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  1. TkDrew

    First full dress up ANH Stunt TK

    taking suggestions for closing the gaps of the shoulders please
  2. TkDrew

    First full dress up ANH Stunt TK

    i have made the adjustments to the biceps ..the thighs were not supported during the fotos but will be for future photos
  3. https://imgur.com/a/TDiUEf5
  4. TkDrew

    Let the build begin!!!

    Armor Masters
  5. TkDrew

    Let the build begin!!!

    I finally figured out how to post images on here and I will be posting more soon after last fitting this week
  6. TkDrew

    Let the build begin!!!

    First fitting ANH stunt TK
  7. https://imgur.com/a/fSXpX8W
  8. TkDrew

    Empire state newbie

    I'm currently in the process of gathering the remaining materials to complete the armor. After the fitting next week I will post the photos of the progress. I have been advised as to where to buy and where to avoid From the ECG members on FB so I can make sure I'm 100% on the up and up for approval. So far.... Boots , belt, gloves, neck, compression suit, and E-11 holster, Speaker system are at the house! and still awaiting the Blaster. I appreciate in advance any advice I receive. FYI I'm new to forums like this so I'm getting the hang of posting and adding fotos but i will be very active once i get the hang of things!!
  9. TkDrew

    My images

    Thanks that helped alot
  10. TkDrew

    Empire state newbie

  11. TkDrew

    My images

    I m having difficulties uploading fotos due to size what can I do to post?