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  1. Welcome aboard, you will find some great info here
  2. That is an old way of doing them, it is better to glue the shim to the kidney plate, then add a filler piece so it meets with the outer section then add ABS paste, sand and polish. You can get basic approval and L2 approval with a seam showing but has to be filled for L3
  3. Great work and very impressive building skills. If I was to pick I would suggest sizing down the chest plate a little, it is a tad on the large size
  4. I use a few different sizes, those you mention will work, max width I have is 1", depending on width and thickness can change how much pressure/pulling power the magnets have. Quite cheap on eBay and Aliexpress, as most that comes from overseas shipping does take some time though.
  5. Great work trooper and a nice clean application, a couple of suggestions if I may to really take you to the next level. Your right drop box elastic is a little longer on the right side than left You have quite a lot of shoulder strap showing on the rear, you could adjust the front straps to 1 large tab and 4 to 5 smaller tabs. Also note the elastic in the reference image goes around the backplate, not just the elastic. Shoulder elastic is being pulled outwards, doubling the elastic can help this Bottom ear screw head is on a slant,
  6. Nice work, if you use a block of wood with some sandpaper wrapped around you can sand the pieces straight so they meet a little better, at the moment they are a little jagged.
  7. Sorry to hear you have been unwell, I can definitely relate to that and becoming discouraged, just try small bits at a time, they all add up in the end.
  8. Just watch your gaps between the end caps and control panel, looks a little wide
  9. I think you will find your cod needs to come up more, you shouldn't have to trim the thighs at this stage. Also run an elastic strap between the cod and butt plate, will help stop the butt plate flaring backwards.
  10. Most just had the black appearance on the rim, but during filming some black was rubbed of as you seen in different scenes. The inside of the hovi's should be black with a white nipple. Black inner walls clearly evident below. From Joseph our DL I have no issue if the interior sides are not painted white, but the rear "nipple" should be white, as should the rim (at least a little). I also see no problem with the screen being painted black.
  11. There where quite a few differences with the Mandalorian bikerscout hence the need for a new CRL. A good question for you @Sly11
  12. Looks like you may have overdone the trimming of your larger ab plate, should be ok for basic but will be picked for higher levels. Two work arounds is either get a new one from the supplier, or glue a piece of ABS behind and fill the join seam with ABS paste. The velcro on the shims won't stay completely flat and you will end up with a gap because of the thickness of the velcro.
  13. Added mesh definitely helps keep you a little cooler, I have an intergraded set for my Sithtrooper and find it easy to wear compared to a separate undersuit and gaskets on armor with my FOTK
  14. Yes I have that on one of my helmets, just depends on the rubber, the shape of the lip and also how tight the rubber is (length, having too much pressure)
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