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  1. Congrats, Andrew! [emoji322] Sent from my Imperial Communicator
  2. Welcome! You have a fun road ahead. I built an AP kit almost 18 months ago to Centurion. It was my first ever build, but Mark (at AP) is happy to provide advice and there is also a tonne of advice and tips to be found from folks here and in their build threads. Have fun and never be afraid to ask questions [emoji3526] Sent from my Imperial Communicator
  3. Hey trooper! Looking good so far. As someone who went though EIB and Centurion recently (last 12 months), I can say that providing detail photos is a great way to diagnose any required changes. If you take a look over the CRL and note the requirements at EIB and Centurion, then provide photos, it will make it easier for others to help out. For example, a close-up photo of the thigh ammo pack, close ups of your sniper plate (all angles), close up front on of your boots, close up of shoulders, etc. It looks like you're close anyway, as Glenn has noted above, but these finer details will yield the information you're after. Sent from my Imperial Communicator
  4. Hey Chris, If you build your TK as well as your Boba Fett, it will look amazing! I found a wealth of advice from everyone on FISD and my home garrison forum. My advice is: if you are ever unsure, always reach out. Good luck and can't wait to see your progress. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  5. Requesting EIB Certificate Mark Gambino TK84212 A4 Mario (Can't believe I haven't done this sooner! Thank you!) No problem! https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/84212-eib.png
  6. Sorry to hear you're having an issue, Jeff. I paid a deposit on a kit from Mark in February 2020, but the pandemic impacted production on all fronts - Mark's workshop access, materials, shipping, you name it. I only had a few emails from Mark over that time. My kit was eventually delivered in September. So, about seven months from ordering to delivery. I can't speak for the current situation at AP, but I do know worldwide that intermittent lockdowns and ongoing issues impacting logistics and supply chains are hitting manufacturers of any level. What I will say is, the wait for my kit was worth it and I couldn't be happier. (Just an aside: if you cancel this order, who's to say you're not going to end up at the end of another long order queue elsewhere?) Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  7. You're helmet build looks great, but I can see some of the causes of your issues. I'll DM you. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  8. Welcome Jeff! You're on an exciting journey. My first 501st costume was assembling a TK ANH Stunt kit from AP, and I had a blast. Mark from AP is very helpful, so always reach out to him. I also found a wealth of support from everyone on the forum here - there is no end to the experience here! My advice (echoed to me by many, many others here) is, take your time. Whether it takes months or years, build the armour you want the first time. Good luck and have fun! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  9. That's a stunner! Cant wait to get my hands on some. Congrats! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  10. An amazing achievement and the beginning of an even bigger feat! Congratulations to all! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  11. Congratulations Grave! It is such an achievement. As Centurion #488, I can say to anyone thinking of embarking on either a new build or upgrades in order to reach the certification, just go for it! The process of researching designs, techniques, materials and mods (if required) to build a set of TK ANH Centurion armour gave me a comprehensive understanding of building armour in general, as well as an appreciation for the fine details that entail EIB and Centurion status. This is experience I will take into my next build, and the next, and so on. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  12. Congrats Jakob! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  13. Amazing work! It's quite a feeling of accomplishment to nail the small details. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  14. Thanks, folks! It's an honor to be here! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  15. Mark Gambino 84212 A4 Mario Many thanks! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/84212-centurion.png
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