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  1. Hey everyone, as you all can probably guess, I am definitely new here! I purchased my ATA armor a few months ago but haven't had any time to start on it till now. Now that I do have more time to put into finishing this kit, I feel so lost and too overwhelmed with a lot of the information I've been surfing through on this site and am not sure where to start or where to begin in terms of cutting and building my armor. I'm not asking for anyone to hold my hand through this project, but just for some good references, guides, or threads worth looking into.
  2. I've been doing some research and can't seem to find a boot supplier I'd be satisfied with based on feedback and reviews from other troopers. So my solution in this dilemma is to buy a pair of Chelsea boots and dye them myself. My questions to you is would you recommend taking this route to those new in this hobby and haven't done anything similar, is it cost effective vs buying from Imperial Boots or other suppliers, and is it worth it in the long run?
  3. is it recommendable for a someone new to building TK armor to use CA glue and zip kicker instead of buying E-600?
  4. I was emailing the seller yesterday. Apparently, Tk boots is running out of stock on everything and has plans on closing down shop shortly. Looks like its time to look for a new vendor.
  5. I've been reading up on this thread which peaked my interest in getting a pair from TK. I'm about to email them to see if they have any in my size left in stock.
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