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  1. How is this going? I'm acquiring a Jimi R1 kit soon and will be building mine up. Looking for others to check out and follow!
  2. Hey Juno I hope the Covid hasn't beaten you down and you're hard at work. Looking forward to following this build. I have a Jimmy kit coming R1TK and wanted to clarify where you got your undersuit? Thanks and hope all is well!
  3. Hello all I'm new here been registered for 4 years and ready to get a suit done! 

    Looking to meet up with people in the Wichita Kansas area and become a full active member. 

    1. gmrhodes13


      Hello and welcome aboard, your local garrison appears to be 70th Explorers Garrison, here is their Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/70thExplorers

    2. ImperialWolf


      Awesome, thank you! That is very helpful!

  4. Thanks. Where did the OT kit fall short and where did it hit the mark, was it a drastic departure from their marketed prototype? Another option I may wait for is 850 Armorworks' FOTK. Any feedback here? I'm stoked about the Mitcheg1 helmet, just waiting on a reply but he says he can churn out one next month. [emoji2] [emoji41] Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. Hey Mitch, would love one of these if you are still doing a run here and there!
  6. I'm looking at Anovos currently myself, have heard some not so good things about the helmet, inaccuracies, etc. What kind of changes are needed to their basic helmet to get approval? Is the armor generally clean, sharp, wrist boxes good detail with this new revision? Another option in my budget is 850 Armorworks helmet and FOTK armor, or, Anovos armor and Mitcheg1 helmet BUT want to get it before Ep. 8 comes out. Has anyone heard anything on the acceptability of these kits? 850 Armorworks currently offers black ABS FOTK but not sure if they have white armor available yet so hesitant to get it but I've heard good things about their Shore/DT. Didn't wanna start a new thread, thanks! Merry Sithmas!! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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