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  1. Quite a few references around of the TFA "Finn" mod, albeit seen on some "stunts" too Comparisons TLJ being more angular
  2. 1. That is really up to firstly your GML (garrison membership liaison) for the basic approval then it's up to the DO's (deployment officers) for L2 and L3 approval, HWT's normally have a small amount of weathering so they will need to decide what is maximum allowable. 2. Remnant trooper, do you mean from The Mandalorian? If so that is a different version of Stormtrooper based of Rogue One armor and your armor is based of ANH (although some additional background troopers did use ANH armor for the show). As to new costumes without a CRL here is some info: New to the Legion Costumes (NTTL) Whenever you begin work on a “New to the Legion” costume, it is always best to connect with the Legion Membership Officer and relevant Detachment before proceeding. It is recommended that a “New to the Legion” costume is not kept a secret. One of the best ways to receive feedback on a “New to the Legion” costume is to make an account with the relevant detachment forum, and solicit feedback from the membership base. An ongoing and regularly updated info-page, New to the Legion Costumes in Progress is kept, listing out costumes with links to their designated Detachments. Effective January 2016, the 501st Legion requires that all “New to the Legion” costumes must have a CRL before being approved in the database. A “New to the Legion Costume” is a costume that has no CRL. Below are the steps for a “New to the Legion” costume and how it is added to the membership database. Contact LMO@501st.com and ensure the costume is applicable for inclusion into the 501st Legion. Please provide the following information: Name (and TKID if applicable ) Name of costume Media this character (in this exact costume) is seen in Links to reference If contact with a detachment has already been made, and links to any WIPs The GML and/or costumer will be guided to the appropriate Detachment where CRL development will then occur. Once CRL development is complete, the costume will be entered into the Membership database, announced, and then the costume may be approved on current and prospective members. Notes to Keep in Mind Typically as much time will be spent researching and looking at reference sources as it will take to make / assemble the costume. Ideally, there are clear full body pictures of the front, side, and back. When in doubt, email and ask LMO@501st.com, providing all reference for the character in question. Understand that a CRL undergoes many revisions by many people before publishing and that it is possible that there are multiple people working on the same costume at the same time. There are no guidelines on creating a new costume aside from reference material, and a costumer may be asked to change things multiple times. Understand that a CRL is not intended to be a detailed how-to on costume construction; rather it is a visual guide to be used for 501st costume approval. Detailed instructions, designs, and specific measurements are to be recorded within the detachment forum’s WIP documentation. The costume will not be approved in the Membership Database until all of the steps to create the CRL are completed. The wait period from completion of costume to approval can be lengthy. Pictures of the costume being worn, as well as costume parts may be requested. The first completed costume is not always the CRL model. Sometimes multiple applicants images are used to complete a CRL. Images should be captured against a simple, contrasting background, at high resolution, with good lighting. The Detachment and/or LMO may ask for assistance in writing the text of the CRL, but this is not always the case. Before any CRL goes live, it will be reviewed, edited, and approved by the LMO Team. Once approved, the new costume will be added to the membership database, and the CRL published on the wiki (Databank).
  3. I prefer the overlap look, I used enough overlap for a piece of Velcro to run along. Coming along nicely
  4. Why you shouldn't run in armor, even the professionals occasionally take a fall Thank you @kimg737 and Mike Farnham FB group Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge for the re-post
  5. I edited your post and used the share links, appears to work for me, perhaps as I'm using computer!
  6. My last case was a 78cm and fits everything in except the helmet which is a carry on. I did go for a hard case too for some extra strength, even then I ended up with a small crack in the back plate, but took some spares so added a little glue and ABS paste behind the crack. Baggage handlers do not have the softest of touches
  7. Great news on approval, if you have been issued your 501st numbers you can request higher access here just post a link to your legion profile
  8. Are you embedding the link or just copy and pasting in the "share" link, I find there are no issues using the "share" link
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