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  1. Ok, thanks. That's good advice. It doesn't bother me that much. Now that I took anything off, should I be concerned about the gap at the front or the back? I know the front will be covered by the ammo belt on the right left, but the left leg will be more or less exposed. Do people put a little cover strip behind it to strengthen or mast it a bit? Or do people make a paste to fill the gap?
  2. So we got to a gluing backlog (sharing resources has its drawbacks). But we've decided to take the next while just to glue things and take our time. First off, the hot water bath worked like a charm. So happy with how my forearms look now. So easy and so awesome! I start my thighs and got the idea from a post I saw about doing them from the inside out (inner strips first). I actually quite like this method and broke it down by just gluing half the under cover strip to one side of the armor before merging the 2 halves and will probably keep this method going. It take way more time, but I'm in no rush. Here is my (almost) finished thigh. I just glued the front cover strip on last night, but I'm worried it slid a bit when I clamped (forgot to re-check...doh!) I can clearly see the ridge line on the left, and it is more or less non-existent on the right (especially in the middle). I'm thinking of redoing it, but wanted to get some input. I really don't mind the extra step of redoing it to get it right, but if it's not going to notice or matter when it's all said and done, I'll take that under consideration. Thank again for all the support so far, BTW. This forum is great support.
  3. That is quite the setup. Glad it worked. May have to consider something like this too. I saw one post of someone gluing the inner strip first on one half only. Then proceeding from there. Might try that too. This will take a few extra days, but I'm curious if I will have any luck. Cheers
  4. Good to know, thanks. Just wondering how a hot water water bath works? Does it melt the e6000 a bit?
  5. Thank so much for the feedback, this is all really helpful. I'll look into white e6000 for sure. When we get back to it, I'll post more posterior pics. We will for sure trim, parts properly. Didn't pick up on that at all. Also found out about trimming the extra at the end of the cod piece as well as the posterior. Cheers, Matt
  6. Ya, that's exactly what we do too. I have no idea why these turned out this way. I assume I can peel off the e6000 and try again? Also, we saw white e6000. Is that worth using to his any gaps a bit?
  7. Ok, looking for some honest feedback here. I'm not impressed with my forearm. Our best guess is the magnets are too large and it's causing them to kind of tip and not sit flush. Either that or we are wondering if there is something wrong with our e6000. It seems to clamp ok, but even still, it eventually seems to pull up, especially where the magnets should hold. It looks like we've used too much glue, but did the same technique on the biceps, and they seemed fine. I'm considering redoing it and I think it looks pretty crappy. Please be honest here. We are worried something like this wouldn't be approved, so looking for some thoughts. Also, I'm worried we made the cover strips too long. We thought we saw in one of the Pandatrooper videos to make it a bit longer than the armor. Thanks in advance.
  8. Did some taping to check out the abdomen and chest/back (decided not to trim and return edges on the chest/back. Did do the top of the abdomen though). You can see James was a little overzealous on the tape job! Here are my pics: Here are James's picks: Let us know if there is anything we need to adjust.
  9. Thanks. I've been reading up on return edges a lot. I'm ready to tackle the chest and back, but James and I are torn on how much return edges to leave (if any). I kinda want to cut it all off, save the bottom. James wants to leave all of it. Not sure if this is the same across all molds, ours has a lot of return edges, which looks nice, but I worry it's a lot extra. Here's a shot of the bottom back. Looking for suggestions. Some have said to leave it because it adds a look of thickness, but I don't know...
  10. We actually don't have any return edge at the wrist. I thought it was ok to have return edge up near the elbow?
  11. So, it's been a while. We've finally gotten around gluing some pieces. Things aren't perfect, and I'm worried I forgot to even out my cuts on the right arm. It seems like I cut too much from the backside of the forearms, so it doesn't really line up well on the right. The left seems ok thought, however it got a little warped in the glurig process. Not sure if I have to fix these, or if they'll be good enough. Here is the right: Here's the left:
  12. I will for sure go over your thread in detail again. I started reading it and realized I had already started a while back when researching. Heard good things about this thread. Thanks for reminding me about this. I really do love how thick Dave's armor is, except when I cut it ..my poor thumbs with those little lexan scissors.
  13. It's all clamped up right now while it cures. I will for sure post photos once it's done. I really like the idea of double cover strips. I'm sure that will help immensely. We were planning to do this for the shins which obviously take a lot of stress. Should we plan to do double for all limbs? If so. Can you do both at the same time? So happy for this forum. You are all awesome!
  14. So took a look after 12 hours to clean up the e6000 residue. Definitely a learning curve to the glueing. I. Worries the way the biceps came together, before flying. They met, but they seemed to meet at a bit of an angle. I thought the glueing and clamping would just balance that out, but when I took. The clamps off, it looked like the force of the bowing was going to rip the cover strip, so I re-clamped and will probably leave it for a full 72 hours just in case. James hasn't glued his yet, so I will get him to snap some pics and see if there may be a preventative fix. The only thing I can think for mine is to use a heat gun and gently reshape it a bit. Thoughts?
  15. Thanks for the tips. We will look at those suggestions for sure. I'll get James to take some other pictures of his forearm. I'm not sure there is much wiggle room as he needs to get his hand out atill, but it's possible it was just a funny angle. We'll investigate for sure. I did glue my biceps (I got to be the guinea pig for that one), but that's it. I'll post some pics tomorrow when I remove the clamps. Was crapping my pants doing that step. Hopefully it turns out ok. I think next time I will post more pictures of the butt joint before glueing (with the tape on the inside). We're going to slow down at this point. Will post when I can.
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