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  1. Thank you! This is amazing! With all the advice I received and the other excellent builds out there that I poured over, it feels like a real team effort. Thanks to everyone who helped me! I've made notes of your suggestions for a Centurion submission and will get onto fixes this weekend. Thanks again! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  2. Hey Mario, Great, thanks! I've added two photos of my boots to the above. The white balance seems a little off though, I assure you they are white as white!
  3. Congrats! Everyone is killing it! And big clap for the team working through approvals. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  4. *raises fist to air* Autocorrect!!! Thanks mate! Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  5. Nice catches there! Those pesky elastics. And what a great pic ref of the E-11. Thank you. I'll add pics now. Sent from my Imperial Comlink
  6. Name: Mark Gambino Username: MightyAtom Knightfall Garrison Melbourne, Australia https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33163 Armour: AP Helmet: AP Blaster: Premier Props (Etsy) Height: 6' Weight: 178lbs Boots: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: Imperial Issue (Kittle) Hand Plates: [mention=22112]justjoseph63[/mention] Electronics: [mention=35426]MissionTrooper[/mention]Arduino Nano Neck seal: Darman's Props Holster: AP
  7. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33163 This is TK84212 requesting forum access!
  8. Hey folks, Just letting all and sundry know that I've had my forum handle changed from 'markgambino' (so formal!) to MightyAtom - a nickname from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  10. Hey team! I've had to resubmit some photos for my GML, but in the meantime I'm looking at L3 requirements for the rivets along the Ab and Kidney plates - I should have checked before assembly because the existing holes may be out. I want to double-check the details here before I start planning anything. So, this is 20mm from the top and 10mm from the edge? The measurements I currently have on my AP kit are 13mm from the top and 13mm from the edge. It looks fine, but if L3 literally requirements measurements... well, like I said, just double-checking.
  11. Looks awesome, mate! Well done! Sent from my Imperial Communicator
  12. Thanks mate! I have a few more small mods to make this week as well. Stand by for pics. Sent from my Imperial Communicator
  13. Thanks! Short of tracking down a radar assembly from mid last century, it's the best I could do! Sent from my Imperial Communicator
  14. Hey Dan, per your advice I did some research on power cylinders while awaiting my GML outcome. I decided a cheap option would be to make my own! I printed out some photos and went to a local electronics store to assemble anything that could resemble a raw component I could then shape and paint. I'm pretty stoked with the results - thanks for your help! Raw components Testing glue on the glue sticks - metal plate from scrap metal Painting Assembling the capacitors Soldering resistors Painting and assembly of cylinders Assembly and painting complete The outcome!
  15. Thank you! As always, you're a wealth of knowledge! I'll leave it for now and make a call once I start moving through EIB and Centurion applications. Thanks again. Sent from my Imperial Communicator
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