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  1. If you can't wait for the RS reply, check trooperbay and amazon and ebay. Hobby stores and such usually carry 24" square sheets of styrene, abs, etc.
  2. That does not sound promising. Don't forget to file your nondelivery claim with paypal for your refund if the window has not closed.
  3. It's been at least six months out of stock. I'd love to hear any news too.
  4. Beautiful original ANH helmet and auction result. I've been noticing that a lot of the original ANH stripes appear lighter blue in more recent photos than in the movie. I realize they now are a bit yellowed and perhaps faded a bit over time, but a lot of the originals seem to have similar lighter blue stripe colors. And the RS Propmaster painting videos show that Si uses a light blue/grey Humbrol color as well. This auction listing has me wondering- should I reconsider Humbrol French Blue for my ANH stripes?
  5. Wow, nice detail work! Is Doopydoos selling again? And who made the stock?
  6. Thanks guys. Appreciate the tips. I registered for the restock alert a few weeks ago so fingers are crossed. And I’ll also be ordering a T-Jay completion kit after I receive a blaster.
  7. For a while now, I’ve been hoping the Doopydoos E11 kit would restock but hasn’t. I emailed them last week, but haven’t heard back yet. Are they still making them and perhaps just in a temporary covid lockdown?
  8. Wow, I love this replica. I can only hope to approach but probably never reach this final result when I get around to a blaster.
  9. Wow, this will be ridiculously helpful when I'm ready to build my blaster. Are there similar baseline "all-in-one" reference photo or build documents for ANH armor?
  10. Nice. Any way you can post the weights of your resin blaster and new rubber blaster?
  11. Congrats! Bookmarked, as I will start my build after the holidays. Best of luck.
  12. Congrats! I've been following this excellent thread and will refer to it for my own build eventually. Thanks for documenting everything so well.
  13. Nice build. I just found that I have the same incorrect screw placement problem with my RS detonator metal braces. When flat, what are the screen-accurate distances from end and between screw holes?
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