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  1. I just don't like the helmet as it kind of feels like we are going back to the fx look, since we've just about finally gotten rid of it... Purely from a costuming point of view.
  2. Yeah, chest and back are the biggest things to change. If possible I'd also try to change the shoulder bells
  3. I usually say roughly the same thing, that way it shows how much work we put into our armour as well or just give them the 'standard imperial issue' response that so many of us use haha
  4. that's actually a really good point! I'm studying engineering and always like ways that science and stuff can improve the things we do The only downside I can see is that there might be some splash back from the force of the steam hitting the plastic, but I may give it a shot to see how easy it makes it to bend...
  5. Yay!!! Glad to see you back Lucas!
  6. Nice! I take it these are the new ears, not the old ones that didn't fit properly?
  7. Great build so far! Lots of little ideas that I can pass on/borrow if I get one of these kits
  8. Looking good mate! keep up the good work!
  9. This is epic! Looked like an amazing troop! Loved the bit where you played statues
  10. Hi mate and welcome! Have you signed up on the redbacks forums? www.501st.com.au/forum We are the garrison that covers Qld and a friendly bunch, so don't forget to stop by
  11. Looks like a MRCE & FX lovechild........ I'm sure your time and talents could be much better spent...... perhaps a mcquarrie concept helmet??
  12. Looks good! but the details you have painted blue on the ears are meant to be black
  13. Welcome mate! Good to see another Aussie on here! (even if you are in blues territory )
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