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  1. As you know, in many (if not most) cases there are always exceptions to the "norm", especially in OT armor (i.e. Mr. No Stripes). The teeth paint issue is one we have addressed for as long as I have been a D.O (almost 5 years) and since it is listed as a requirement for Basic approval we have to enforce it for EI. Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. Unlike the MEPD we don't choose a particular Trooper to copy for higher levels of approval, but rather the "ideal" look.
  2. Hi Dwight! Thanks so much for your patience, and awesome job on this armor! After looking things over we have one small item we need you to jump on before we can finish up your review, sir. As per the CRL for Basic approval: Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. As seen below, the paint on some of the teeth will need to be dialed back a bit to where it doesn't reach into the "gum" area. I call it the "Anovos overspray", and everyone (myself included) who has one of their buckets had the same exact issue. It should take you all of 10 minutes with some Q-tips, a toothpick and some (non acetone) paint remover, and I'm sure Justin will be happy to help if you need it! Reference images As soon as you get this done please post a few pics so that we can "move along", get that badge under your name and add another EI to the SCG!
  3. As Glen mentioned, the "ideal" ear position has the top (round) part centered right below the rear of the trap, and in a perfect world it should cover the faceplate/cap seam completely. Note in the references how the bottom screw lines up with the rear angle of the trap. Sometimes the top 2 line up with that line, sometimes they are just close, which is fine and dandy. We aren't looking for perfection by any means, but it's important that the bottom should be angled back.
  4. Just spoke with Dave... he is updating some items and will be posting up all his TK/TD accessories on here soon. Thanks. @Triple D!!!
  5. There really isn't a manual, as armor is fitted to each individual. The CRL (Costume Reference Library on the 501st site (link) will help, and I also have a breakdown with screen caps that will help explain a lot of the nuances required for all levels of approval.
  6. It may be tough to find someone right now with all that's going on, but you never know . Not to worry, though. The vast majority of us did our builds alone, even those with zero experience working with tools. That is why it's important to take..... your.... time, ask a million questions and post lots of photos. Consider your journey a marathon and not a sprint. I know you are (as we all were) eager to get out and troop, but rushing leads to mistakes. Trust me on that one. Have you registered there? Link
  7. It takes time and patience to build a set of armor, but there are literally hundreds of tutorials here (and us of course) that will make it easier. ATA makes an AWESOME kit, so you are on the right track. Some areas have "armor parties" to assist folks with their builds, but Covid has unfortunately put a hold on those in many places. Once you choose your armorer and order your kit, I would suggest looking at some of the build threads (link here) to give you an idea of what to prepare for. You should also start collecting the supplies you will need. I have a thread on that here, and I have some tutorials that will help under my avatar below. Once BBB day arrives, I HIGHLY recommend starting your own build thread. That way, you can ask all the questions you have as well as post up lots of photos (we LOVE photos) of your progress and any issues you may come across. To paraphrase a line from Home Depot- "You can do it, we can will help"
  8. I will be talking to him later this morning and get him on it.
  9. It will also help if you sign up and introduce yourself at the Carolina Garrison site (link here). There are always a ton of events up in NC to attend once you have your kit approved.
  10. If you are looking to join the 501st Legion and get it approved after completion (so you can get out and troop with others), I highly suggest using one of the vendors on that list. Yes, there are sellers on ebay and such, but most of those are just glorified Halloween costumes, nowhere near screen accurate and not approvable in most cases. Is this an inexpensive hobby? Not by a long shot, but you are definitely in the right place, though! There are other sites (FB, etc.) that discuss this subject, but we are "Stormtrooper Central"... the TRUE home of shiny white armor! With us, you have hundreds of folks who have been-there-done-that and are more than happy to answer any questions and offer solid advice from beginning to end, so never be shy about asking us about anything. It's what we do!
  11. Welcome, Andrew! When you say "discuss the kits" are you looking for an armorer/supplier? We have a list of vetted (tried and true) suppliers which can be found here. If you have any questions about a particular seller (or anything else for that matter) we are more than happy to help in any way we can, so ask away!
  12. OK, so Dave got right back to me and yes, he did take over from Shawn and does make both HWT and TD packs. You can email him at davesdarksidedepot@gmail.com for details. I can vouch for the high quality and top-notch customer service he provides.
  13. I believe Shawn sold sold his business to Dave (AM/Daves Darkside Depot). I just texted Dave to confirm this and ask if he now makes them and will let you know.
  14. Nice job, James! That looks as if it may be about as close as you can get, but that's up to you. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. I was looking at your bucket pics, and before you attach the lenses it will look much better if you even out the sides of the eyes a bit more. I wouldn't suggest a Dremel tool for this. A much easier method is to wrap some sandpaper (120 grit or so) around a pencil (or better yet a marker) and use it to sand down those areas. Should take about 10 minutes or so and will give you a much better look. Keep those pictures rolling in if you have any questions, especially before cutting or gluing.
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