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  1. Welcome to FISD Alan I know that excitement waiting the BBB
  2. Congrats trooper! 3 troops in a week? I assume you had an awesome week
  3. Goodluck with your build Mark , pretty sure FOTK is more challenging than OT
  4. Great weightloss journey brother I also have ATA ANH Stunt
  5. A little opinion for your right forearms , I think you can trim it a little more to make it looks fit better , although is not a mandatory for basic approval
  6. strong magnets and clamps is your possible solutions brother
  7. I read @ukswrath building thread and I look this for measurement Goodluck with your build brother , I also have ATA I started to trim and assembley forearms, biceps, shins and thighs
  8. Just like joseph told you, I also use velcro to repositioning my belt it already looks great bro !
  9. Thank you brothers Thanks to you for encourage me to trim my forearms Joseph
  10. Adi Baskoro 32294 Centurion A4 Mike Souza Thank you ! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/32294-centurion.png
  11. Woahhhh , I just done with my shift from hospital and got this news Thank you brothers :)))))))
  12. Okay thanks to my anxiety , I reshoot the photos with my sisters help , here it is fellas Look at that forearms brothers @ukswrath @justjoseph63 @msouza Sorry I have to reshoot the post for the better look Thank you for the review @msouza Regards TK-32294
  13. I have install the nylon webbing but sometimes it still loose hahaha
  14. thats because I havent installed the bicep hook yet , sometimes it get loose Tony haha
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