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  1. Hey -- i'm following this build and curious what common mistake you're referring to. Just the fragility of that piece when carving it out? Anything I should avoid in particular?
  2. Thanks for your help! I really appreciate the visual - I'll be taking the same approach tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. And that's great feedback on the helmet. Just bought some helmet padding to fine-tune some how it sits on my head, but now that I have it in hand I'm not sure its right for what I have to do. I may also have to rethink how i'm balancing the electronics in there. Any tips on getting this to sit right?
  3. Thanks man! Means a lot coming from you. Still got a bit of fine tuning to take care of, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
  4. Thanks so much, - this is super helpful. Def going to take this approach.
  5. Hi all -- Did a first full suit up of my work-in-progress Anovos ANH Stunt. Shoutout to @ukswrath for the killer build thread. Having an issue -- the chestpiece is choking me out. It seems to slide up and into me, separating a bit from the ab piece. (please ignore the bucket strap, shoulder issue and protective plastic. yikes, and the bad job putting on gloves) Here's a view from the back. Aside from the wonky strap, you can see how the backplate rides so low that my neckseal sticks out. It also makes my helmet seem like its floating a bit more than it should.
  6. Thanks so much, this is great advice. Going to tackle some of this torso work tonight. In the meantime, quick question so I can multitask: did you use primer or sanding or anything before you plasti-dipped your bucket? I was about to start taping her up after removing all the Anovos rigging/eyes/screens, but figured i'd see if there was anything else I should do before that. I didn't see it mentioned in your build, but I could've missed it. TS
  7. Funny enough, i'm reading through your build right now. : ) Probably a good decision to wait though, so thank you. I've got everything rough cut at this point, and was going to start my assembling there (mostly because it seemed the easiest). Seems like you'd recommend doing torso first? Where should my first fitting cuts go?
  8. Following a couple great builds, but looking for clarity on properly sizing forearms. I've removed the lower return edges, and while wrist circumference is fine, the upper bit needs to come in a ton from the cut lines on the anovos kit. If I painters-tape it to fit properly my arm and draw a line tracing the rear butt connection overlap, can I cut diagonally on just one piece? If so, I fear I'll lose some of the shaping/symmetry. Is this normal? Thanks!
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