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  1. That is a good idea about the snaps. I dont have stirrups for my legs or my arms, and I havent had any trouble without them. I actually got my "under armor" at the Walmart at Spring Creek and 75. Pretty cheap, like $10 for each. They dont stock them for very long, so grab them when you can. Plano is a nice town, I lived there for a few years until recently, still go there quite often
  2. I have the 2 piece method, and even though you cant move that much, it will still ride up. I have shared my dislike to Tim at many events. The best way to combat this is to tuck the shirt in the pants as best you can. Also if you are worried about it showing skin where the kidney and butt plate meet, place a small amount of black fabric on the inside, between the 2 pieces. That way if it rides up, no skin will be visable
  3. Yes in that picture Carrie is a little shorter than Hamill, but I read that she was so much shorter than Ford, that she had to stand on a box to stay in fram. Is she standing on a box in these?
  4. Yeah, it is fitting much better now. I am glad I made the changes: Speaking of which here is updated pics
  5. No worries brother, I have been meaning to glue it down, I just havent had the time.Thanks for the advice. Added a picture of the green lenses post #10
  6. My straps are Velcroed on the front, My lenses are green.
  7. Here are some updated pictures I am standing a little weird in the 1st picture due to a broken foot, so that is why it looks like I am uneven on one side
  8. UPDATE!!!! New Pictues Armor= AP Helmet = AP Blaster = Hyperfirm.
  9. Im just going to paint my bucket the rank that I am on this board...... and repaint everytime I get "promoted". That way it will make me want to post more, and help other troopers
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