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  1. Thanks @illusionz_09. @Harder, the FX armor found a home where it will be displayed. I decided to go line officer (olive) for myself (thanks to all the IOC team who helped). I made our young one a foamtrooper costume so she can be like daddy. TBD when she'll wear the whole thing long enough for me to get some photos.
  2. Welcome Jason. I'm a n00b too, down in Florida. My daughter just turned 4 so similar age to your kids. She also likes lightsaber duels. Looking forward to seeing your build progress and very interested in the arduino laser tag blaster. Considered playing with raspberry pi but haven't found a good use for it to invest the time to learn it.
  3. E Komo Mai! My husband also ordered his ANH Stunt TK from Dave. We got to visit his workshop on Monday and it's neat to see the process. Looking forward to seeing your build progress. We're also reviewing all the info too, so appreciate how much there is to take in. Cheers!
  4. Hi, looking at ANH TK boots for wider feet. I see Crowprops has a sale going, and have read great things about Imperial Boots. Room for gel inserts seem smart to me, so would assume there's a need to size up for that with IB. Can anyone speak on the fit of custom Crowprops vs standard size Imperial Boots for wider feet?
  5. Thank you for the insights. Got the GML's info today so will reach out.
  6. I see the CRL for Legacy Female at: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Legacy_Trooper_Female I saw this KW Designs Legacy Female posted on OfferUp: https://offerup.co/JpJO64JFjcb I'm tiny at 5'3 130 lbs so a suit built for someone 5'8 and 165 lbs is too broad in the shoulders for me without major rework like Cricket has done. I'm interested in whether this is an approvable kit, and if it is whether it's worth pursuing. The back plate looks like the B version in the CRL. It's unclear if the pipe-like piece at the bottom is a thermal detonator or not. I recognize it would still need a helmet. There's some yellowing present on the chest and cod pieces. Has anyone tried this technique to reverse ABS aging? Seems like a scientifically sound approach, but one post doesn't make me a believer yet. https://www.instructables.com/Restoring-yellowed-Stormtrooper-armor/
  7. All, thanks for the feedback. I figured it'd shake out that way, so no hard feelings. The original goal was to get my husband, Harry, kitted out and that order has been placed. So still making headway.
  8. Can anyone comment on wearing this type of neck seal in hot weather? I can see this type of seal being handy in colder months and lean towards a fabric neck seal for summer time, appreciate any thoughts.
  9. Photos posted Took me a minute to figure out how to post from imgur, never used it before.
  10. Tip for posting from a mobile device because the imgur app won't give you a bbcode: 1. Start your post. When you're ready to add a photo, type followed by a single space. 2. Go to imgur and pull up the desired photo. Use the share button on the desired photo to get the link. 3. Return to your paste and delete the period the system inserted. Add a space between the img tag you created earlier and the photo link you're pasting in from imgur. It'll look something like this: https://i.imgur.com/12345S.jpg FWIW, the discussion board doesn't seem to recognize the link if you don't put the space between the link and the
  11. Apologies if this is not allowed in this section or if there's an error with how I added photos from imgur. Seeking feedback on whether it's worth trying to make this armor work for me or go back to the drawing board. I've identified some deviations from the CRL but feel TK HWT or ANH Hero would require the fewest edits. 1. Jennifer Weller 2. Future Florida Garrison, Tampa Bay Squad 3. Armor maker: unknown 4. Helmet maker: unknown 5. Cloth belt maker: n/a, this is a hard belt and needs canvas 6. Neck seal: home made 7. Boot maker: unknown 8. Interior straps: mix of elastic, velcro, snaps 9. Blaster maker: modified Hasbro for the E-11, unknown possibly homemade DLT-19 or T-21 10. Gasket maker: unknown 11. Height: 5'3 / 1.6 m 12. Weight: 130 lbs / 60 kg 13. TK Type: probably Heavyweight Trooper, possibly ANH Hero 14. Troopers who helped: justjoseph63 pointed me to the HWT Photos posted at:
  12. @justjoseph63 great eye. The Heavy Weapons Trooper CRL also explains the backpack, orange pauldron, absence of drop boxes and thermal detonator, and of course heavy weathering. I started reading Cricket's thread and especially like the diagrams. Living in a townhouse with a youngling makes a suit build or substantial mods a challenge, so TBD if we'll work on that suit for me or if I'll serve in a support role for Harry (aka Mr. Jennifer to @Harder) for a while. We're an easy drive to Dave's Darkside Depot, and we like his customer service and options so we're headed that route for Harry. @WhiteWalker, thank you for the warm welcome. I registered on the FL501st board and posted an intro, checked a few other posts. Just got my approval for the FB group. Didn't get the photos tonight, maybe later this week if I get off before 6.
  13. Thanks @giskard8, @boochamp, @gmrhodes13 and @T-Jay. I'll try to get the recommended photos after the kiddo is asleep, though may be a few more days before it gets to the pre-approval section.
  14. Hello, I'm a total n00b and appreciate your inputs. We love Star Wars but perhaps not as devoted or well versed as many in these forums. We've wanted to join the 501st for years to enjoy the charity work and socialization, but military assignments have made that tough until we found a group here in Tampa. Hubby and I enjoy history, so doing research is not a deal breaker. I'm 5'3, active military with limited sewing skills and time. Hubby is 5'10, a rock star military spouse who stays home with our pre-schooler and is reasonably handy but never worked with ABS. In military fashion, here's where I'm hoping the Detachment can help: (1) what sources would be good for hubby (28" thighs, 20" calves, 36-38" waist), (2) is it worth trying to make this kit work for me (or hubby) or does it make more sense to push it on to a new owner and go with my original plan of imperial comms officer for me. Additional thoughts and inputs are always appreciated. We acquired a second-hand set of armor from an area 501st member for my hubby, with a few minor issues I think we can resolve to meet 501st standards. He had another buyer lined up if our sale fell through, so we could connect with that buyer if it's a bust for us. Sizing is our chief concern--it was too small on his legs and big gaps on the torso; he never made it to the arm pieces, but I suspect they'd be too small for him. Attached photo shows the fit on me with zero adjustments. I think it's fine for the legs and arms, though my shorter torso may be a concern. Not sure how much of that I can fix by adjusting parts. The helmet is pretty comfortable with an adjustable hard hat-style harness, microphone w/voice amplifier, and twin fans in the hovi-mic positions. Visibility is good forward, but downward visibility is basically limited to tiny peeks through the mesh in the frown--I assume that's typical. It's got 6 teeth in the frown, and the hand guards are pentagonal, so I think this is for ANH Hero Stormtrooper, and those are the standards I checked against. The member we bought it from couldn't recall the make/mold, period is circa 2006 with modifications over time. Possible concerns I found aside from sizing: The posterior armor and kidney plate seem conjoined like ROTJ vs 2 pieces for ANH, with what looks like a possible score line between them. The abdomen armor is separate from the cod piece, which makes it very comfortable overall, but doesn't match the reference pictures on this site; you cannot tell with the way everything is joined. The belt is all hard plastic - both the front piece and the piece that wraps all the way around. I find this very comfortable and easy to work with, but all references seem to call for a canvas belt. We know the gloves are wrong, and it's missing drop boxes and the thermal detonator (he wore a backpack). I like the patina as it looks battle worn. Happy to upload additional photos if it helps better assess, particularly if you can advise on what to zoom in on.
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