spacing for those with hollow end caps. This will give you a genuinely accurate Sterling receiver for your E-11 kit.


It comes in 3 different PDF's. One is a full size template for those with access to larger format printers and one is a two page PDF which splits the template in two (includes alignment marks) on to internationally standard A4 paper size for easy printing. The final PDF is the same two page set up but on Letter sized paper for our American brethren.


Not only that, but after a lot of math (not my favorite activity ;) ) I have an accurate template scaled up for the common 40mm pipe. It is important to note that this template has NOT been scaled up across the board, or by percentages. The tube circumference has been enlarged and the details carefully moved in tiny measurements to maintain accurate relationships but all dimensions and certainly the length wise distances remain accurate. Admittedly I'm talking about centimeters and millimeters here, but there are substantial differences between this template and any other template for a 40mm tube I have been able to find. Taken from sskunky's genuine Sterling receiver these are the most accurate templates I have been able to create for a 40mm tube.


These templates are also attached here in the same three formats (large, A4 and letter) as the 38.1mm templates.


There is only one important caveat: for a number of reasons there are questions raised by variations on the placement of the rear folding stock mount. You should use discretion when getting the best placement for your folding stock depending on the origin of your stock. Consider this placement accurate for a scratch made folding stock according to the stock templates we are currently perfecting.


And of course, as always, all PDF's remain illustrator editable to allow for community improvement if needed. :)


Without further ado here they are - download and enjoy!


38.1mm Tube Template LETTER Paper



38.1mm Tube Template A4 Paper



38.1mm Tube Template FULL SIZE



40mm Tube Template A4 Paper



40mm Tube Template LETTER Paper



40mm Tube Template FULL SIZE


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