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  1. Hi Chris and welcome to the FISD! Thats awesome to hear your goal is to make it within the march to 1000! Ask us any questions you may have! Have fun with your build!
  2. Bienvenido a FISD! Enjoy your time on the boards!
  3. Congratulations Trevor! Welcome to the FISD!
  4. Hi Fred and welcome to the FISD! Your ATA armor looks great so far. So the issue you were having with the sales area is you have to have a minimum post count in order to post there. I believe it's either 4 or 5 posts. So you only have to make another one or two and then you should be able to respond. As far as helmets go you have a couple of options. Stick to ATA and hopefully he will be able to get you taken care of so you have the same helmet and armor. If not then I know MTK is just pulling sets of armor now and he has helmet kits available. You can reach out to Mike at mtk_armor@cox.net or on his facebook page at trooperbay. Otherwise there are a couple of helmets for sale in the personal sale area. I may actually have one listed there if you are interested . If you have any other questions then don't hesitate to ask!
  5. Hi Davin and welcome to the FISD! Take a look around and read the getting started section. Ask us any questions you may have. Have fun!
  6. Hi Lindsay and welcome to the FISD! Captain Phasma may be a tough build but they are amazing costumes when they are finished. Take a look around the forums and soak it all in.
  7. Welcome back to the FISD! Good luck on your build!
  8. Hi Nora and welcome to the FISD! RS is an awesome set. Good luck with your build!
  9. Hi Pat and welcome to the FISD! Good luck with your build!
  10. Hi Gary. Thank you for the official stance in regards to the thread on the UKG forums. At this point I believe both sides of the issue in regards to the thread on the UKG forums has been discussed to the fullest for our purposes here on the FISD. So again, at this point the DCOGs are letting everyone know that this thread will need to be kept on target from this point forward. We would really like this thread to continue on for discussion in regards to the original post of Troopermaster recasting Cast from Original. If this thread derails then we will have no choice but to lock it and warnings may be issued. This will do nothing but circumvent the whole purpose of this thread which was Mark bringing this information to us and then to a hopeful response from Paul. Thank you.
  11. Sorry to both of you. Garrison politics will not be included in this discussion. Evidence was provided by Mark that Paul recasted him. This discussion will only ensue to those facts. People have the right to review these facts and comment to the fact that Paul recasted Mark or he did not. We will not allow our forums to be utilized for an internal garrison struggle on opinions. We will not allow what happens on the legion board to happen here. Again, If you all feel that this is necessary then I encourage you to visit the legion forums and either take part in this discussion there or to create a new thread on the legion forums in regards to the differing opinions of the UKG. Thank you.
  12. I would like to ask everyone to please keep this thread on track. This is about TM recasting CFO. This thread is not about the differing opinions of UKG members. Thank you.
  13. Hi John and welcome to the FISD!
  14. So as an FYI my first set of armor was MTK. It is 5 years old and have never had an issue with it other then some yellowing but that can happen over time. It is a very nice set of armor. You should have no problem with your limbs, AB and butt. Just be careful with your chest plate. You will have to take some time with it at your height to make sure it overlaps the AB plate. Just take your time in the one aspect. Otherwise you will be very happy overall. Congrats on the purchase
  15. And it will be moved to "Off Topic"
  16. Hi Greg. Thank you for your post and I think I can speak for many that your ultimate gesture is positive. However, this video has created some negative feelings when it got posted on our Facebook Page. Some of the news out there is speculative at this point. The facebook posts have since been taken down. I am going to lock this down from comments and if people contact you personally and this is something you would like to look into then by all means do so.
  17. Hi Stu and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your armor purchase! Good luck with your build!
  18. As far as reporting your troops for "record," could you clarify a little more? Do you mean to be counted for 501st troops? Or are you talking about our field training exercise program here on the FISD? I thought all garrisons have postponed troops so I'm very interested to hear about them.
  19. Hi Chris and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your BBB! Enjoy the build and ask us any questions you may have.
  20. Hi Domingo and welcome to the FISD!
  21. Very nice job so far! You are all very talented.
  22. It also appears that above we were going to try and let bygones be bygones. I believe Tony is asking here because he was removed and blocked from said Facebook group so he feels this is the only place he can ask you to join the group. I am also asking to be able to join as well since I as removed and blocked. I asked Kevin about it and he is unsure why I was removed and I should ask you.
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