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  1. Sorry only one coffee this morning, should have been this reference
  2. Hello and welcome aboard you will find a lot of build thread for the heightwardly challenged
  3. Hello and welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing your build thread soon
  4. A nice thread showing the forearms, top and base
  5. A great thread on posting images using Imgur can be found here
  6. Hello and welcome aboard, research is the key so you have a bit of reading in front of you, good luck and hope to see a build thread from you soon
  7. Hello and welcome aboard, research is the key with this hobby, good luck and hope to see some BBB photos soon
  8. That is very weird with the glue not holding, this stuff normally would support an elephant, I know there was talk of some knock off branded E6000 around which had was of a lesser quality. I am also wondering about the age of the glue, I had a tube I kept forgetting to use and over time it went a little opaque and was not as strong as other tubes I have used. A thread on the issues of E6000 https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/49246-e6000-original-vs-fake/ Some web info on knock off branded E6000 https://www.e6000.com.au/e6000-blog/did-i-buy-genuine Coming along nicely.
  9. Very nice, I've been using the magnet closure for years and works great
  10. I think you will find that thread had been archived once the First Order Battle Group section was created and superseded by
  11. I've used mine for air travel but it's just a bit too big for transport to some of our smaller troops and for up stairs so I use a suit case and helmet bag most of the time.
  12. I find that with a lot of 3D parts not having the strength. A fellow member who printed a few DLT19's ended up hollowing the barrel in places and using a clear acrylic tube inside just to help with strength, but wasn't cheap.
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