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  1. Oh I had no idea they changed the Troopers helm for the new Ep. I just saw this for their Shoretrooper..finally https://www.anovos.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/rogue-one-a-star-wars-story-imperial-shoretrooper-armor-kit
  2. So awesome...will help so much Also awesome you went with the POP Figure to get the color...I was going to go the same way Once it comes down to the full body armor..i'll have to see if I want that blue we see on some armor or not Thanks again for this guide.
  3. Awesome pic Really looking to get this set by the time Celebration comes around next year. Just ordered the Helmet from BackStage Props last night..so super stoked on getting that in and pretty sure I'll go with them for the armor after talking with Mr Paul on here about his build and paint job on the helmet.
  4. Thanks for this Thread. As I begin to build my first Armor set, this will totally help
  5. Well I ordered the kit minus Helmet since I already had it. Cool to see that is shipping is far to crazy I can get a refund.
  6. Thank you and everyone else for the warm welcome. Also, thanks for this information. I will totally look into being able to attend the Armor Party.
  7. Hi everybody, I'm Lando and have been an Empire Fan since I was a kid. I'm really stoked about doing this and am currently working on my first Stormtrooper armor ( ANOVOS kit). Any pointers/tips are greatly appreciated as I work towards getting into the local 501st Garrison.
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