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  1. Hello Christoph, thanks for offering me your help, I will surely come back to it. Nice to know that there are others hanging around close to where I live.
  2. Thank you for the friendly welcome, I will take your advice on board and continue with my research in this forum, especially the Getting Started Section. Im actually not that far away from Rosenheim, I live near Traunstein which is about 50 kilometers east of Rosenheim.
  3. Hello everyone, after searching the forum for several weeks and snapping up information, I have now decided to create my own account. About me: My name is Andreas, I come from Germany and live in the south of Bavaria. I've wanted to be a member of the 501st for a long time and I hope to be soon. I recently ordered a stormtrooper suit from RS Prop Masters - fully finished commission because I have two left hands and I'm a little unsure whether I can make a proper suit myself - and am now waiting for the delivery. Greetings from Bavaria Andreas
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