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    Classic and antique cars, spray paint artist, making cosplay armor and weapons, anything Star Wars, serving the Empire. Also craft beer =')

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  1. It's been awhile since I posted anything one here. But I'm still building my armor. Is coming along pretty well. I've been in contact with my local Garrison through Facebook and have been giving me a lot of help with building my armor. I'm just not able to post pics on here cuz I'm having a lot of problems with my phone battery not staying charged. I don't want to put any unnecessary apps on here. Might have to get me a new phone pretty soon.
  2. So the TD tube is supposed to be painted and not the natural grey of the plaatic pipe I got with my kit?
  3. So just painting with it? There aren't any rounded edges on the vocoder of my bucket. Will I just have to make them rounded?
  4. I looked there the other day and all the ones I seen weren't how it's. Just info videos. And just talking about armor.
  5. I believe this is best I will be able to get the vocoder. I think part of it is how it was made.
  6. Look what I caught these mini bucket heads doing to my Bucket
  7. Taking a break from armor building yesterday and today. Super tired from work. I'll get back it tomorrow and Saturday .
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