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  1. Thanks i m fan of Soviet Union and RKKA and NKVD theme. i am WW2 reenactor)
  2. Miras

    Altair's Resin Doopydoos E11 Build

    Hi! Thaks. It realy helped!
  3. Miras

    Altair's Resin Doopydoos E11 Build

    Hi friend! Excuse me please but, Would you be so kind, to answer one qwestion about mount rail.))) - Can i ask you to be so kind to tell the sizes of rail mount? i purchasing the same blaster, so i needed to make this rail too)
  4. WOW! Thanks. Nice price) is it aprovable for 501st ?))) I had purchased it!
  5. Thanks, So i got qwestion. where i can get budget version of E-11 ))))
  6. Work in progress! Giant Thnaks to my friend who helped me) https://d.radikal.ru/d09/1811/f5/bf14d2689537.jpg https://a.radikal.ru/a01/1811/2a/61528a3d1d16.jpg
  7. 80% of armor is cutted now) i think after few weeks i will begin aataching starps and velcro. Also i think to glue in inner side some soft material for comfort fit..
  8. Today is my brown box day!)))) FINELY!!! FI-NE-LY! I spend on it 1000 euro...it is unbeliveable expensive.I realy upset the hell with it! But i got it! Arriving moment) https://youtu.be/s_JJSq3g7jw
  9. Thanks i think i will start with apmlifier-speaker.After i got larger budget i will purchase tktalkie☺
  10. How about this thing? http://store.tktalkie.com/
  11. ouch..so expensive variants Thanks i will think about it.
  12. Hi guys! Sorry for disturbing. But i just can't found here good decision for me. Could you please help me to chose hardware for helmet. I have cheked https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/100-Original-Zoweetek-ZW-258-Wired-Mini-Portable-Amplifier-with-Natural-Sound-for-Teachers-Tour-Guide/32812085067.html?spm=a2g0v.10010108.1000013.1.6af93272wZNepk&traffic_analysisId=recommend_2088_1_90158_iswistore&scm=1007.13339.90158.0&pvid=c2912033-f8ba-43fc-b2af-a54f284b20f2&tpp=1 is it good enoght? Unfortunaly i can't use TrooperTalk app cause i got android phone. So, does i need something to sound cool like trooper? I chosed aliexpress cause it is cheapest whay fro me cause i am from small Europen country with economic crisis and pure salary)))))