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  1. I have the same problem. I don't think it's browser related. 200 error means that the request to the page is successful, which is a bit weird.
  2. Good job I'm the Chewbacca in the St-Patrick's day parades !
  3. I tried, but I was unable to do all of them :-( I missed at least 4. But the new year starts well, already 2 activities done :-)
  4. I too love that picture ! They were hesitant to do it but I suggested to be seen only from the back an they agreed.
  5. Here is my year's recap One picture per event for 2015 !
  6. Reste un peu plus longtemps la prochaine fois, on est une bonne gang On accepte les rebelles !
  7. Oh, it's not a year recap, it's almost only for the last 3 months (oct-dec). But yeah, I should take the time to post some pictures from all the events of 2015 ...
  8. Here are some pictures from my recent troops : My wife with Chewie and our little Chewie : Me against Hulk : who will win ? Some of our ladies at the Québec comiccon (my wife on the left) : Some fun during our EMT (Epic Meal Time) day : First event in a subway station : At one (of many !) Episode 7 premiere : Montréal mini-comiccon : Some troopers playing troopers in Battlefront during our EMT day : Again on EMT day - Kyron Ren showing his face before the Ep. 7 premiere ??? Christmas parade in Blainville : I love this picture of me ! Me and my buddy Ronald : Sooo ... My Halloween costume, since it's impossible to work as a TK. I found another Leia in the building ! At Montréal comiccon : Group picture at Québec comiccon : Event for Melio foundation (helping little persons) : Chilling in a hotel : Getting to the hotel - I love that pic : Us playing mini golf - I was very good ! Me and my wife : Again, Episode 7 premiere, trying to sit down ... At the same premiere : TK having fun : Photoshoot for the newspaper "La presse" : And the Chewie I'm currently building. Four months in, I will finish it soon (I hope) :
  9. It was ... Impressive. Most impressive. Not sure if I prefer this or ESB. Only time will tell ...
  10. You'll love the photoshoots we're currently doing for a newspaper here ! Stay tuned
  11. Take your time, young padawan... If you use temporary attachments, nothing proves that your permanent attachments will give you a good look. Why are you in such a hurry ? You're eager to wear your costume, we all understand that, but it's a waste of time, it will not be functional more than a couple of minutes. Take your time to do it right.
  12. Nice, des troupes fraîches pour la Forteresse Impériale L'année prochaine la marche de stormtrooper au comiccon va être écoeurante !
  13. A couple of months ago I was asked to be a stormtrooper in his work environment for GISHWES 2015. Since I work in IT it would have been a little boring, so I worked in a pharmacy for the time of the photoshoot Ready to work ! What the hell is written on this prescription !? Can't the sith lords write like normal people ? So sodium docusate it is ! I also had to be the cashier for a little time. Nothing better than put on a little bit of makeup after a long work day.
  14. Oups désolé je viens juste de voir ton message ! Un peu occupé ces temps-ci Lanaudière c'est pas mal dans mon coin Contacte moi (ou Tolo) en privé, on pourra en discuter.
  15. It's not hard at all, but since you never did that before you will be afraid at almost all steps of the build. At the end you will see that this fear was not justified :-) If you read a lot from here it will be very hard to make an unforgiving mistake. It is long of course (damn E6000 and it's drying time!) but not hard, even if you go for centurion (which I hope!).
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