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  1. Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone knew of a good source for prebuilt helmets. I have an ATA helmet kit but i'd like to wait a little while and gain sone experience before trying to put it together.
  2. I have not and will do so thank you
  3. Anyone know where i can find a new shoulder bell? I havent broken mine or anything but i'd love to have a personalized shoulder bell for when im not trooping with the 501st , and swap out with a plain white one when i am.
  4. I started work on my bucket today and while i was trimming things down my dremel suddenly stopped working. Now im wondering if there is any alternative to a dremel or will i have to buy a new one?
  5. I just recieved my ATA helmet! Im super excited to start building, but some of the molding on the back plate worries me a bit. I dont know if its the way its supposed to be molded or not. I also will need help putting it together. Also i cant seem to post any photos. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!
  6. I think i may try my hand at building some. We have a sewing machine at home. I just need to find a template for them, a pauldron and build a backpack.
  7. Ah, shame i wanted to avoid a holster so i didnt have to put holes in my belt. I may hold out on getting a costume approved until i finish the HWT parts. Or might just get a second belt later. Still thinking of a plan of attack here
  8. So if im running a DLT-19 on an ANH Stunt would i still need a holster if i dont have an E-11?
  9. Anyone know where to find some MP40 Pouches for my HWT Build?? Just want to see what im in for pricewise.
  10. Oh thanks! In that case i am very excited. Ive been talking my families ears off ever since i contacted ATA
  11. Thanks! But what is a BBB Day?
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