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  1. Got all the new files and starting back up with the new bucket. The rest will come slowly as I get busier with the holidays coming up Printing the rest of the helmet dealies in resin.
  2. Well, doing a pause on this build as the file maker is updating the files for far better accuracy. The updated helmet looks far more correct as to what's seen in the show So awesome he's doing these updates
  3. The gap is due to me just putting tape between the front and back with no one to help me line them up. The arm opening are big but that's due to that chest not being able to move back in an angle. I'm printing another chest piece right now where I manged to angle the top of the chest back, but will see how it goes. Also the tape really doesn't help keeping it in place on me
  4. So I put the chest together and it seems to look good...but there is what I think a massive gap between it and my chest. If i angle it in more towards me then I open the bottom more and that side connection to the back will angle as well. I could try a heat gun to bend the top section back but that might just mess it all up. I'll toy with Free Form Deformation and see if that helps any. Yet, that can be tricky as well. Let's see what I can do Back later with the update.
  5. Chest pieces printed out today...So will see how this all fits out tomorrow Fingers totally crossed that I measured this right after making that change to the ab section
  6. Thanks...it's getting there. Just reprinted the abdominal section adding 1/2" to it length for a snug but comfy fit. So basically no more donuts for a bit Also reprinting the up left section of the back area, and starting the chest tonight once home from work. This works out then I think the rest would be easier. Yet, not starting the legs until the file maker gets back to me with the new updates.
  7. Totally had to use a bungee chord to check these out. So here's the back and ab sections so far. I have to lengthen the ab section by half an inch to make it a bit more comfortable. Am looking to adjust that underarm section since that curve right now doesn't let me put my arm straight down if I can. The work goes on
  8. Oh man that's pretty cool and totally helpful!
  9. Well, the updated Ab section came out good but I then noticed upon doing a fit test that I didn't lengthen the piece enough, even going off what armorsmith said. I did a reprint and it seems to have worked out this time to properly meet the back section. Had a small heat issue/clog while printing one section but easily fixable once the resin coating/filler/primer are on. Now to print the upper back section. Hope this next print works out
  10. Oh that's rad looking! Makes it way easier to get in those. I'll probably go with magnets or at least see how those work
  11. Yeah...totally bigger looking. Why I do the test strips for the sections...sonif to small or big I can make the adjustments. Hi, and thanks. Yeah this will be an interesting build. I hope to be able to go for approval once done. Yet, build first then focus on that. Luckily the file make is more than happy to help with future adjustments if needed.
  12. Got a newer update for the abdominal section since the original had an issue. Now back in Amorsmith seeing how things fit. Now the only issue I have with the program is that other builder have told me NOT to make a part completely cover a body section with a piece of a kit; saying that it will print far too large. Telling me that I should allow some of the avatar to show through. So back to printing fit strips for the sections and see how this goes. Now to print the Ab section again. That part is always the key to all the other parts. If it comes out great I'll post the updated print
  13. Well, a super big thanks to Gmrhodes13 for providing the file maker with information to help update the armor file for better accuracy. Also to Mcflyprint for being totally down with making any necessary adjustments. His files just getting cooler and cooler. So after going over the new files its time to put two of my four printers are back to work. Did a test print strip on the ab section after tinkering with it on Armorsmith, and all seems good. I guess I'll have to see what the morning brings. https://imgur.com/u0EgOi5gur](https://imgur.com/TkXRQsZ) I totally hope this project comes outs as cool as I'm imaging it
  14. That's cool man, and thanks. Yeah I had seen the difference in the photos and was wondering about the file. The angle of the belt also had me thinking. Cool you reached out to him. I always talk to him through Instagram DM. So I'll send him that pic of the sides. Yet if there's other information and he doesn't get back to you let me know. I had sent him the pic of my test fit and he's offered to make any adjustments to his file since he's wanting to make his pretty spot on.
  15. Hi all...my first time majorly posting on here (hope I got it right) but wanted to share my project. I think we've all seen them on screen and I know thoughts about their look are mixed, but to me the TK seen in the episode looked pretty rad. So since I print a lot of helmets for myself I bought a print file from mcflyprint3d and got to work. It was a pretty fun project and came out better than I expected. I'm now in the process of working on the armor file provided by mcflyprint3d. I've also printed out the animated version of the DC-15S from Galactic Armory that we see them using in the episode. This is my first time trying to print/build an entire kit...I''ll be sharing my progress as it comes along, and welcome any feedback. From start to finish To the finished product Currently on the printers Totally hope this works out.
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