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  1. 1. 11JUN22 NoCoCon Watertown, NY - Day 1 2. 12JUN22 NoCoCon Watertown, NY - Day 2
  2. Hello fellow FISD members. TK22692 reporting in from Garrison Excelsior. May we all shoot... you know...not bad.
  3. TK22692 requesting 501st access. Transmitting clearance code: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30996
  4. I agree with the forearm trimming. A lot of the parts are a little too long. I figured on leaving material as apposed to needing to add it back. I'll add it to my to do list. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I realized as we were taking pictures that the cover strips were long. I did paint my own boots and am not happy with how they look, and have better paint already in stock. The thigh covers are wide so they match front and back( I have big legs from years of bike riding). Drop boxes are were they belong I think I missed saying anything to my wife who took the pictures. I have a spare set of ab buttons as I thought they might be a little thin on the sides. Thanks so much for the input.
  6. Hi, I have some photos I'd like to submit for pre-approval . Thanks. 1. Jayson Smith 2. Future Garrison : Garrison Excelsior 3. Armor maker : ATA Works 4. Helmet maker : ATA Works 5. Belt maker : self made 6. Neck Seal makes : self made 7. Boot maker : Clark painted by me 11. Height: 5'7" 12. Weight 190# 13. TK type : ANH Stunt Photos shortly Ab Detail Helmet Detail right side Left Side
  7. Really nice . I met some of your group at Ottawa Comic Con . What a great group of troops !
  8. Looks like a ton of fun . Nice shots .
  9. I had a blast . Arresting for cell block 613 was the best . What a great group . Hope to do more with Capital District group in the future ,
  10. Hellow to all, from the North Country of NY . Had a great time at Ottawa Comic Con last weekend with the 501st Capilat district Troop . Got to borrow a TK and troop for Fri. night and most of Sat. . Great bunch of Imperials, Rebels and Droid Builders .
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