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  1. Alright I believe I have all the return edges off the arms where it’s needed. I left the hump, but other then that the edges are gone. For my forearms I removed all the edges around the wrist opening. As well as around the inside of the arm. however I did leave a small amount of edge around the outside upper section. As far as I see there’s no issue with that being there all the way up to Centurion? On to what I’m embarrassed about, while trimming with the dremel blade it slipped and nicked the outside. it’s only about a 1/8 of an inch long, and I don’t t think it’s actually a problem,(someone please correct me if I’m wrong) but it’s embarrassing If I’m not wrong the next step on the arms is to assemble the biceps...
  2. I’ve been very roughly trimming the flashing off the pieces, and I’m preparing to tackle the return edges. I have all the arm and leg pieces roughed out. As advised I’m starting with the biceps. I’ve been going through @justjoseph63 return edges 101. How are these looking when it comes to return edges? (on a side note I can’t wait till my lager cutting mat gets here) I just want to make sure I’m on the right path before cutting, the return edges in that little “box” like area get removed as well correct? (Basically following that pencil line) I’ve been following Trooperbay’s videos on his site as a guide. He seems to be more in favor of leaving about an 1/8 of an inch of return edges on the armor he’s making in the video, which obviously for the most part I won’t be doing, and he’s also making a sandy but for the most part I think I’m pretty safe using it as a guide. Has anyone more experienced then me watched those videos? And if so is there anything I should watch for? That’s all I have for tonight. Hopefully I get those and the forearms knocked out tomorrow after work!
  3. I did see that, I hope everything works out for you and your family and you can get back to building but real life comes first. So my first question involves my helmet, specifically the back section. Looking at other pictures it seems as if the traps are well defined and indented into the helmet. Mine are indented but not very deep and not very well defined. I know it’s a bit hard to tell due to the shininess but they definitely are not very well defined. My question being is this just how some helmet molds are or is this a bad pull? Thanks for any information!
  4. Left side, thank you! I’ll update my list. And I’ll have plenty of questions! I can’t stress how much of a help your thread has already been @MaskedVengeance it’s a wealth of good information. As an add on to my previous post I received my gloves and flexible hand guards as well as the centurion hardware kit from @justjoseph63 I also got my boots from IB last week. I’m glad I ordered a full size up because they fit perfectly.
  5. Big updates! Today was BBB day! It’s very exciting and I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed, there’s so much information to take in. My first step i think should be to label all pieces right or left. After looking through @MaskedVengeance wonderful build thread I think I have everything labeled but I’d love to have my work checked. The shoulder bells: From what I can tell the “swoosh” should angle forward. The bicep: “Thumb print” on the right? Lower Arm: On to the legs. Thighs: Calf Hopefully these pictures are clear enough to determine the correct side, any help would be greatly appreciated! What’s everyone suggestions on what pieces to start trimming return edges? I’ve heard biceps are something good to start with. Since I’m building for EIB status I will be removing all return edges as shown in @justjoseph63 return edge 101 post. Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to get started!
  6. Got my first bits of soft parts coming! The 421 boots from IB and the glove/flexible hand guards from Joseph. I have a feeling that IB will be a while but I should have the gloves soon, I’m very excited
  7. Thanks for linking Joseph’s hand guards in there, I found that a while ago but lost it I’ll probably get a set of them with the gloves as well.
  8. I’m going through your build thread now, it’s incredibly helpful! I see you talking about gloves. I want to go for EIB right off the bat and possibly Centurion. I know I’ll need rubber chemical glove but from what I’m reading it seems many apply with the correct gloves but then switch to the more comfortable leather gloves for most troops. There’s nothing against that is there? Because leather gloves just sound so much more comfortable then the rubber ones.
  9. My feet tend to be on the wider side...I should probably go the full size up then. Thank you all!
  10. While I wait for armor and slowly gather material I’ve come across Imperial Boots as what everyone seems to recommend for TK boots. Their shop opens this week and I’m planning on getting on their order list. I believe it’s recommended to order a size up and get some gel inserts, is that correct?
  11. Thank you! That list is very helpful. I’m going through and compiling lists of stuff I need
  12. Hey guys quick question. While I’m waiting on my armor to show up I am going though Mikes videos on armor assembly on his website. While watching the video on the shins he says that some people use Velcro on the backs of the shins but that isn’t the screen accurate method and the correct method is using clips and eyelets. Since I would like to go for Expert Infantry off the bat should I plan on using the clip/eyelet method? I can’t seem to find if they are called out in the CRLs for level 2. I am just trying to get a list together of the stuff I need. Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone my name is Echota I’m from the Dayton area in Ohio. I’ve been lurking on the forum off and on for about 4 years now. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a set of MTK (aka trooperbay) armor. I’m on the taller side, about 6’3” but I’m not bulky so after talking with the builder, Mark, and with a few very helpful members here on the forums I came to the conclusion that I should be able to make this kit fit me. So I have a set of TK armor on the way! I’ve very excited Like I said I’ve been on and off here for about 4 years but I’m trying to get back up to speed and not get overwhelmed. Mark says his armor is best considered ANH style so that’s the way I’ll be going. So I am shooting for an ANH stunt set of armor. I have a lot of questions so be prepared for that Thanks if you made it all the way through the wall of text and I can’t wait to get started!
  14. Thanks for the reassurances everyone! I was really hoping that this would work out and it’s looking like it will. I’ll be asking a million and one questions and taking my time on everything I end up doing
  15. Hello everyone! My name is Echota and I’m from the Cincinnati/ Dayton region of Ohio. I’m an Official member of the MMCC but I started my Star Wars obsession forever ago by first wanting to be part of the 501st as a TK. So I’ve been lurking for years but never had the opportunity to join up. That is until I unexpectedly got the opportunity to purchase a set of MTK armor from trooperbay. So now I’m taking the plunge once again and this time I’m gonna become an official member! I’ve always had a great experience with the 501st and can’t wait to start building.
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