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    Classic and antique cars, spray paint artist, making cosplay armor and weapons, anything Star Wars, serving the Empire. Also craft beer =')

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  1. The shoulder bells that I got with my kit are different sizes, so I was wondering Which side is left and which is right. One side is a little bit taller and a different cut on the bottom part.
  2. Maybe that's what I should do to mine also. But mine fit pretty snug at the top of my leg. But it is a little bit too long. So just the inner part of my thigh needs to be trimmed up a little bit. So I may just trim some off and not have a return Edge
  3. I need to trim some of the top off of my thigh are also but there's no return Edge on it. Why are some people making return edges on their body armor After they trim the top off?
  4. It's been awhile since I posted anything one here. But I'm still building my armor. Is coming along pretty well. I've been in contact with my local Garrison through Facebook and have been giving me a lot of help with building my armor. I'm just not able to post pics on here cuz I'm having a lot of problems with my phone battery not staying charged. I don't want to put any unnecessary apps on here. Might have to get me a new phone pretty soon.
  5. So the TD tube is supposed to be painted and not the natural grey of the plaatic pipe I got with my kit?
  6. So just painting with it? There aren't any rounded edges on the vocoder of my bucket. Will I just have to make them rounded?
  7. I looked there the other day and all the ones I seen weren't how it's. Just info videos. And just talking about armor.
  8. I believe this is best I will be able to get the vocoder. I think part of it is how it was made.
  9. Look what I caught these mini bucket heads doing to my Bucket
  10. Taking a break from armor building yesterday and today. Super tired from work. I'll get back it tomorrow and Saturday .
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