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  1. Thanks Daetrin! That means a lot coming from you! We did build a specific stunt suit out of B grade pieces for those crazy antics. I would never ask anybody to do that to their actual kit haha.
  2. Thanks! We wrote the script back in February 2017. Then went to camera in September that same year after scraping the funds together and organizing all the people and parts that are needed to make a film. We filmed for 4 days initially, came back for a day of reshoots a couple of weeks later and eventually added the opening scene inside that spaceship in March 2018. The next 6 months were spent on creating the visual effects, which was almost exclusively done by my fellow garrison member SL-38405. The film was officially finished in June 2018 but we kept working on little improvements until the week before the online release.
  3. Thanks! It's really the only way to put on the bucket, and the idea of a pressure seal appealed to us, so our sound designer came up with this sound. He worked on Battlefront II so I guess you could say it's canon now?
  4. And here it is fellas: Snuck a little 501 reference in there
  5. Glad you're liking it! The film will be premiering on YouTube in one week. We've released a final trailer in the meantime: Luckily the main actor was my exact height and fit my own AP kit perfectly. Most of the featured TKs wore APs actually. Some ATAs are in there as well.
  6. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share the trailer for a fan film I've been working on for almost a year now with my fellow TKs from the Outer Rim Garrison. The film will be screening at DragonCon next weekend and will be available online in December. Hope you enjoy! EDIT: And here's the full film:
  7. Thank you very much for the approval and all the suggestions Sly, I'll get to work on those right away! Just checked out that mystery mark on my belt and it's just a smudge.
  8. Please consider my kit for EIB status. Name: Marco Bossow Legion ID: TK-62726 Forum Name: Atin Garrison: Outer Rim Garrison 501st Member Page: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=21341&costumeID=124 Height: 5'8" Weight: 150 Armor maker: AP Helmet maker: AP Blaster: Quest Design Canvas Belt: Robert Kittel Holster: Darman Hand Plates: AP Boots maker: Imperial Boots Neckseal: Own made
  9. TK-62726 from the Outer Rim Garrison requesting 501st access. Thanks! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21341
  10. The approval process went way faster than I anticipated. TK-62726 reporting for duty! I could not have done this alone, so a special shout out goes to Terry/Pandatrooper and Jay/CoasterTK from my garrison, as well as Gary, Kris, and Aaron who have helped me here. You guys rock!
  11. The tab system works great, thanks again for the brilliant suggestion! I've also put some padding into the ab pieces and it fits really well now. I've tweaked a lot of other things including the strap length for the dropboxes, the shoulder bell position and the chest to back bridges. I've also added velcro to my boots to keep the shins in place and padded the thighs to keep them from getting caught in the sniper knee plate. Below are my submission pictures that I just submitted a couple of hours ago. Thanks again for everyone who helped me out! You can see the rest here: http://s1305.photobucket.com/user/Atin1337/library/501st%20submission%20photos?sort=9&page=1 Next up are helmet electronics. I should have started with those a while ago but better late than never. Just ordered ukswrath's fan system and SHA. Tonight I'm going to install the Aker. Don't know yet whether the ICOMM is worth it for me, seeing that others are hard at work with apps that basically do the same thing.
  12. Oh my. I've seen these tab systems before but just now did I get what they're for. Penny -> Dropped I should have enough ABS left to implement that system. Perfect, I'll do that. If it's fine for basic I'll leave it alone for now. I was planning on cutting those out eventually so I'll do it once I have my TK number. How to solve all my issues in a single post by Gary. Cheers to you mate!
  13. Okay, here's a big progress update: Attached my ammo belt, just have to repaint those rivets: After that I put on all the pieces together for the first time to see how they sit: I have since dropped the thighs a little lower so they don't collide with the cod piece. As you can see my kidney plate is flaring out on one side, so I think I'll put in some foam to push out the ab plate more: Even with the belt pushing the two pieces together it doesn't look right: On the other side the butt plate is pushing up in a weird way so I'll make the elastic there a little longer: Here's my belt with the holster attached: Since the taking the full suit pictures, I've finally glued the remaining outer cover strips: There's more weird stuff going on with the AP legs on the back side. Does this need to be/can this be fixed? Finally gotten around to paint all my ab buttons. For some reason the top grey one turned out lighter compared to the others so I'll redo that: As for gluing them on, I feel like I have a little bit too much overlap on the button strip when holding it onto the ab plate. Or this fine?
  14. I'm currently trying to get both sides attached with E6000 just because I might want to switch the plate out at a later point. It cracked on one of the inner corners from my attempts to bend it. Don't know yet whether that is going to work cause there's so little surface area. I'm about to drill the holes for the ammo belt and just want to double check that the markings are correct. Here's my dry fit: And here are the hole markings:
  15. Perfect, thanks for finding this. Even if the crooked plate is acceptable, I know it's going to bother the s&%t out of me so I'll attempt the water bath.
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