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  1. Suit looks great. Your photos are very crisp and clear which I really enjoy looking at all the little details
  2. So many odd ball things in ROTJ tk suit-ups that it wouldn't surprise me if someday we find a hidden trooper wearing a bathrobe. They were missing helmet ear pieces and lord knows what.
  3. Welcome Rick and good luck with your TK build. I've seen some talllll troopers on here that look just fine. You're not kidding about Vader being expensive. You can buy like at least 3-4 complete TK outfits before you reach the price of a correctly done Vader.
  4. Shaggy6969, justjoseph's is right to link you to 501stsithlords.com forum. Look in the on-going sales thread for BrotherVader's converted Vader sabers (new led-insides w/ removable blade) [ HERE ]. He does a great job and I have one of his ANH conversions. What you'll need to know/decide is which Vader you're going for (pre-armor Vader, armored ROTS, R1, ANH, ESB, ROTJ) b/c that will determine which hilt you'll get Brother to convert. The hilts are 2005-2007 Master Replica (which was bought by Hasbro and now are called FX, then currently Black Series). They are about $375ish converted Sometimes you can find people selling the un-modified/un-converted/off-the-shelf Hasbro Blackseries Vader sabers (most of the time it's the ANH one) on Craig's List and ebay or similar for about $150-$250. That other saber you have there, the Anakin Attack Of TheClones (AOTC) silver-hooded saber that Anakin accidentally destroyed in the movie, is a much tougher one to get and $$$ If you're not looking for 501st approvable sabers, there are lots of 3D printed hilts you can get if you just want a hilt. If non-approval is the route you're going for, a cheaper alternative for a lit saber is to go with a "Hasbro Ulimate FX series" which is a cheaper version of the BlackSeries sabers. They are like $50ish new / $35ish used. They are much better than a Rubies. It all depends on what you wanna do with the saber and what you want it for. If it's for fun, or for serious fun, lol.
  5. Noticed the long sleeve shirt has a white logo on the upper back; would a neck seal cover it up pretty good?
  6. My CFO ROTJ helmet from Mark already had the cool rank marks so I'm leaving his craftsmanship right as it is. Also, even though I've never seen it in the movies but since I'm slooooooooooooowly putting together my ROTJ TK , I'd "like" to be able to wear a pauldron with it occasionally "just because I want to". Have you guys ever thought about why ROTJ TK's aren't seen wearing one?
  7. This post might not be the best forum category for this post, so admins, please move it to where ever it'd be the best place for it. I realize now this is more for getting started on builds rather than getting started "here, on the forums" lol. sry.
  8. https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/05/stormtrooper-star-wars-may-the-4th-cuffed-arrested-plastic-blaster/ https://nationalpost.com/news/stormtrooper-with-a-gun-alberta-police-take-down-restaurant-worker-in-costume https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/stormtrooper-arrest-police-lethbridge-star-wars-day-1.5555963 Hey guys, I'm not a 501st member (yet) so I can't see if anyone had posted about this in the 501st only threads, so take a look at this. Cops take down a girl wearing a Stormtrooper suit on May 4th in Canada b/c someone called and said she had a gun. She says she is a 501st member, but doesn't know if she'll ever want to be a Stormtrooper again after this. No name at the moment but maybe someone in Alberta recognizes this 18-19 yr old 501st member. Would be very cool if the 501st banded together to replace any parts of her suit, helmet, or e11 she had to toss down on the concrete. I'm sure it scuffed the hell outta her outfit when the cops held her down. Thanks guys!
  9. Great post, thanks to OP for the photos. I'm gearing up to do this as well and have been studying this closely. Some info for the Angelus brand leather paint & finishers... There are (4) sheens available from them which are: - Matte = Lower Sheen Semi-Gloss - Satin = New Shoe Glossy - Normal (also labeled as #600) = Glossy - High Gloss = Highest Gloss Original poster in their photo used "#600/Normal" which has a glossy finish, that's why it came out on the shinier side of things for them
  10. I hate to resurrect an old thread, but this one seems to be as good of place than another to ask: * Have people attempted to remove the molded ridge on the Rubies TK to make it into ANH style either by cutting it off or grinding it down? And if so, would cutting the ridge off make the pieces too small afterwards? Just wondering if making a Rubies into a ROTJ is the only option
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