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  1. I have the same problem. I don't think it's browser related. 200 error means that the request to the page is successful, which is a bit weird.
  2. Good job I'm the Chewbacca in the St-Patrick's day parades !
  3. I tried, but I was unable to do all of them :-( I missed at least 4. But the new year starts well, already 2 activities done :-)
  4. I too love that picture ! They were hesitant to do it but I suggested to be seen only from the back an they agreed.
  5. Here is my year's recap One picture per event for 2015 !
  6. Reste un peu plus longtemps la prochaine fois, on est une bonne gang On accepte les rebelles !
  7. Oh, it's not a year recap, it's almost only for the last 3 months (oct-dec). But yeah, I should take the time to post some pictures from all the events of 2015 ...
  8. Here are some pictures from my recent troops : My wife with Chewie and our little Chewie : Me against Hulk : who will win ? Some of our ladies at the Québec comiccon (my wife on the left) : Some fun during our EMT (Epic Meal Time) day : First event in a subway station : At one (of many !) Episode 7 premiere : Montréal mini-comiccon : Some troopers playing troopers in Battlefront during our EMT day : Again on EMT day - Kyron Ren showing his face before the Ep. 7 premiere ??? Christmas parade in Blainville : I love this picture of me ! Me and my buddy Ronald : Sooo ... My Halloween costume, since it's impossible to work as a TK. I found another Leia in the building ! At Montréal comiccon : Group picture at Québec comiccon : Event for Melio foundation (helping little persons) : Chilling in a hotel : Getting to the hotel - I love that pic : Us playing mini golf - I was very good ! Me and my wife : Again, Episode 7 premiere, trying to sit down ... At the same premiere : TK having fun : Photoshoot for the newspaper "La presse" : And the Chewie I'm currently building. Four months in, I will finish it soon (I hope) :
  9. It was ... Impressive. Most impressive. Not sure if I prefer this or ESB. Only time will tell ...
  10. Bienvenue ! Nous avons quelques membres à Québec, d'ailleurs nous avons troopé au cinéma le 18 et 19 décembre dans ce coin-là Si personne ne t'a encore répondu contacte moi en privé. Welcome ! We have a couple of members in Québec, in fact we trooped there recently. Contact me in private if nobody already contacted you.
  11. You'll love the photoshoots we're currently doing for a newspaper here ! Stay tuned
  12. Take your time, young padawan... If you use temporary attachments, nothing proves that your permanent attachments will give you a good look. Why are you in such a hurry ? You're eager to wear your costume, we all understand that, but it's a waste of time, it will not be functional more than a couple of minutes. Take your time to do it right.
  13. Nice, des troupes fraîches pour la Forteresse Impériale L'année prochaine la marche de stormtrooper au comiccon va être écoeurante !
  14. A couple of months ago I was asked to be a stormtrooper in his work environment for GISHWES 2015. Since I work in IT it would have been a little boring, so I worked in a pharmacy for the time of the photoshoot Ready to work ! What the hell is written on this prescription !? Can't the sith lords write like normal people ? So sodium docusate it is ! I also had to be the cashier for a little time. Nothing better than put on a little bit of makeup after a long work day.
  15. Oups désolé je viens juste de voir ton message ! Un peu occupé ces temps-ci Lanaudière c'est pas mal dans mon coin Contacte moi (ou Tolo) en privé, on pourra en discuter.
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