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  1. Okay, I promised some pictures so here goes: I made some screen captures of the whole TLJ suit version assembled. The changes to the TFA suit seem minimalistic, but they are present: The most obvious would be the helmet of course. The more subtle changes were made to the Bicep (overlapping, rounded edge), the forearm Picatiny-style rail (Torx-screw), the Codpiece (more narrow and slight ridges visible), the Thighs (overlapping, rounded edge), the Thermal Pack (cylinder length and color scheme). Just have a look at it and let me know what you think.
  2. I always appreciate feedback The recesses are there to make it easier to glue the boxes on in the right places.
  3. I know, that is why I updated the files. You have full control over the the gap now, since the boxes are seperate.
  4. And while the kids are sleeping... I'm actually getting some work done! - I fixed the meshes - seperated the individual boxes - made matching indentations for the boxes to be glued onto the abdominal section after post processing Not long now until this is downloadable!
  5. No, those usually mess up the mesh even more... It's not a hard fix to do by myself and I can make it easier to print in one go. The abdominal boxes have not merged with the abdominal armor as they should have. I'll be done with that today. I'd rather do it myself and have full control over the outcome
  6. Okay, just to let you guys know: I am reviewing the individual files for maximum printability and I ran into an issue on the Abdominal Section. Some meshes were colliding, causing gaps and holes in some slicing programs. I use Cura, Ideamaker and Simplify3D. While Cura usually handles those issues really well and forgives some mesh defects (like overlapping volumes), Ideamaker and S3D are not as forgiving. While I'm on it, I will make the abdominal boxes separate. That way it is easier to print and post process. I saw that the updated CRL features those as well (finally)... Hang on, I will give an update with pictures soon.
  7. Okay, holy **** I haven't been on here for a WHILE and my inbox was full with questions about this armor thread. Truth is, i did finish the model and somebody who wanted to make vacuum form molds of the armor wanted me to model it exclusively for him. I agreed on that since he "hired" me. After that the guy did not hold up his end of the deal and the whole project got so frustrating to deal with, that i stepped away from it. Until then I had modeled the TFA as well as the TLJ options of the armor in close contact to some people from the 501st to give feedback for the models and keep them as accurate as possible. I was contacted by someone on this forum through my FB profile and we talked about the possibility to make the files available. I am currently going through my files to make them easy to understand for anyone who will be printing the for themselves. I will set up a digital download through my etsy page (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Die3DSchmiede). I have made a mold for the TLJ helmet but haven't sold anything for a while because I was busy elsewhere. To anyone who tried to contact me: I am sorry for not getting back to you. And if you are still looking for this armor file, this is your chance to get on board.
  8. Thanks! I just used a Hotglue-Gun to do it. I pressed the tip in slowly, so the material melted away to the outside due to the konical shape of the hotglue-gun.
  9. Hey guys, I have finished one of my helmets as a birthday present for a good friend of mine. He requested severe battle damage... so i went a little crazy... On closer inspection, the snout would have needed more sanding before painting it. But time was running out.
  10. Over Christmas and New Years I've been busy with family stuff and friends. I did manage to squeeze in some printing and post processing time though. On the left is the first test print that I've made of the helmet. On the right is the updated version in ABS. You can see the registration shape for the "Nose" pretty well here. Don't judge me for not sanding the welding marks the nose will cover them up anyways.
  11. Thank you guys! I have finished printing the helmet in ABS. I am doing the cold vapor treatment at the moment. I'll post some pics when it is done
  12. I modeled a lot of stuff now and I know how much of a pain it is by only going after reference pictures. I have recently finished the young Boba helmet from the animated series and that took me about a week. As for your idea about the yoke being an extra inner chest plate... that is actually not a bad idea. It would add stability as well. I might do that.
  13. Alright, updated the first Post with all the pics I intended to put in there. Now here are the pictures of the first test print, showing the hexagonal printed part fitting in on the helmet. Please note, that the "Nose" part is not yet attached to the Helmet.
  14. Am I missing something here? I am just going to print the file and post process the printed parts (sanding, painting etc.) to make them wearable. No molding and casting required. Yes, a lot of the painstaking work was sidestepped, I agree. But having a good reference model, even with textures only goes so far. Creating a high poly 3d printable model with all the details (especially the helmet) was a long process that took quite some effort.
  15. I'm using an Ultimaker 2, so print bed is around 210x210x210mm. I'm not going to share the files publicly, but you can always send me a PM about it.
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