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  1. PS3 and I am on COD4 abit....username Apone
  2. Thanks, and yes I did put very thin coats on. Ill put pics when im done, should start today on weathering
  3. too late... lol 2 Layers of silver...two of black so far...i think im stipping there and trying it out with the brillo. If it looks like crap..i will take pics to put up so you can all get a chuckle.
  4. I have decided to try my own technique ( im sure others have too) I put two layers of metallic silver on all the parts and I am going to put on three layers of a flat black. After that has dried I am going to use a brillo pad and gently brush the areas i want worn. I hope this doesnt backfire in my face, cause in my head its going to look sweet.. lol
  5. I just got a resin blaster kit, and i want it weathered. Anyone have any tips on getting that banged around look with the blued paint looking chipped off? I was thinking a silver coat under and then painting a gun metal layer on top and possibly lightly sanding away the black layer on edges. Would this work or is there a better method?
  6. I am in the middle of assembling my first helmet, and I just used spray on truck bed liner. I honestly think it gives it a really cool asthetic look on the inside and seems to give it a bit more stability. It was really easy to apply too, just mask the sucker off really good and give it three even coats. Takes 5 minutes to dry also which is great. I can put a few pics up if someone wants to see.
  7. In order to not get totally ripped off, what would a decent price for a TE be? Used obviously but no cracks or anything? PM me if you dont mind, since I dont think they like the prices to be blurted out on here.
  8. Well thanks for all the opinions so far...I am only asking because I was offered a TE.,..not a TE2 helmet in styrene...just wondering if its worth it to grab. I know they look amazing from what I have seen in the forums with photos, I just want it to last. And Gunz, I dont plan on doing any human canon ballin in it either..thanks.
  9. Dave, let me be the first to welcome you to earth....enjoy your stay.
  10. What is everyone's opinion on styrene helmets...particularly a TE one? I was thinking about getting one but heard some bad things about Styrene, but what do I know? Thats where you come in..let it out!
  11. Yea..i have this soft plastic thingy with a straight edge...yes..thingy... anyway, ive been getting rid of the excess with that so far, and using this mr clean magic sponge to wipe away the excess after.
  12. I work for a credit card processing company and it is completely legitmate to ask for it. Because its a Mail order/phone order type setup , its just another feature to safeguard the merchant from chargebacks.
  13. What would i use to remove some excess paint on my FX helmet? suggestions?
  14. I tried my mystic grey epoxy and it looks good... it looks really close or exact to every other helmet ive seen.
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