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  1. New Recruits New Member Introductions Page 269 complete gmrhodes13 Page 268 complete gmrhodes13 Page 267 complete gmrhodes13 Page 266 complete gmrhodes13 Page 265 complete gmrhodes13 Page 264 complete gmrhodes13 Page 263 complete gmrhodes13 Page 262 complete gmrhodes13 Page 261 complete gmrhodes13 Page 260 complete gmrhodes13
  2. Legion command issue the TKID's once your GML sends in the paperwork so it could be an issue there, but no harm contacting your GML to check that everything was completed at their end Hope to see you with numbers soon.
  3. Getting to the exciting stage, I hate prep work
  4. Hi there I presume you sent your application through your GML (garrison membership liaison) of the UKG, they have a little different approach to the approval process compared to other garrisons, it can take a little longer for the process to be completed. If concerned check in with your GML phil.riches@ukgarrison.co.uk or wez.burns@ukgarrison.co.uk or through the UKG garrison.
  5. Correct, its just the same grey, same as the TD
  6. Most wouldn't even notice a difference there once it's painted, if you are really concerned you could check with your GML (garrison membership liaison) first just to get their opinion. As a GML I would let it pass for basic approval.
  7. Had a member tell me today they ran some super glue along the edge and that did the trick for them
  8. Good luck with approval, although I doubt you'll need it
  9. I just used some cheap furniture foam, yellow type, it's not too hard and not too soft, allows for some flex/movement
  10. New Recruits New Member Introductions Page 279 complete gmrhodes13 Page 278 complete gmrhodes13 Page 277 complete gmrhodes13 Page 276 complete gmrhodes13 Page 275 complete gmrhodes13 Page 274 complete gmrhodes13 Page 273 complete gmrhodes13 Page 272 complete gmrhodes13 Page 271 complete gmrhodes13 Page 270 complete gmrhodes13
  11. You generally don't use velcro there they are just glued together. You want them to fit your arms without being too loose or too tight, I actually have some foam inside mine as if I trimmed them to match my skinny arms they would have looked too small.
  12. Nice work trooper, looked like a great event and good to see you helping a fellow trooper out, just don't let his dirt rub off on you
  13. Congrats trooper reaching 25 troops, you can request a higher field exercise award here
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