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  1. Currently I dont have a laptop with me out here in Bahrain, so I'm just using my phone.
  2. I have started trimming and sanding on some parts, but if y'all wouldn't mind giving some critiques it would be much appreciated. Because of me being pretty late in the game some of these pictures are going to be posted pretty randomly right now, so I apologize in advance.http://imgur.com/gallery/ceGZ4nw
  3. Thank y'all for the welcoming comments, I will definitely start to refer to the suggested material. I know I'm a little late with the build pictures as I wasn't sure how I was going to get the images small enough to post, but here are some of the pictures I've managed to get while getting help from a friend on Facebook. I don't know if you want me to throw your name out there, but thank you! You know who you are. -----------
  4. How's it going about a week or two ago I received my big brown box from ATA. Like many of y'all I was very excited and also nervous, which I still am, so I'm starting this build thread to get some extra input and assistance as I go through this build.
  5. That's awesome that they actually will do the neckseal.
  6. I saw it when Finn was in the tie fighter with Poe, but I can't find any photos of it. It had I shine to it though.
  7. Thank y'all for the help. I wasn't sure about getting a normal one because of the rubbery looking bib on the movies.
  8. Does anyone know where I could get a First Order trooper neckseal?
  9. Where could you get 1mm ultrawhite pvc?
  10. I made them using pepakura FO trooper armor, but instead of using the armor I made to wear I cut it and added clay to open parts to be a vacuum forming mold.
  11. I have the molds already, I just want to make armor for me and my friends, plus I don't have the money for armor, especially from anovos.
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