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  1. After 5 months of modeling, remodeling, printing, reprinting, and repairing breaks along the way, the T-21 is done. I am split on my feelings. On one hand, I am glad to have this off of my table, but on the other, I am sort of sad that this piece will be trooping with someone else. But I am sure he will get good use out of it! Would love to see what everyone thinks!
  2. Tarok, I have not decided yet. This was a multi-month labor of love that just got completed today.
  3. I was at the Clermont Christmas Parade! We go there EVERY year!
  4. I am outside of Orlando. I haven't picked out one for myself at present. I have too many ideas...LOL.
  5. Hello, I am John, a maker and builder in Florida. I have love this universe for as long as I can remember, and at he young age of 44 I am venturing into the craft that is making and building. As Star Wars has always been a part of my life, it felt only natural to immerse myself in the pieces, armor, sabers, and blasters, etc. that I have seen on the screen but have never been able to own myself. I have long admired what the 501st does, and so to be a part, even in a small way, is something I aspire to do.
  6. I am brand new to the forum, but had to reach out to the community. I finally, after 2 months of work, finished the modelling for a custom T-21. The first of 25 or so pieces is currently 3d printing. I really need more printers.
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