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  1. Hi Brendan, I agree the under suit shirt is a bit baggy, I have another one on order that should look a lot better and not bunch up! Thanks for the support! Cheers!
  2. Thanks!!! Yes I agree, I think it unsnapped during adjustments for the approval photos. I will make sure it's correct for the next photos and when I'm trooping!
  3. Thanks T-Jay!!! It feels awesome! Now to start my E-11 build with your completion kit! Cheers!
  4. TK-14455 Requesting access, please. Outer Rim Garrison https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30361 Thanks!
  5. BUILD UPDATE: After 4 months of building my ANH Stunt TK, I finally suited up and took photos from my GML. My goal for my TK armor is to reach Centurion status with the FISD. Part / Status: Neck Seal - Adjusted neck seal as it was too big, re positioned velcro for tighter fit. Torso - Rivets to be painted white Right thigh - Rivets to be painted white Helmet - Repaint, align ear piece, fans to be installed, chin strap to be installed E-11 - Husky Travel Case - Interior padding with Star Wars material, 3D printe
  6. Thank you sir! I will make this modification tonight!
  7. BUILD UPDATE: This will be a big post! Thanks in advance for checking it out!! I have been hard at work for the good part of March trying to complete my build! Part / Status: TD - Complete Belt - Complete Shins - inner cover strips are cut, to be installed I found the shins to be one of the most challenging parts of the build. "Shin Gate" almost got me a few times LOL. It would have been impossible to complete these without a helper to measure a million times before I made the first cuts. I went with the elastic and hooks method fo
  8. Thanks!!! Yeah I was looking at the other day, I will be doing fixing that up very soon!
  9. Hi Jay! Yes I'm in BC! I live in Abbotsford! I'm hoping to join the Outer Rim Garrison soon!
  10. BUILD UPDATE: BACK PLATE, KIDNEY, POSTERIOR CHEST and AB My build has been heavily influenced by @ukswrath Anovos TK Stunt build. I decided to go the same route by installing the bracket system. I purchased a bracket system from Mr. No Stripes. I have tried to follow and use the same methods and materials as the movie armor where possible. I got carried away and unfortunately didn't take photos of the trimming and sanding process of the torso parts. I also, missed some "BLUE TAPE" fitment photos. After drilling the 7/64 mounting
  11. Hi Brendan! Thanks for the awesome feedback!! That's a great idea with the ABS in between the elastic, I think I will go that route when I use snaps. I feel your pain with trying to set snaps through plastic and thicker material, I have also broken quite a few snaps on other projects, I might just have a heavy hand with the hammer LOL. Haha, I think I should make him his own armor!
  12. Excellent! Thank you! That diagram is very helpful!
  13. QUESTION: PS Thanks in advance!! Any advice on how to connect the biceps and forearms with elastic? I have read that a 0.25" gap between the town parts is ideal. I will take some reference photos tonight to upload. If anyone has any reference photos, I would great appreciate it!
  14. Build Update: FOREARMS: Sized up my forearms for each side and blue taped together: Cut the cover strips, sanded, glued, clamped, magnetized, and hydrated : 24 hours later: Forearms Ready! LEVEL THREE REQUIREMENT - No return edge at wrist: Now to add the elastic between the biceps and forearms.
  15. Thanks for all the great comments and support everyone! Build Update: BICEPS Started construction of the biceps: trimming, sanding, and measuring cover strips Trimmed the cover strips and started to glue them together: magnets are great for this! I decided to glue both cover strips and biceps at the same time, had some help to align all parts. 24 Hour later.... I tried a test fitment and the piece sticking out at the top was digging into my armpit: I rounded the
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