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  1. Welcome aboard. Good luck with your build. Great excuse to do something special with your dad. Enjoy!
  2. Welcome back, and good luck with your build. I'll keep an eye on your thread.
  3. Welcome to the boards trooper. Good luck with your rogue one build. I’m sure you will do great. Good luck
  4. Does anyone know where I can find an imperial cadet bucket. My daughter loves rebels and wants ezras helmer as a cadet.
  5. Welcome to the boards. Where in florida are you located? As far as the original TKs, there are many many approved vendors. Work with your local squad to get any help you need. In the meantime feel free to check out all the vast information you have in this detachment forum. Good Luck trooper.
  6. Looking like a great build. After the minor updates that have been indicated, there should be no issue for approval. Good Luck and welcome to the ranks.
  7. Yup, what has been mentioned above. I would also say try to extend the gray on the frown to fully extend to all of the "teeth." try to not leave gaps. Other than that you should be well on your way bud! good luck.
  8. Welcome officially again but on the FISD!!!
  9. Welcome aboard! you have a great looking armor on its way. good luck on your build.
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