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  1. That's a stunner! Cant wait to get my hands on some. Congrats! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  2. An amazing achievement and the beginning of an even bigger feat! Congratulations to all! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  3. Congratulations Grave! It is such an achievement. As Centurion #488, I can say to anyone thinking of embarking on either a new build or upgrades in order to reach the certification, just go for it! The process of researching designs, techniques, materials and mods (if required) to build a set of TK ANH Centurion armour gave me a comprehensive understanding of building armour in general, as well as an appreciation for the fine details that entail EIB and Centurion status. This is experience I will take into my next build, and the next, and so on. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  4. Congrats Jakob! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  5. Amazing work! It's quite a feeling of accomplishment to nail the small details. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  6. Thanks, folks! It's an honor to be here! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  7. Mark Gambino 84212 A4 Mario Many thanks! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/84212-centurion.png
  8. Thank you! Wow, boy! I am definitely proud and grateful, and very, very stoked! A big thanks to the DOs for their guidance and patience. You're all doing (and have always done) an amazing job to help everyone get to 500 and beyond. A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say. A big thanks also to my fellow troopers at Knightfall for their help and guidance. It's been a tough year for many, but the feeling of isolation has been lessened somewhat knowing I could always reach out for assistance. It won't be long now and we can actually meet and troop!
  9. Hey team! An update on my build. My submission to EIB was approved last week (thanks to the Emperor!) and want to say a big thanks to everyone who helped with advice along the way. Building in isolation (literally) was a little daunting to begin with, but a lot of research, advice and many questions from myself made it feel like I was in a crowded room with friends. Thanks! A mighty thanks also to the DOs, who have set many high bars with the EIB 1000 and Centurion 500. I'm also proud to announce I have submitted my TK for Centurion assessment. I've spent the last week(-ish) making mods an
  10. Name: Mark Gambino / TK84212 Username: MightyAtom Knightfall Garrison Melbourne, Australia Armour: AP Helmet: AP Blaster: Premier Props (Etsy) EIB submission: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/50394-tk84212-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-ap-1013/ Height: 6' Weight: 178lbs Boots: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: Imperial Issue (Kittle) Hand Plates: [mention=22112]justjoseph63[/mention] Electronics: [mention=35426]MissionTrooper[/mention]Arduino Nano Neck seal: Darman's Props (with Extreme Racing back-up neck se
  11. Thank you! This is amazing! With all the advice I received and the other excellent builds out there that I poured over, it feels like a real team effort. Thanks to everyone who helped me! I've made notes of your suggestions for a Centurion submission and will get onto fixes this weekend. Thanks again! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  12. Hey Mario, Great, thanks! I've added two photos of my boots to the above. The white balance seems a little off though, I assure you they are white as white!
  13. Congrats! Everyone is killing it! And big clap for the team working through approvals. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  14. *raises fist to air* Autocorrect!!! Thanks mate! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  15. Nice catches there! Those pesky elastics. And what a great pic ref of the E-11. Thank you. I'll add pics now. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
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