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  1. I found the gray, white and black paints because of this post; thanks! Having trouble with the blue. I look at Testors website and they don't have 2715 French Blue. I did find it with the same website as Model Master #4659 as acrylic. Thank you. https://www.testors.com/-/media/DigitalEncyclopedia/Documents/Testors/ColorCharts/RM280035_0914_TestorsPremiumPaints.ashx https://www.testors.com/product-catalog/testors-brands/model-master/acrylic-paint/bottles
  2. Just got my pair of IB shoes the other day. Agreed, they smell, look and feel nice. Is there something that can be added/used to help keep them clean/new? And what about after a day of trooping? I was in the military when black boots was the standard issue. No heel and toe shine with these white boots, but same idea: put on a coat of white boot/shoe polish? Thanks.
  3. Good info here!! Best Magnets size I can find on Amazon is 1.26 inch (32mm) x 1/8 inch (3.17mm). Will these work? Most of my shopping is from Amazon, because I'm in Alaska.
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