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    I am a Saber Smith from www.ImperialRoyalarms.com
    I play drums and like to go to car shows with my 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV coupe, known as the lipstick edition. I love reptiles mostly Alligators and large snakes. I enjoy hanging out with my wife and my four kids! I play drums for church and I play guitar for childrens worship.
    I am an amputee that is currently working as an apprentice at the Boland Prosthetic clinic.


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  1. My step daughter whom I have raised since she was 4 has been living with her real father to try to reconsile their relationship. She has been part of the Star Wars community in the past and knows many 501st members from when I was a squad leader in GA. She my use some of the Star Wars channels to communicate with friends that she has. She has been missing since Thrursday! She may be in danger! She did run away with a guy named Tristen but they have been using adults by telling them that they are abused by their family and can't go home or they will be hurt. That is FAR from the truth but, thos
  2. Here is the first Stormtrooper helmet (he should do some research before he sells ) http://www.rebelscum.com/photo.asp?image=/features/stormhelmets/dp_standardstormtrooper.jpg&text=Don%20Post%20Standard%20Stormtrooper%20Helmet Look what I found though! The first C3P0 robot toy!! Should be worth millions since it was before Star Wars! How did they know?! Maybe it is time travel!!! Talk about getting a jump on the market!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/Early-Generation-1950s-Tin-Robot-Japan-Space-Toy-/260772237145?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb73c8f59
  3. Hmm, I would think that the lack of detail was just as Dash said. It just wasn't something that was import to them in programing. They had other things to dedicate memory too. Not sure that there is really that much of a difference when watching the movie pausing and zooming in on the TD. Most of the ones I could see really well look just like the ANH/ESB. I think this is a case once again of using what they had and slapping together things at the last minute. My thought would be as long as it is an accurate TD for any of the movies then it should be good since the lack of designing in the gam
  4. So, this is for all troopers such as Commanders, Black Hole and other specialty troopers?
  5. That is a great tutorial! Very fun! May have to do that one someday!
  6. Well, my first event as Squad Leader seems to have went very well! We all had a blast! We had a table set up though next time it would be better to have a normal table instead of a round one. My youngest daughter tested her new Jawa outfit and my middle daughter was wearing a friends TB. My son is the one with the red SW shuckss (Building a Mando) and my oldest daughter is the one taken it pictures (Dreams of being a Mando) My Wife was watching the table. Anywho, here are some pictures:
  7. Yeah!!!!!!!!! Did you see the little EI badge?!!! Very cool! Thanks everyone for your help and hard work in research! Very cool!
  8. Okay, my computer is back up and running so, here are the pictures of my shoulder straps at the right setting. I had them set to the second button in the first picture and that is very large so it was not fitting right. I have to tell you at first, I didn't really like the look of all the updates but they are quickly growing on me. And that is good because they are stuck on my armor! Also is a picture of the blaster. I decided not to use my Hasbro and went with the Smitty Blaster. I should have more pictures of the lightsaber Friday or Saturday. Hopefully this will get the EIB!!
  9. Yeah, that sound good I think. Especially like the "discouraged" as it should be something close to the game. Since the sabers in the game really are not very common sabers it is not a bad idea to allow but discourage the Luke ESB like you stated. Anywho, if you need any help with a tutorial, diagrams and parts list etc., let me know. I would be glad to pitch in.
  10. Well, I have to tell you from a Full time Sabersmiths point of view the Graflex saber and the Starkiller have so many differences that one could never pass for the other or even be in relation to. Of course the SK takes several designs from a Graflex but still is it's own saber. I would be afraid of say, dumbing it down too much for EIB status. So, I agree that for a base acceptance sure. But, into the EIB then it should be from the game. This saber is actually rather easy to make. I am looking into making a kit that you can by from me that you would be able to use with say a Force FX Lightsa
  11. I am using this Starkiller saber. This is the more common one that is associated with the game. The first Force Unleashed had the saber with the copper bands on it but the newer versions seem to leave out the bands so , I have gutted it, removed the bands, adding to the crystal chamber and turning it into an RGB saber and the sound will change when it is switched to red for a nice Sith sound font! Here are the images: As this is the common Starkiller saber and happens to be the sabers name I would say this is the saber for a TKC and the McQuarrie saber would be able to be used for ANH.
  12. Love the boot stuff! Now let me tell you where you can stick the boot!!! Well, according the standards for the TK Commander it says that the light saber must be per game reference. The McQuarrie saber is not a game model. That would be the Starkiller as in the screen shot reference pictures wouldn't it? To avoid this confusion I may just wait till my blaster is done and resubmit. Thanks y'all! Again, love the boot jokes! Oh, I have the shin for that leg if it needs to be seen for approval.
  13. Darn! I hooked the shoulder straps to the second setting! Makes it VERY large! I thought it all felt like it was sagging but my buddy taking the pictures said it looked great! Okay, I will get those here in a bit. The saber does not have a blade YET. Currently working on it to make it the first (that I know of) RGB Starkiller saber. I want to keep the holster as I will have the blaster and saber when trooping and for future shots but if I need to remove it for EIB status I will. Updates coming very soon!
  14. Ebay now has a thing that if something like this is going on and you contact them as the owner of this forum/club and let them know that you want sales of these items to be banned they will ban it and any future sales of FISD items and contact him letting him know that he is not allowed to sell that stuff anymore. Not cool what he is doing!
  15. The armor is produced by a maker called MC. It uses the GF molds, and isn't a recast. It's built in .90 gauge ABS The lenses are a dark green lens The Lightsaber is the silver/black version of the Starkiller saber as in the in game shots. (blaster is being redone and torn apart but, is a Hasbro with all modifications) Trim has been added as in the new game references Black ear markings have been added as well as the fifth button. Oh also did the drop boxes 2 shades lighter gray then the ear gray. The camera elongated some of the pictures for some reason so, my head and buck
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