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  1. Just make sure you practice, there is a very minimal time between soft plastic to molten mess, definitely try on a lot of scraps before proceeding with armor pieces
  2. No problems mate always worth asking. Sorry you have been waiting so long, Anovos has dropped the ball massively and it's just a shame how many are still waiting. If you want to have a look at what they have so far for the CRL head here https://forum.specops501st.com/forum/171-first-order-sith-trooper/
  3. Could use anything for strengthening, strip of plastic, abs paste, 2pack epoxy glue, resin and mat, JB weld, really what every you have handy. Any cracks you really want to get a hold on as soon as you can as they can split further with any pressure and movement.
  4. No Spec Ops are still working on it, they had a couple of projects to get done over the last few weeks so there has been another delay, I have been assured that they will be completing very soon
  5. I had a lot of success with split using gorilla super glue gel and a kicker spray, once that spray gets in it welds like metal.
  6. Appears they have better luck supplying sewn costume pieces than hard armor
  7. Shipping will no doubt be taking longer with all the disruptions around the globe, hopefully you'll start seeing parcels soon.
  8. I find etsy hit an miss at times, I always try to do a little more research, see if they are also listed on a forum, web page, facebook and such, the more places you find someone the less chance they can disappear easily, not always works but can help
  9. Great news, nothing better than BBB's, good luck with the build, when in doubt head to the gallery section, lots of great references there
  10. Hello and welcome aboard, as Joseph mentioned there are lots of builds for those on the lower edge of the scale so have a good read through, good luck
  11. A tip to get your black lines nice and clean is to go over with a black permanent marker, a bit easier to control than a brush at times
  12. They can be a little narrow, I went 1/2 a size up and they fitted great but most seem to go 1 full size.
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