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  1. I will for sure go over your thread in detail again. I started reading it and realized I had already started a while back when researching. Heard good things about this thread. Thanks for reminding me about this. I really do love how thick Dave's armor is, except when I cut it ..my poor thumbs with those little lexan scissors.
  2. It's all clamped up right now while it cures. I will for sure post photos once it's done. I really like the idea of double cover strips. I'm sure that will help immensely. We were planning to do this for the shins which obviously take a lot of stress. Should we plan to do double for all limbs? If so. Can you do both at the same time? So happy for this forum. You are all awesome!
  3. So took a look after 12 hours to clean up the e6000 residue. Definitely a learning curve to the glueing. I. Worries the way the biceps came together, before flying. They met, but they seemed to meet at a bit of an angle. I thought the glueing and clamping would just balance that out, but when I took. The clamps off, it looked like the force of the bowing was going to rip the cover strip, so I re-clamped and will probably leave it for a full 72 hours just in case. James hasn't glued his yet, so I will get him to snap some pics and see if there may be a preventative fix. The only thing I can think for mine is to use a heat gun and gently reshape it a bit. Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the tips. We will look at those suggestions for sure. I'll get James to take some other pictures of his forearm. I'm not sure there is much wiggle room as he needs to get his hand out atill, but it's possible it was just a funny angle. We'll investigate for sure. I did glue my biceps (I got to be the guinea pig for that one), but that's it. I'll post some pics tomorrow when I remove the clamps. Was crapping my pants doing that step. Hopefully it turns out ok. I think next time I will post more pictures of the butt joint before glueing (with the tape on the inside). We're going to slow down at this point. Will post when I can.
  5. Here are my thighs. This was the most stressed I've been so far. Time for lunch.
  6. Here are some of James's biceps. Will post some of his forearms tomorrow. PS, if this is too pictures heavy, please let me know for future posts. Thanks
  7. Ok thanks. Here it goes. I had no idea which angles were helpful, so if better shots are needed, let me know.
  8. Hey everyone, After getting our BBB several weeks ago, we've finally started! James isn't much of an online guy, so I'm posting for both of us. Day 1 has been pretty productive. We are roughing all the arms and legs to start. Still on the hunt for a good AM 4.5 build thread to follow as we are finding it slow to start and we are piecing it together of different build videos (Panda Trooper, Troope Bay, etc) even though they are slightly different armour types. Anyway, I was going to post some pics as a Google Photos links as I haven't' figured out a way to shrink photos on my Chromebook yet. If my posted etiquette sucks, please do let me know. Here are pictures of my biceps armor Here is James biceps armor We were also able to get our forearms figured out. This took a while to figure out which forearms piece when where, as they are clearly angled differently on the back of the forearms, and we weren't sure why or where the one arm piece with the groove went. We decided to put it on our right so that when we hold a blaster, it will be a bit more comfortable. Our forearm measurements were the same, so we could always swap if we want. We figured we could cut the other arm to match, but seems like it may not be worth the effort. We are aiming for centurion standards and have cut the wrist return edge completely. Here are my forearm pictures. I will upload James's tomorrow. Pretty happy with how it's going, but wanted to post these pics and see if we should change anything before glueing the cover strips.
  9. Hi Tim, that's hilarious. 8 was going back and forth about a commission build. It was a toss up between a properly built suit that might not fit right vs it fitting right, but not built to as high of a standard. I'm glad it worked out for you. I hope to share my story soon. Cheer, Matt
  10. Thanks for the welcome. I totally intend to go slow and enjoy this. Especially doing it with James, it's going to be a blast. I do have a question already, about boots, but wasn't sure where I should post. Still trying to learn ettiquete on this forum.
  11. Holy cow, I can't believe I'm finally doing this. Hi everyone, I'm Matt (39) from Toronto, Canada. After years of deliberating, I'm finally pulling the trigger as a treat to myself in my 40th year on this Earth. I've dreamt of joining the 501st ever since I found out about it, but when my buddy James (we share not only the exact same birthday, but have many common interest, making us the perfect non-twin twins), agreed to build a suit at the same time with me, I didn't hesitate. So, we've both ordered an AM armor kit, to ensure a proper fit (sadly, Princess Leia's famous line wouldn't apply to us as Troopers, we ain't short!). Very, very excited to get started on this journey and look forward to sharing our experiences with you.
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