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  1. What’s the relationship between gauge and mm thickness? Like what’s .08 and .09 gauge in terms of mm? Sorry for my ignorance..lol. I did try a quick google search.....
  2. Nice to meet you Rat! We haven't quite decided where in Oregon we're moving, but I'm thinking Eugene area. Probably near Harrisburg. It would be my honor to join the garrison! Ive been looking at the Cloud City Garrison forum in the meantime. I wasn't sure if I should make an account on there, or if the site guidelines would require me to have an approved armor set. Figured I would wait till I get a set. I also plan on getting a Mando set at some point. I'm aware that this is a very expensive hobby lol, so I might get the Mando set first.
  3. Ahh the spreadsheet is great!! It will be great to download and use. Would it be possible to add pictures to them as well?
  4. So I apologize if this video has been posted already or if it doesn't add to anything on the topic since its relatively old, but I found this close up video of the ROTK suit i believe was used on set. I know the CRLs are already posted, but I was wondering if anyone could add to them with the help of this. Resolution is pretty bad and the person recording it is a little shaky and doesn't focus on a lot of areas for more than a split second.
  5. I did indeed see this haha. Ive been on this forum for the past couple weeks, without an account, gathering all this information and reading about other peoples builds and what not, until I decided to finally make an account so I could participate in the discussion and post about my build (whenever the time finally comes). Sadly, I think it may still be awhile till I begin on one... :/ I live over near York/Lancaster, PA for the time being. I also lived in Somerset County, PA. It sure is a beautiful state! haha. I expect to be moving to Oregon in a few months though.
  6. I think I might, I just didn't necessarily want to have a bunch of accounts on a bunch of different forums haha. My original plan was to just work on obtaining and building a Stormtrooper suit, but I slowly decided I would like a Bounty Hunter or Mandolorian suit as well, so I suppose I should just make an account on those forums as well.
  7. By the way, did I post this in the right section? I didnt realize it was in the 'Getting Started..' topic. I thought I posted it as a new topic.
  8. Great information guys! Thanks so much. How did all of you come into this information if you don't mind me asking? Interviews, behind the scenes videos, personally talking with workers on the movie, etc? That stuff interests me so much - Ive been on a major kick lately watching all the behind the scenes stuff on all the movies and looking at interviews. Is there any information on what material was used on Fett's 'set' used armors or the promo suits used before ESB was released like the infamous white Fett? I realize with this being a Stormtrooper forum, my
  9. So first and foremost, Id like to introduce myself. My name is Trever and this is my first post and profile on this, or any forum site. Hello! As many fans, I was obsessed with stormtroopers and how they came to be, what it would be like to wear a suit, and eventually after learning of a whole community of people (501st and here), wanted to one day own one. Sadly, my day has not come yet. It will though! Haha. Anyways, during many hours of research on everything Stormtrooper, I came to think of what material did the fabricators of the Stormtrooper Armor use on set? I've done some
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