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  1. gmrhodes13

    Always a Star Wars fan!!

    Hello and welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing the BBB unpacking and progress on your build thread, good luck
  2. gmrhodes13

    Sev's Build Thread TI-80807

    Looking forward to the progress, good luck
  3. Very nice work, it's really hard to get a perfect finish especially when you are masking curves but it's come out a treat and it's more you notice than the public will, great work.
  4. gmrhodes13

    TK-42775 Shadowtrooper Re-build and Size down

    Looking forward to the progress, good luck with the build
  5. Ideally it should follow the contour of the shin behind But looks like it can't go any higher
  6. gmrhodes13

    Sev's Build Thread TI-80807

    Posting directly in to your thread is a better way to go, like Frank mentioned Imgur is a great free online host to use, can just select copy the image from Imgur then directly paste into your thread.
  7. gmrhodes13

    FOTK CRL update March 2019

    flush (flʌʃ) adj (usually postpositive) 1. level or even with another surface 2. directly adjacent Abdomen Section The abdomen section must wrap around the wearer's body without a visible seam. The abdomen has 7 boxes attached that matches the order and placement shown and sit flush against the armor. The large box has a small black recessed square to on the lower left to the wearer. The second box to the right of the wearer has a small black recessed rectangle near the top. L2 The abdomen boxes should sit flush/hard up against the armor with little gap
  8. gmrhodes13

    A.J.'s O.F. AM 2.0 Build

    Most of us find we need a few tweaks after our first couple of troops, a few adjustment, a little or trimming in places to stop those armor bites but once you're done it's a please to have made those and get out there and troop some more
  9. Good luck with the Rustoleum I had issues with it in the past being blotchy so changed to automotive acrylic paint, dried a lot quicker and seems a little more solid. The black for Executioner is a matte black which does pick up oil from fingers so try to use soft gloves when handling, some apply a matte clear finish which does help keep the matte from getting blemishes, also I clear coated the helmet before applying the matte black.
  10. gmrhodes13

    TK 30005 reporting for duty!!!

    Congratulations on your first troop, one of many more to come. Fan's won't last long on 9Vs, I converted to a 4 x AA pack and use one for each fan and separate switches, I find you can just use one fan at a time and keep the second as a backup, normally last all through a weekend convention. NOTE* if you post as a separate troop report in Field Exercises section your troops may get included in the monthly newsletter
  11. gmrhodes13

    Simes' ANH TK Build

    Nice work, you could define the vocoder a little more, there is a bit of paint outside the mold lines Also you may need to remove a little paint form the teeth, should not be extending on to the gums: Frown is painted grey and does not leave the teeth area. I find the best tool to use to remove paint are toothpicks, get into the corners and fine lines really nicely and easy when paint is relatively new.
  12. gmrhodes13

    CRL Ranting

    CRL's are always evolving TFA and TLJ are ones on the list for changes BUT there has been a backlog from other CRL's which should have been updated. by now so they are a little bogged down. You'd be surprised what some can pick up with not even having a particular costume for a CRL, it really depends on how much research they do. Others don't seem to want to provide images for what ever reason until it suits them, this is seen on a lot of occasions even with 40 year old references. TKC went under review last year and was open to comment and suggestions, as was ANH and ROTJ but all takes time. Wrong. you can take it up with the LMO team if you believe there is something wrong in the CRL, they have to power to over rule your GML and GCO you just need to provide screen evidence
  13. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the EI ranks
  14. gmrhodes13

    How do you wear your S-trim?

    Seems to be that way, luckily I have mine the same, it doesn't sit as well with the flat side out.
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